Yu Suzuki looks back on Shenmue III and talks about the future

About four months after the release of "Shenmue III," there was no particular announcement, but Yu Suzuki applied for an interview.

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Aussieguy579d ago

I would love them to release a Shenmue 4 with the Yakuza game engine.

Those games look great and dont seem to cost a lot to make and they are probably better to me now then the Shenmue ganes. Shenmue 3 felt and looked like a cheaply made Indie game and whatever love i had for Shenmue 1 and 2, kind of faded when i played Shenmue 3.

To me they tainted the Shenmue brand making number 3 how they did and im sure they lost other fans because of it as well.

Im not even sure if i would play a number 4 (even though Shenmue used to be one of my best games) if it was made like number 3 was.

579d ago
AK91578d ago

Yu Suzuki needs to release a numbered entry as parts/episodes kinda like Square is. It was obvious after finishing Shenmue 3 the game needed to be longer and that the final 1/4 was rushed like crazy he's vision for the the franchise is to ambitious for what he can afford these days with Kickstarter.