Yu Suzuki Believes Games Can Influence Change

Legendary video game creator, and director of Shenmue, Yu Suzuki, believes games can help educate us in the wider issues of the world.

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timotim501d ago

Still waiting on that Shenmue 3 for Xbox know...the platform that gave Shenmue a chance to sell in the US after Dreamcast went belly up??? Yeah...Imma need you to influence a change with that port...

RaiderNation501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

Oh f_ck off! If you want to play the game, buy a PlayStation you infant!

timotim501d ago

Oh wow...I already own the game my friend...bought it day one on Windows 10. Now tell me what does that have to do with anything Ive said??? Exactly. Maybe you should heed your own advice. 😏

RaiderNation501d ago


Then why are you on here crying about it not being on Xbox then? You say you're "still waiting" on that Xbox version but you already own it on PC? That makes you sound even more like a pathetic fanboy. WTF difference does it make to you if it comes to Xbox. You already own the game on PC.

Germaximus501d ago

It's possible. Let's see what you got, Yu Suzuki

Godmars290501d ago

Not when say they can influence change.

You jinxed it man. You jinxed it...

_dangerclose_501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

No thanks we're experiencing enough change as it is lets keep the wider issue crap out of video games thank you very much.

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