Patch Alert: MAG v2.10

More v2.10 info from Official MAG blog:

For our complete list of changes in MAG v2.10, check out the notes highlighted below.

As always, the patch will be available tomorrow morning during our regularly-scheduled maintenance period, which begins at 1am Pacific Time. Log into MAG directly for additional information, including maintenance times specific to your region. Enjoy the patch!

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Nitrowolf22870d ago

this update makes me want to give GT5 a short break and play a little M.A.G.

Cratos87802870d ago

How does MAG play with Move? Have not tried Move with an FPS yet.

Trroy2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Really good, actually. I don't go back to the DualShock, unless my Move (or nav controller) needs a recharge.

Bolts2870d ago

I wish they would tweak the default controls for the Move. It's all over the place for me.

herukuti2870d ago

its a strain on your wrists if your a sniper but very fun and fast on target acquisition. if your more frontlines its horrible and feels claustrophobic.also the navigator control is too small to hold onto the l1 button for very prolonged times.

Jrome2870d ago

MAG is wonderful in move, I also haven't went back to the dualshock since. Way easier to aim for headshots, etc.

It takes a while to get used to though. It's very precise so you only really need small movements of the wrist to acquire your target. So if you start waving your hand aorund, you're going to start turning all over the place

Ravenor2870d ago

Dual Shock 3 is overall easier, Move allows for minor corrections in aim. Honestly the motion control thing is much better suited for Third Person shooters, RE5 is EASY with the move and I'm sure SOCOM will also use it much better then MAG atm.

And yes MOVE does start to strain my hand like Herkutti said, I'm not sure if it's the shape or size of the move controller.

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Myst2870d ago

Going to be fun next week especially when all my exams are over with. First thing I think I'll do is play some MAG.

Dnied2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Gotta say... I'm extremely impressed by the amount of support from zipper... They just keep on bringing big, free patches that almost always make it better. If this is any kind of hint at how they will support Socom when it comes out, that is gonna be one good game as well :)

Newtype2870d ago

it's the same way they handled Socom 1/2/3.

Ravenor2870d ago

It is f-ing not, nothing was ever fixed in the first SOCOM. Patches in SOCOM 2 were few and far between and SOCOM 3 had awful maps anyways so I didn't play it nearly as much.

People have those nostalgia blinders on for SOCOM all the time, and it's pretty sad. Gamesharking in online matches, anyone?

pixelsword2870d ago

Not to hate on other games, but when a patch is usually released, it's usually to fix a myriad of errors and that's all; but MAG actually refines the gameplay along with correction of errors.

ThanatosDMC2870d ago

We can take screen shots now! Though, it'll be hard to take awesome kill shots if i have to go to the xmb. A buttun shortcut would be nice like pressing down on the d-pad since i never use it.

ijkabob2870d ago

We were able to take screenshots in the beta, don't know why it was ever removed.

Trroy2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

The multiqueue idea is a good one -- it should allow them to, effectively, queue players who are actually playing the game, if the game is about to end. In effect, it really increases the size of the queue for the bigger games, since the queueing system can intelligently hold off starting a few smaller games, knowing that another small game will shortly end, and that a big game can begin.

If everyone uses it, it should be extremely fast. Never takes me more than 15 secs to get into a Sabo game... if it takes 25-30 sec now, I'm more than happy if it chops 10 minutes from a big game queue, and keeps me entertained in small games while I wait.

Bolts2870d ago

I think they should abandon the factions system altogether so it's possible to play domination at off peak hours. Ever tried to play domi at 3am? It can't be done. Plus the shadow war is virtually pointless and has no consequence on anything worthwhile. The MAG community is very small, we don't need to be split into 3 factions to make it worst.

pixelsword2870d ago

I have solutions for all of that, of which I'll probably write in my n4g blog if I don't write it somewhere else.

jut4202870d ago

Was thinking the same thing...Multiqueue is an awesome idea considering the amount of players online has been pretty low lately.

BabyTownFrolics2870d ago

it still boggles my mind

its obvious ps3 owners enjoy fps shooters: killzone series, cod, and bfbc2. the fact that the they never flocked to MAG as they did those other games has always bugged me. MAG is a great game and its been awesome watching it evolve since launch day.

jut4202870d ago

I also wondered why the game has had player count issues. My dream as a kid was just absolute chaos online with 256 people in one game. The game is cheap and the boxart is pretty nice, I really don't know what when wrong. I think it's the commitment it takes to be good in MAG that deters players. It's pretty frustrating going into a game and playing a week and seeing little improvement, and it might not even be that you're not improving, but just the fact that everyone else that is playing still are good and have been playing the game for a while. I feel like the remaining players are mostly made up of most of the best players.

I just hope there isn't a day when i can't get into a game mode because of lack of players unless it's because MAG 2 is coming out.

SVER all the way!

Ravenor2870d ago

5.2.2 256 players had been around in a FPS for some time now, Tribes 2 had a mod for 256 players back in the day.

As for the commitment thing, yeah MAG is definitely a more difficult game to play then something like CoD or BC2 but it's really no harder then your first time playing SOCOM online. People just like having things handed to them in games now, it's pretty unlikely we'll ever see another really unforgiving FPS.

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