Sink or Swim? Will the PS3 Die Fighting in this Next Gen. Battle?

According to sources, there will be another price drop scheduled for the PS3. If you recall, the price was dropped on the 60GB PS3 when the 80GB PS3 was released. In addition to this there is several people saying that the 60GB PS3 will be discontinued and will sell only until stock runs out.

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Bloodmask4062d ago

that the PS3 isn't selling well. Why else would a company cut the price of a console that hasn't even been on the market for a year??
Do people think Sony was trying to do them a favor??

In comparison the 360 didn't lower it's price until after almost two years.

Spin it however you want it isn't economicly feasable to slash the price of hardware you are already losing money on unless it isn't selling up to expectations.

drtysouf214062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

According to sources, there will be another price drop scheduled for the PS3. If you recall, the price was dropped on the 60GB PS3 when the 80GB PS3 was released. In addition to this there is several people saying that the 60GB PS3 will be discontinued and will sell only until stock runs out.

This time the price drop will be on the 80GB PS3 and is rumored to arrive sometime before Christmas.

As a side note, with all these price drops from Sony, it makes you wonder if they are trying to play it smart and get more units sold, or if they are drowning and are trying to get out of the water.


The latest notes from Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter and simExchange's Jesse Divnich have seen both analysts predicting the imminent price drop of the 80GB model PlayStation 3 to the 60GB's price of $499, as the latter model disappears from retail channels.

"We note that Sony recently acknowledged that it will no longer produce its 60Gb PS3," said Pachter, "and we expect the price of the 80Gb PS3 to be reduced to $499 before the holidays, maintaining a premium SKU at that price point."

A one sentence side note is hardly newsworthy. Everything is the same besides that one sentence.

The sentence is not even that harsh and it comes from a no name nobody.
The fact is consumers see the PS3 is a lower price and they buy it. Only 360 fanboys think it makes Sony look bad. Sony expands their install base how can that be a negative?

Bloodmask4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

This is not newsworthy bc it doesn't fit your personal agenda of the Microsoft hate train. Hate on me and my posts all you want. But at least I am not one of the A-Holes on this site such as yourself that tries to censor the news.

Stop censoring the news Dirtysouf21 this is not a duplicate story. It is questioning the reasoning behind the pricedrops not announcing them. I know these types of stories most likely make you cry. But it will be OK.

You Sony fanboys are really a rotten bunch. Giving me negative feedback on this post bc it is Anti-Sony. And then when I call you out on it you delete the negative feedback. Trying to lower contributors CRank just bc you don't like some of the stories they submit.

I don't know if you have read the posting guidelines so here you go:

Negative feedback: This is "not for rating the content" of the article at the source. This is only a technical rating for the quality of the news post on N4G.

Heres a kleenex...

drtysouf214062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

you go around putting negative comments in just about all PS3 news ever since you joined this site.

So your the one that has a personal agenda. I don't go around putting negative comments in any 360 news research all my comments. Its a duplicate because everything matches except for one sentence. Your a big baby. You get plenty of negative PS3 news through so quit crying and grow up.

Edit: I didn't touch your rating I want you to tell admin so that you can look even more silly. Ask admin if i touched your rating and when they respond i'll be expecting an apology from you. Though i know you ain't man enough to admit your wrong.

TheExodus4062d ago

But that single sentence invites discussion which makes the article more valuable to this site than that which it's reported to be a duplicate of.

Sony did rack up $2 billion in red ink for the PS3 launch alone & it was just announced that they would be taking their "insurance unit" public to raise another 3 billion ( to fund their "electronics and games divisions." Can Sony afford to engage Toshiba & MS in a price war this Christmas when they're already selling blood to keep the lights on?

drtysouf214062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Xbox 360 on Life Support in Japan

i could basically copy everything in that article then add at the end a comment like...

"It makes you wonder if Microsoft will ever be able to keep their lead with such horrible sales in Japan. They may as well give up.

or maybe.

Microsoft ships incorrect Xbox 360 power cords

and then say

"With all the red rings of death problems Microsoft has and now this it makes you wonder what going on at the Microsoft camp will they ever get these problems fixed and satisfy their consumers rather then focusing on beating Sony this generation"

This story is no different then if i were to do that.

drtysouf214062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

are you happy now. You are the biggest baby on N4G. I almost feel sorry for you and would approve it myself but then i would be approving a duplicate which is against N4G guidelines. I got better things to do then fight with unintelligent fanboys. I'm out. Enjoy your moment in fame lol.

TheExodus4062d ago

I probably wouldn't approve either, but I'd certainly bite on the power cord article with a "MS solves RROD issue in Europe by shipping power supply that only works in US" spin with a title like "It Can't Melt If You Can't Plug It In" or something.

Halo3604062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

lol souf you're a f*ckin hypocrite you know that? You're a fanboy yourself. Don't give me that crap that you own all 3 cause it really doesn't matter. Your comments clearly show that. I'm sure the only reason you haven't sold your 360 or wii in favor of the "oh so great ps3" is that you have some defense when someone calls you a sony fanboy. Sad really.

toughNAME4062d ago

at first i thought it could have gone both ways

but drtysouf21 your fighting this WAY too hard


Hatchetforce4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Well genius Bloodmask, last quarter who had sales that dropped? Drastically. MS, that is why they dropped the price. And another thing you US centric fanboy, the 360 is getting outsold over 22 to 1 in Japan and MS didn't wait two years to cut the price there. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

By the way, since your math sucks as bad as your fanboy attitude, the 360 hasn't even been out 2 years yet. Where did you get 2 years? As of today it is still 3 months shy and compared to when MS cut the 360 price in the US that is a 3rd of a year shy.

fredy4062d ago

"The fact is consumers see the PS3 is a lower price and they buy it. Only 360 fanboys think it makes Sony look bad. Sony expands their install base how can that be a negative?"

Why the f#%k, are you telling us what Sony wants to do, as if you are reporting the fn news? This is suppose to be new 4 gamers , not news by gamers, you little punk fanboys. If the article isposted, i can make my own speculation and formulate my own opinions.

hiding behind, "oh I have all 3 console propogander" BS, I've seen the news you posted and the ones you have tried to write off. skewing/censoring the news to fit your agendas, and abusing the contributors rights.

Ooooooh your not alone, at least MK_RED, we know he doesn't have aPs3, but always the first to post on every article. Your hiding behind, a picture of all 3 consoles, which proves sh%t. Blood is right. There is corruption on here and it's not that hard to spot it.

Comparing them 2 paragraphs, I'm sure if it was an Xbox article or what did Ms do wrong, like the 5 I've seen this week, you would post that sh%t, having it be from different sites, but the same ol sh%t.

On this article, we'll see if the price-cut makes a difference.

madness4062d ago

"In comparison the 360 didn't lower it's price until after almost two years. "

Why would any console maker lower it's price a year prior to the known release date of its first competitor. That argument is rubbish.

razer4062d ago


/grabs popcorn

TheSadTruth4062d ago



Zhuk4062d ago

bloodmask raises good points imo

the PS3 is in big trouble of dying, its sales are too poor for it to catch up currently and with a lack of killer apps for 2007 holidays after Lair turned out to be garbage and Heavenly Sword turned out to be mediocre Sony is in big trouble going up against its competition this holidays in which it will probably be unable to gain market share and has a good chance of losing some at least in the minds of consumers.

2008 looks better but by then it might be too late for the PS3 which sadly had a lot of potential but has been mismanaged from the start thanks to poor design choices which resulted in difficult architecture and a pricepoint which is highly unattractive to anyone but the earliest of adopters while their competitors strive towards mass market acceptability.

MarioFromTexas4062d ago

Noone knows how much money Sony is losing on the PS3. Chances are they could be making money on each set. Microsoft and Sony are to different companies, M$ has to pay someone to redesign or modified their consoles which may take up 2 years to comeout..M$ knew they had a hardware failure and it took them 2 years to finally come up with a solution. Look at the PS3 all the features xbox fans want, but have to upgrade every 6 months to a knew console. It took sony 9 month to release a new modified PS3. The 80gb model is probably cheaper to make than the 60gb. Same features just different internal parts.

Last 2 months PS3 has sold more units worldwide than the 360. Who needs to sell more nextgen units at this time Sony or M$. If PS3 keep selling at the same rate as the 360, Sony is going to keep the price at $500 until the PS2 demand goes down, which seem like it's going to keep momentum for at least another 2 years. Sony is not losing any money on the PS3, there is already cheaper blu ray players on the market selling at a profit.

I just can't beleave how blind this xbots are, if one thing Sony has learned over the 17 years, one thing.....The most important thing in the gaming industry, cut cost fast....plain and simple. Sony a hardware manufactor, do you think Sony was really going to be losing 2 hundred dollars per console? think about it, the first stand alone blu ray player was $1000 and making a profit just like any electronic. Just like any electronic there's a mark up of 50 percent. So that standalone player probably cost sony $500. How much is that player now? It's selling for $499, costing sony $250 per unit. How much do you think the PS3 cost Sony? Cell and blu ray are being mass produce which prices keep going down and down and down.

Hatchetforce4062d ago

Zhuk - ridiculous. The PS3 hasn't been out a year yet and yet it is over a 1/3 of the way towards MS figures. It is just now picking up speed. Peter Moore stood up on his second day of the job and said kiss the framrate issues on the PS3 good bye. It is his new favorite console.

MS is the one last quarter that dropped over 60% in sales from the same time last year. The PS3 isn't dying because it lacks DVD capacity. Games will only get bigger and demand more disc space. The PS3 will be ready. I like my 360 but this fall is it's last hurrah. Everyone with half a brain knows it.

Once HALO 3 launches that will be it. It's all a slow ride to the trade in bin. Single console owners like mudmask might as well scream and shout and get it out of their system. It is all downhill from now on. A few 3rd party titles will look good - CoD4, but it is multiplatform and that edge will continue to dull. Even the dev team says there is no difference. Soon games on the 360 will be missing features because the PS3 capacity allows it and DVD9 does not. The Killzone dev team are continuing to share their tech that will soon power a ton of games for Sony.

As the PS3 heads into christmas it has a better lineup. The second bounce with Halo won't happen simply because of Market glut. I will still be playing it but I will also be chasing UT3 on my PS3. A market bounce could have happened last year or the year before. Not now.

There are planty of years between now and the next console launch some time in 2011 at the earliest. And during those years the PS3 is going to burn up the ground and as analysts predicted two years ago they will win the sales war.

The pricepoint is bad for the idiots that would rather buy a less expensive console and be blind to all of the expense it takes to bring that unit up to par. Poor design choice is a misnomer from fanboys and lazy developers. It requires rethinking your methods. Once you get your hands around it you can do things you can't do otherwise. Read the new Kikizio interview with Guerrilla. No, MS is on their last leg and it is only going to get ugly as devs start pushing the limits od DVD9, or physics, of gaming.


No to be a fan boy or anything but just to point out one thing. PS3 9 months sale record is match that of 360 9 months sale record, is that mean PS3 selling poorly? if that is the case then 360 isnt doing any better.

gEnKiE4062d ago

...of course you would post an article like this.....

soccerluv4062d ago

Some people will agree, some people won't. But, for the first time in a few days, N4g's news looks a lot more balanced. Flaming posts or not.

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Fisher3394062d ago

FFS the PS3 isnt dying...
Sony just needs to actually advertise its other features.

When I got mine I didnt know,

I could watch youtube, surf the web, install linux, that blu-ray was 50gb, i could store music videos and music on it, stream stuff from my pc to my ps3, play slideshows with my camera's pictures, or download games.

When I showed my bro all the cool stuff it could do, he got one like a month later.

crck4062d ago

Its only natural that Sony drop the price of the 80 gb when the 60 gb is gone. The 80 gb is cheaper to make! EE chipset = $27 in savings when removed. Upgrading the harddrive from 60 gb to 80 gb = maybe $10. Net to Sony = $17. Hardly a move of desperation as this article tries to imply.

Foliage4062d ago

It's not supposed to make sense if Bloodmask said it.

See what the newer crowd around here doesn't know is that Bloodmask is actually making a stand against fanboyism as "pretending" to be the biggest XBox fanboy to ever live, while only saying the most delusional things that only someone who is forced to side with Microsoft would agree with. He does this to prove that the XBot fanboys are the dumbest crowd to ever buy a console, since they constantly agree with the dumbest comments anyone could ever make (BloodMask's very own). Thus killing fanboys where they are at their worst, the xbox crowd.

The rumour is that Sony is actually behind this fake identity "Bloodmask" has created.

jackdoe4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Weren't people expecting this 80gb price drop since the 60gb price drop was announced? Don't see the news there...

Funky Town_TX4062d ago

I will continue to wait. I have a few friends who will do the same. Hell I may wait untill KZ2 drops. I bet there will be 2 more drops by then.

Stella4062d ago

There are so many insanely good PS2 19.99 Greatest Hits games that people still haven't played that holding off to pick up a PS3 right away makes sense - especially if you don't have a 1080p set yet.

There are more people buying eight year old PS2s than Microsoft's 360.

And all of those exclusive PS2 titles will be waiting for them on the PS3 when it hits their personal trigger price over the next few years.

Funky Town_TX4062d ago

I would not take a PS2 for free with 100 games. WTF would I want to play a PS2 game on my 50" 1080p TV? It's next gen, I always move up. I can't play out dated games at all. Sorry but I thought the PS2 was garbage. 8mb memory card for $25. That is worse than a $100 20 gig HDD. When the next xbox or PS drop I will be in line on day one.

pacman6154062d ago

you are a hypocrite, claiming you got this big 1080p tv , oh 50" , but yet, you dont want to get a true next gen system hence 360 is not true next gen, dvd9 is last gen, if you really have a big tv like that, then whats 500$ to you? the ps3 is worth alot more than 500$ , you are just as dumb as bloodgass , maybe you and him should hang out and write hatemail to sony , since you hate the ps2 with so called crappy graphics, i guess you havent seen god of war, onimusha, etc, etc, get a life and quit playing like you have money, or stfu and get a ps3