Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, Homeworld 3, and More Exciting Games Coming Out in May

Things are heating up in May a bit with Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, the Paper Mario TTYD remake, and a ton of promising indies. We pick the most interesting May games, from AAA to indie, so you can make sense of everything coming out.

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shinoff218348d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Doesn't seem to be that bad of a month. Got a bit of something for everyone.

Please do not support braid anniversary edition. Don't support Phil phish, he's a very despicable person, a a cry baby.

One example


Tacoboto48d ago

Wrong developer. Phil Phish was the developer behind Fez.

Jonathan Blow was behind Braid. If you're gonna cancel culture, don't take down the wrong indie...

CrimsonWing6948d ago

Man, I don’t know why, but it also irks me when people try to tell others what to do. Fez was an awesome game, I couldn’t care less if the dev was a douche.

This is just extra cringe since the person actually doesn’t know what they’re talking about 🤦‍♂️

remixx11648d ago

Welcome to the internet crimson

shinoff218347d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I wasn't cancel culturing shit. Phil phish is a complete douche. Did you bother to watch the video? Probably not.

I was wrong but call me cancel culture is just plain dumb also

Also crimson.

As you I'm human and we make mistakes. That was a mistake I mixed the games up. Shit happens. So go cringe yourself

Honest mistake, if you can watch that video and support the guy. Then I guess your in the same camp

Tacoboto47d ago

You were wrong and that's that. Don't be so angry.

And yeah, that is a case example of cancel culture. It was a dozen years ago, he's apologized since, had Japanese developers rationalize with his remark, barely has done anything in the industry since Fez, and yet here you are, not even remembering the one game he made...

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purple1015d ago (Edited 5d ago )

they learnt series S can only manage 900p!! 😳

, - sorry I had to

this post on twitter, shows even worse.


dRanzer5d ago

They can learn not to do boring games 🫢

jznrpg5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

If you go for a graphic type game you better have a great story like Heavy Rain or have some good gameplay. Can’t make a game with amazing graphics but nothing to make you want to continue playing it.

PrinceOfAnger5d ago

What good gameplay in Death stranding , Detroit , heavy rain, until dawn ? you call press X to continue " cutscenes" fun games? I am sorry these are movie games or "tech-demos" too!

But i know some like this type of games.
Maybe Hellblade is not for you?


Elda5d ago

Every game you mentioned with the exception of Until Dawn I played to the very end & enjoyed them. I can't say that about Hellblade 2. I only played 2 hours which I forced myself to & I haven't gone back to it since & that was 2 weeks ago.

MrNinosan5d ago

You obviously didn't play Death Stranding.
And even Detroit, Heavy Rain, Beyond two Souls and Until Dawn is far more gameplay than Hellblade.

mkis0075d ago

You just mentioned a goty winner...are you only able to see the surface of things. Not capable of looking deeper?

P_Bomb5d ago

All those games had more gameplay or story than Hellblade 2. I’m still in ch.4 where I stalled out of boredom.

repsahj4d ago

I platinumed Detroit because of engaging story and gameplay dude.

andy854d ago

Detroit was outstanding storywise. How can you compare that? I played through it 4 times for different story paths

isarai4d ago

Good lord u made yourself look stupid, painfully obvious you haven't played any of those games.

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RhinoGamer885d ago

Good game design and designers are important.

Reaper22_5d ago

Hellblade 2 was good. I enjoyed the story and it's a real looker. Best looking game I've ever played.