Battlefield: Bad Company Gameplay Blowout has just posted three new videos for the upcoming game from DICE.

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sak5004062d ago

Looking good. About time we get destructable environment in BF series. It was bit differnt listening to the AI talk about mission as it usually was mindless capture the flag action before, for about 5 years or so. Definite buy for me.

ShiftyLookingCow4062d ago

agreed. definite buy for me too. Spring 2008 is looking good.

Kleptic4062d ago

yeah does look looks like COD4, Warhawk, and Crysis all grouped up into 1 game...too many good games comeing out for everything...

zenkai4062d ago

That destruction is so scripted. They programmed what parts of the houses can be destroyed and it feels shallow.

DEADEND4062d ago

OMFG this game looks so amazing

FirstknighT4062d ago

Okay now I'm adding this to Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 for my FPS action. This is all I need!

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