PlayStation Move is the Best of What’s New in 2010

Posted by Kim Nguyen // Marketing Manager, PlayStation 3

PlayStation Move: Popular Science Best of What's New 2010 Winner

The editors of Popular Science selected Move as the only video game technology worthy of the honor this year, calling it the “most immersive gaming controller” on the market and “the first motion-capture game system accurate enough to attract the hardcore gamers who consider the Wii and Microsoft Kinect to be kids’ stuff”.

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Parapraxis3855d ago

Started playing Heavy Rain with Move the other day, it really is a fantastic piece of tech.

TheLastGuardian3855d ago

Move is a great controller but I wish their were more games that supported it. I haven't used move since september except to play the move mini games in The Sly Collection. Everything else I've been playing with a Dualshock 3 or PSP. 2011 looks good but I wish we could have at least 1 more great move game for 2010. I wish Socom 4, Sorcery or Playstation Move Heroes would come out in December.

8-bit3855d ago

Be patient. Right now I know there aren't many Move supported games but we do have RE5, MAG and Heavy Rain. Not to mention the Move Launch titles. In time we will have LBP2, KZ3, SOCOM4, inFamous2, Sorcery and so on.

DORMIN3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

I really want a move so I can replay Heavy Rain with it. Will be getting one within the next few months.

Back on topic: Popular Science? thats quite an accomplishment.

jneul3854d ago

time crisis and the fight have only just come out, what are you waiting for??

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Knushwood Butt3855d ago

Move does exactly what it says on the tin.

No smoke and mirrors. It works; plain and simple.

Shame there aren't a couple more dedicated Move 'killer app' titles, but I heartily recommend Beat Sketch. Great for chilling out, having fun, or genuinely challenging (getting platinum medals in Challenge Mode is NOT an easy task).

I also love the tacked on implementation in Hustle Kings. They did a great job with that, even though there is a high learning curve. Get used to it though and you won't go back to playing it with a DS3.

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All_4_One3855d ago

Wow, Popular Science? That`s quite an achievement, congrats to the MOVE.

ForzaGT3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

the key to getting this award is for sony to show emphasis on the quality and reliability of the move as a hardware,

now that they have solid piece of motion gaming device, they should now look to concentrate on building a library of some excellent games made for the move (not just add-ons like KZ3 or SOCOM 4) just like the PS3

JsonHenry3855d ago

I am waiting for those "must have" games before I buy it. I HATE that I had to buy the Kinect before they made decent games for it just because my wife and kids wanted it. It send the wrong message to MS that casual only games are okay because I purchased it early.

But I am more interested in Move than I am Kinect when it comes to hard core gaming.

blackburn53855d ago

And the haters said..... *points at haters*

NecrumSlavery3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Ignore the haters and move on..

Congrats BTW to Sony. Move is great, I can't wait to see what is coming 2011!!!!

SORCERY #1 Move game wanted!!!!

Maybe, but I am refering to 100% Move only titles. Unless you use the duelshock with Sorcery as well,then I give the title to that really scary ass flashlight game. Nevertheless, I have been playing the KZ3 beta and it is the the best shooter I have played this generation.

pain777pas3855d ago

NecrumSlavery I'd like to propose that KZ3 might take the crown. However, I too am excited for Socery because I think it'll be FUN, innovative and a real core game experience. Now, if they announce a light sabre game on Dec 12th.......

GodHandDee3855d ago

I'm excited for Sorcery as well....

Wands, swords etc. are screaming to be utilized with Move...they will be awesome with it

N4WAH3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

is only one realy choice. That isn't fanboy nonsense but reality. Sorry but I am getting to a point that I just want to wrap my hands around out some of these defenders of the gimmick misleading camera that has hit the market recently and strangle their last breath out of them. <- Is that a little extreme? (tongue in cheek people I am just joking) How silly is it that I even have to write that?

I have tried them all and I walked away disgusted with the camera / web cam and yet I was pleasantly surprised with Move. It is similar to the Wii but so much more diverse and accurate.

I have a Wii but the graphics, sound, weak online and games just does not do it for me. There are a few gems for that console but the problem for me is they are too few and far between. My family has not touched the Wii since Christmas vacation 09.

I am picking up Move on with GT5 just to have the camera for head tracking. So I am going to give Move a try in my own home over Thankgiving break. My whole family is on break and my wife and I took vacation to relax and unwind. That is how I roll when an amazing game like GT5 is released.

Regardless of the numbers game. Move is the only motion controller I would even consider owning. I am not into novelty games but I am looking forward to giving all the games listed above a try with an alternate option. Which is how Sony is marketing it. Not the second coming of gaming Nirvana but an option for those interested in motion controls.

It just so happens that their option offers the most diverse line up or games across all genre's and for all audiences, both complex titles and casual.

Edit: I just want to throw this little tidbit out there for those that wont like what I just wrote. Pound that disagree button till your finger bleeds. The bubbles and approval system on this site makes me laugh. I am just being 100% honest and not trying to fan flames here. I am not a fanboy, troll or immature nitwit looking to start sh*t here. I am just giving my honest opinion on what I have actually "played". If you don't like what I have to say? Tough sh*t.

Britainz-Fin3st3855d ago

How the hell can is that possible when its doing what the wii has done?

VenomProject3855d ago

The Wii never did 1:1 tracking.

raztad3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Because it does it much better and on top of that adds 3D tracking, and augmented reality.

Congrats to Sony. MOVE is a great piece of hardware.

AceofStaves3855d ago

Because it took an existing concept and improved upon it, producing a high-quality, reliable gaming controller that is suitable for both the 'hardcore' and 'casual' audience.

Oner3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

AceofStaves said ~

"Because it took an existing concept and improved upon it, producing a high-quality, reliable gaming controller that is suitable for both the 'hardcore' and 'casual' audience."

@ AoS ~ If you mean it improved upon it's own design (you know the one from as early as around the year 2000) then, Yes, I agree ;P

Link ~

MaximusPrime3855d ago

lol. you made me laugh. you need to do more research. PS Move was experimented on before Wiimote ever hit the market.

I say good work Sony.

JsonHenry3855d ago

and the Wiimote was experimented on before the Move hardware...

Doesn't matter though, Move does a better job than the Wiimote ever will.

madpuppy3855d ago

man, It's all about implementation, accuracy and quality.

In other words the how, what and how good. and the Move excels way beyond what the Wii-mote and nunchuck could ever dream of doing.

The Wii is like a cardboard cutout compared to the move when talking in terms of accuracy and quality.

GodHandDee3855d ago


5seconds of googling to find this really hard to find info I came up with this

you're welcome! Now you know ;) PS Move can do so much more than wii

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