Lair: This is How You Play The Game With Sixaxis


"We are wondering how reviewers gave the game such low scores when all they had to do was, do what Lairplayer5 does in the video, which is relax and simply and gently move the controller in the appropriate direction.

We under the impression that, reviewers who reviewed this game were either in a rush to get the review out on time or just did not take their time in playing the game as Lair player5 demonstrates in the first segment of the video."

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TriggerHappy4067d ago

I think this is the reason why the scores at very mixed up. Am guessing reviewers that gave this game a high score took time to familiarize their selves with the controls of the game and were not in a rush to get the review out there

Stella4067d ago

Oh please.

There never was any doubt Lair was going to get trashed by the little fanboys at review sites. This suggestion that somehow 'reviewers were rushed' or other crap is just inane.

Lair's controls are:

Tilt left and right to steer
One button for breath attack, one button for close attacks where you duke it out with the other dragon

And if you want to get 'fancy' you can do a snap forward to do a dash for speed and you can do a wrist snap up to do a 180 degree turn

That's it!

Lair got trash by fanboys as joke sites like EGM or 1Up because:

It is a 1080p graphically insane PS3 game
Makes it obvious that 25/50 gig games sizes are going to be common with its 4 gigs per level data sizes
It is a PS3 game with motion controls

Lair has the hate of both the Nintendo and Xbox rabid fanboy communities.

Great F-ing game. It's good to see the joke reviews of the game getting shown for the farce they are.

Maddens Raiders4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

with the mart-in and his son the dude on the loose your bound to hear an earful of reasons from NON PS3 players many reasons why this game SUX and of course they will give their anecdotal, ridiculous excuses why their brains aren't capable of using the sixaxis properly; and therefore know one elses should either.

Then again, these are the same people that send in broken consoles over and over again expecting different results. I can't wait to get back home to play this and Warhawk.

Nice find Merc.

nasim4067d ago

i recommend this to all ps3 owners.

learning curve might vary from 2--6 hours but once you get a good grip on the controls there is nothing as pleasant LAIR

PSU termed its graphics as "UNRIVALLED and UNPARALELLED"

TheSadTruth4067d ago

This is getting ridiculous... why are there so many idiots who refuse to actually read the ENTIRE reviews before assuming that the reviewers can't control well?

The problem isn't with flying, and it isn't with the first few levels, the horrible controls show their hard much later in the game when you have to do more complicated tasks with the piece of sh*t sixxaxis controller

showing a demonstration of flying, which was never why the game got reviewed poorly, and the second level, isn't going to change anything

just please give it up guys, Lair is not a good game

Bathyj4067d ago

I wonder if most people even realise the EGM reviews and the 1up reviews were written by the same guy.

He wrote a rushed review of unfinished code for EGM, we ALL know that, and then wrote a review for 1up as if more reviews giving it EXACTLY the same score some how gave it credibility. Pathetic Crispin Boyer.

MikeGdaGod4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

i bought Lair yesterday just because you can play it on psp, but after playing for a while, its actaully not bad. but you have to really want to learn how to play. that means doing all the tutorials and practices.

i'm not a big fan of the motion controls at all, but after actually trying the game out and not being all upset about there not being an option to play with the sticks, i'm starting to really like it now and its alot of fun.

after reading all the reviews i figured they played through it quickly and were frustrated after a while like i was, THE FIRST DAY. today its whole lot better and now i'm enjoying it more. it just takes a lil time and effort. plus, if we really wanna take gaming to the next generation, we have to be willing to try new control scemes and not rely on the old way of playing (at least for one game, sony better not pull this sh!t again). and being able to play on psp is great just to show off to friends. i had everyone in the barborshop buggin when they saw it.

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InMyOpinion4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

The response time looks awful. It takes almost a second for the dragon to react when he tilts the controller. I still think it looks like fun though. Once you get used to the controls it might be a blast. It's retarded that they did'nt implement control options that let you control the dragon with the analog sticks.

TriggerHappy4067d ago

yeah the timing is a bit off but is really about patience . Look at how when you gently move the controller, the Dragon do exactly as you wishes but when you move it the controller in an uncalled for manner, look at how everthing goes crazy on screen.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4067d ago

I don't see a plane unless its a jet fighter turning instantly

InMyOpinion4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

It's a sci-fi dragon game, not a flight simulator lol! When you play Wii sports it does'nt take 1 second before the tennis player swings his racket. He swings it simultaneously as you swing the Wii-mote, just as it should be. Intuitive and precise! This only looks half-a$$ed. Sorry if you can't take the criticism, but that's how I feel.

TheExecutive4067d ago

Jenzo.... if i remember correctly the wii-mote and wii sports often gets confused when you swing the wii-mote around... in fact... I know it does because I own a wii. It is most noticable in golf, but there is a delay especially in boxing. Precise? I dont think so.

Stella4067d ago

"The response time looks awful."

I don't what the hell you are talking about.

You tilt left, the dragon immediately turns left.
You tilt right, the dragon immediately turns right.

As anyone who actually has the game knows.

scheme_a4067d ago

The guy who uploaded the video commented on youtube, and he said it's actually like Microsoft Flight Simulator. He seems to be an avid player of it, and that's why, he says, he is actually comfortable with its control.

And obviously, nobody complains to Microsoft for FS being so "slow."
It's just a difference of how game designers want you play.
I'm guessing they kind of wanted to simulate how a dragon can be controlled.
Not that they really know, but it makes sense if they model the movement based on real airplanes.

eiter way, i think it's a love it hate it kind of gameplay.

gameforall4067d ago

you are riding a Dragon not flying a F16

BlazeXXL4067d ago

I can still clearly remember that the developers (factor 5) said that it was their intention to make it feel like your riding a living and breathing creature.

Do you think a horse (just using it as an example, since a horse also has a lot of body weight and it got the same steering materials) would be able to turn around 180 degrees immediately?

I personally love this gameplay, reminds me of a flight simulator. And as far as I can tell, the reviewers are trying to play this game as a FPS (run and gun), that is not how the developers want you to play this game.

TheSadTruth4067d ago

you Sony fanboys are getting sad

no, it shouldn't take 1 second for the dragon to BEING moving after you tilt, it should IMMEDIATE but can still be SLOW

Jenzo is right on the money, I feel sorry for you 12 year old kids who feel like they have an obligation to a video game console, because you DON'T, it's just a fuc*ing video game kiddies

MikeGdaGod4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

but when playin it in person its very accurate

it could be the setting he has on the motion sensor because you can adjust it.

Blabbermouth4067d ago

The more I look at what people are saying that own the game, and the vid that are coming in, the more I'm thinking that the reviewers where wrong,and didn't bother to learn the motion controls or got payed off.

InMyOpinion4066d ago

There's even video proof that clearly shows that the controls have latency problems, still you keep denying what most big video game sites have been claiming. I don't think IGN would use the word "Suxaxis" if Lair had functional and precise controls...

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DrWan4067d ago

Train ur pairs of surgical hands kids, be gentle is da key!

Antan4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

Its all well and good "flying" like that when theres nothing to fight, but what about when ur fighting in "dogfights" and you need quick turn times etc etc?


Thanks Blood, i didn`t watch all of it. It appears i have another Ignore on my list after this comment. Its strange how i asked a question and get 4 disagree`s and an ignore, no doubt from a PS3 fangirl thinking im an "Xbot". Nothing but neutral comments from me, won`t see me bashing like a dipstick.

Blood_Spiller4067d ago

Watch the whole video, at the end he shows how it controls during a level with action going on.

no_more_heroes4067d ago

like I thought it isn't as bad as everyone was making it out to be. Having to move the controller that slowly would probably feel kinda annoying in a fast action game like this though.

Blabbermouth4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

that the dev's wanted a more realistic movement of the dragon, just think about it. Imagine your riding a giant bat or a glider. you wouldn't be able to make sharp turns a-pon sharp turns instantly. Remember where talking about a dragon here that uses its wings to glide most of the time, plus you have to take into account something that heavy moving through the air.

If you look at the parts where hes only making a subtle movements you'll notice it looks quite responsive(which is most of the time). Even then, with the moves(dragon battles, 180 degree flips), it will definitely look to the watcher that there will be a delay, first you have to execute the movement,and then the game pro-forms the manoeuvre.

Also I think that the difference between analog stick and motion control is that there is a more leverage in movement between the two.

spasticjustice4066d ago

I'm sorry, I just can't respect someones opinion when they say pro-forms, and manoeuvre. It's perform, and maneuver.....