Lair: What Went Wrong?

“Lair was a genuine screw-up by everybody involved, probably me the worst,” says Julian Eggebrecht, one of Factor 5’s co-founders, about the studio’s disappointing PlayStation 3 game. The approximately $25 million project, a game about dragons and fantasy warfare, took three years to develop, which included a yearlong delay. From faulty studio decisions, publisher strife and arguments regarding studio dynamics, Lair fought its way out from the studio that created it.

Lair itself did not ruin Factor 5 — although the circumstances didn’t help — but it ended a relationship with Sony and left the studio dangling in searching of a follow-up project that never came.

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Mithan1253d ago

Polygon is a terrible website, so refuse to click through and support them, but I enjoyed Lair when it came out.

PhoenixUp1253d ago

I never thought I’d see the day where someone defended Lair

Daver1252d ago

I enjoyed Lair a lot. For me it was a nice game not perfect but very good.

SirKnight1252d ago

Lair was flawed. But you know Polygon are reaching when they have to go back 11 years to find a second-rate poor selling PlayStation game to criticise. Yet they consistently choose to ignore such analysis for the big games of recent times that have been cancelled by their favourite console manufacturer.

UltraNova1252d ago

It was an ok experience with a lot of potential. I had fun with the sixaxis controls (most of the time). It needed more time in the oven though.

That said, I sincerely don't know what to make of Polygon... One day they write the most in-depth well written and researched articles around and the other total shit, pointless articles like this one.

Maybe the Editor is high all the time who knows anymore.

darthv721252d ago

It was a better game when it received actual controller support instead of the motion controls at first.

As for Factor 5, they had a good thing going with Lucas and the star wars games. Their wii game Rogue Leaders could have been a hit so they screwed up there as well.

Mithan1252d ago

When the game came out, everybody said it was crap. I picked it up for about $5 a year later and you know what? I really enjoyed most of the game. It has its issues and isn't perfect, but it isn't a bad game in any way, shape or form.

Like some of the other people said, it had a fair amount of potential that was never reached, but I put time into it, finished it and actually enjoyed the experience for the most part.

nitus101252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Lair was one of the few early PS3 games that actually used the six-axis feature of the dual shock 3. The problem many players had was the fact that they were more used to using the analog sticks of previous controllers and consequently many players found that using the six-axis feature was not intuitive.

Even though the six-axis feature is available on the dual shock 3 and 4 very few games actually use it. Two games that do are Ratchet and Clank - Tools of Destruction (PS3) and Gravity Rush (PS4 and Vita). In fact, with Gravity Rush the players who do score exceptionally well in the challenges really do know how to marry up the analog sticks and the six-axis feature.

BTW. When using the PS4 you may be put into a menu that allows you the player to enter a name. You can select the six-axis feature and enter data without using the analog joysticks or the D-pad.

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TankCrossing1252d ago

This is actually a good article, well worth a read. They've interviewed several members of the team (with sometimes opposing viewpoints), and it offers some really interesting insight.

Nitrowolf21252d ago

I enjoyed it to a degree but only because I saw potential and I hope that one day so he decides to revisit.

The thing that killed it for a lot of people was the Sixaxis controls that was eventually patched long after to support normal controls

The_KELRaTH1252d ago

I still have it (well the trade in value was crap and still have a PS3 for multimedia and games that didn't get to PS4).

Cy1252d ago

Upvoting for the stuff about Polygon. If anyone wants to post an archive link to this article though I'm interested in reading it.

Matt_Paprocki1252d ago

Or support sites willing to spend a year digging into a development process like this, of which there are few.

Matt_Paprocki1252d ago

If you read the article and realized few, if any, sites are willing to spend a year digging into stories like this, maybe you'd change your mind.

Cy1252d ago

Nah, Polygon's still a pile of shit and one article they spent time on won't erase years of SJW agenda pushing and outright lying to the community they're supposed to be representing.

blackblades1252d ago

I thought it would of been like drakengard at 1st still a ok game to me. Wish devs could go back to certain games and fix the issues with them.

rainslacker1252d ago

Lair wasn't a bad game when they released the update which remove the sixaxis requirement. I didn't care for it too much before that.

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TheColbertinator1253d ago

Those SIXAXIS controls were rotting piles

Godmars2901253d ago

Rushed with a focus on motion controls, the latter of which only happened because Sony "borrowed" rumble and was too stupid to settle the lawsuit.

dirkdady1252d ago

Sony acquired logitechs rumble patent which apparently infringed on immersion's patent so Sony essentially got shafted by Logitech.

nitus101252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

You could look at Immersion's patent which is really a rehash of original haptic feedback which from a patent perspective goes back many years (here is one from 1975 - ).

The Sony versus Immersion haptic lawsuit is quite fascinating with precedent being set by Microsoft (I wonder why?).

BTW. If you want to read a technical patent you do need a technical or engineering or scientific background however you also need to know "legalese" which to the scientific community is like a totally different language. The problem you have with "legalese" is the fact that it is possible to write a patent such that it covers just about anything instead of precisely covering what the patent is really meant to cover.

playhouseent1252d ago

I enjoyed Liar, but sadly it left a lot to be desired. Especially at the time when game selection was very limited on the new $700 console.

The_Sage1252d ago

$700?... I got my 60 gig on launch day for $599.

playhouseent1252d ago

I'm from Canada, my friend. The land where we pay sometimes as much as 30% more for the same stuff.

The_Sage1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

That sucks. Why is that?.. Is it a tax thing?

playhouseent1252d ago

Our currency is just worth less than USD. It fluctuates but typically it is around 70 cents for 1 us dollar.

Daver1252d ago

At that time us money and can money was worth the same

playhouseent1252d ago

well it was still $700 to buy a new ps3 on launch up here. I remember because at the time I had to sign up for a future shop credit card just to be able to afford it.

Tross1252d ago

Yes, but prices were still higher here. Some BS about costs of shipping to Canada that no one bought but still had to deal with the effects of. Before the Canadian dollar crashed (due to our former PM investing too much in oil) things were starting to improve, but the whole reason why I have an account that I haven't used in a long time is that around that time it was still often cheaper to buy stuff from the US site even with shipping costs. It helped that our dollar reached upwards of $1.02 US.

Now with the exchange rate what it is, I just stick to the Canadian site. Canadian prices have gone up since the dollar dropped, but at least the disparity in pricing makes sense now. I do miss when we were close to parity though. I guess we'll just have to hold out for another oil boom as even our new PM hasn't been able to adequately diversify Canada's investment portfolio. Actually, our new PM is terrible with money so maybe that's the problem.

The_Sage1252d ago

I see. I thought you meant it was 700 USD.

The_KELRaTH1252d ago

Played Warhawk to death back then, surprising thing is there are still active games running today

playhouseent1252d ago

Woowww LOVED Warhawk. Been wanting a PS4 Warhawk reboot for ages now!

madforaday1252d ago

A PS4 Warhawk would be awesome! They botched big time with Starhawk, cool concept but with random people in general it was hard to find a good game. It was either you were on the team who could make a maze to get to the flag. Or you were on the team that didn't do anything at all.

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