Truth about new Bioware project

it's a prequel of the Mass Effect based on Earth.

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pedrami912986d ago

But i would much prefer a sequel.

iamnsuperman2986d ago

After seeing this has convinced me its a prequel but I agree with you a sequel would be better

Christopher2986d ago

If it is ME, that's exactly what it will be, IMHO. Said that with the first news of it today.

R2D22986d ago

Being that when you first play the game it ask you some question about your pass - like you were an orphan and joind the army or you were a well know person and dont take BS from any one.

Quagmire2986d ago

That would be cool, considering how you chose your past in the first game, this one will let you actually play it out.

However the whole gritty post-apocalyptic feel just doesnt seem visually sound for Mass Effect. Again, however, this could be the war Shepard was fighting in before he was hired as a Spectre.

Christopher2986d ago

I don't think the prequel will involve Shephard. The looks of this video is that it will be set at least decades, if not at least a century, before Shephard was born.

chainer30002986d ago

Color me skeptical, I just don't see bioware taking on another project at this time. Isn't only their Montreal studio open at this time? You would think that it would either be a completely new IP (let's say Shattered Steel) or ME3 due to the amount of projects already on Bioware's plate.

Either way, I'll probably end up buying it.

Incipio2986d ago

Good analysis. Seems correct.

m232986d ago

Bioware is a pretty big company, especially now that they are partnered with EA, I think they are able to create new IPs and not have to rely on just two.
I hope this rumor is not true because we still have to finish the current storyline of Mass Effect. It doesn't really make sense to announce a prequel to a trilogy, before the third is even announced.

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The story is too old to be commented.