Microsoft Comments On Kinect Worldwide Sales

Gamertag Radio writes: "You might of seen some Kinect sales stats out there saying that in 10 days it sold over 1.3 million. Is it true? A contact at Microsoft had this to say about it."

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DaThreats2990d ago ShowReplies(3)
Omega42990d ago

When NPD comes out tomorrow MS will likely comment, and I have a feeling it will be more than 1.3ml

mrv3212990d ago

This comment has been bookmarked... just in-case.

I am all for casual consoles, it increases the numbers or new gamers and increases it's social acceptability but Kinect feels more like a money grab, as does move, but I see more Hardcore move content.

SpinalRemains1382990d ago

hahahaha. The fact that you bookmarked it makes me laugh. I think Kinect is and will sell very well. I think lots of non gamers will be introduced to gaming through the use of it. Hell, even if you dont like games, the little animals entice little kids. It will sell.

ct032990d ago

"This comment has been bookmarked"

So has yours.

Projekt7tuning2989d ago

@ mrv321
Okay, good looking out for everyone there Bud......
Wow, really? You had to "bookmark" his comment? So what's supposed to happen if he's wrong? Will you tell him good job, or you were right if he is right? I kinda doubt it.
Man this is a good time for gamers. Buy every system you can afford, I'm sure you'll find something fun to play.

mrv3212989d ago

Bookmarked simply means draggin it to the toolbar, I do it for articles I don't have the time to read etc, nothing major.

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ingiomar2990d ago

You may be trolling heck maybe even i am with this comment, but your probably getting disagrees from SDF..i too think its more then 1.3m

Jazz41082990d ago

I agree ms is taking a big gamble and throwing a lot at kinect but sony also did the same with bluray when they put everything on the line against hddvd. If bluray would have lost sony would be in a lot worse shape right now so ms is doing this with kinect and only time will tell if it pay off for them. The big thingwith ms is I don't think they jave any intention of crapping on there core base and that will be addressed soon. If they don't they are going to loose a lot of what they spent billions building against sony and they are just not theat stupid and the money is there too support both so we shall see. Good numbers if this is true.

8-bit2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

*tears of laughter*

The delusion is thick in here

stuna12990d ago

I too wonder wonder how supposedly hardcore gamers can be so ecstatic over the possibility that kinects sweeps the world by storm, only to find out that they are not a pre-requisite to that world domination! I think a lot are actually blind to the fact that some no name person ability to open the doors to the potential of kinect on pc applicability, can unwittingly shut the door on xbox360 front. There is basically no longer a need to have the xbox360 to pander off kinects, I believe it's just being used as a stepping stone! People talk of Hardcore and Casual as if their really relevant. Let me be the first to say, they aren't! Because when it comes to the pc market, they are all inclusive. By far bigger than both combined, and by far more accessible. Look to microsoft own admittance that they are pooling their resources back into the pc market, if people would just take their fanboy goggles off for once, it would be as plain to see as the pimple on their nose! That is 500 million dollar marketing push! The xbox360 is just phase one. Show the tech running with minimal hiccups to draw in some form of revenue however minute it may seem to the bottom feeders! The ones more concerned about sells figure, and attach rates, instead of games! Increase the already ridiculously exorbant amount we charge to play your own games, all in the name of funding phase two of the plan! The all inclusive market "PC". Those waiting on hardcore titles for xbox, I feel your wait will be long and drawn out! And when they do come they will be nothing like you expect! "Not a good thing". Even when this happens microsoft will convince you that they're good, just like they've convinced you so many times before this! Some people only trust what they see before them, but sometimes you have to think outside the box, and trust in thing you have not seen, or are not apparent at that moment. How do you think Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo got where they are today?

MorganX2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Our CIO bought a Kinect bundle this weekend for his family. They have two little boys and no console. The wife wanted a Wii initially, they settled on Kinect/360. We'll see ...

Edit: He did say there were only two left. Depends on where you shop I guess.

Ron_Danger2990d ago

You would think with one bubble he'd choose his words a little wiser...

The real killer2990d ago

many accunts do you have for al that disagree for member who do not agree with you?

Weaksauce11382990d ago

1.3 mil for NPD when they just shot down the number for world wide? Good luck with that.

SixZeroFour2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

numbers for worldwide? you mean for the 11 days kinect was out in NA and the 5 days it was out in europe? or what about the days when it hasnt even come out in asia (nov 18th) or japan (nov 20th)? you mean those world wide numbers?

why dont you just give kinect atleast a week in each territory before you start bashing on its sold numbers

2990d ago
TheBlackSmoke2990d ago

Im loling, Omega4 has already dug himself in to his kinect loving hole. He has to keep pretending that he's enjoying it weeks and months from now even though the novelty will be gone in a coupld of weeks, and the only reason he's done this to himself is so he can brag about teh salez of it, he is truly an M$ martyr.

Sheikh Yerbouti2990d ago

Guys...Yes Omega is a turd.

But Move with the usual lackluster marketing of Sony has done extremely well and is in the millions sold already. With Microsoft marketing this like its the greatest thing ever, he is probably right.

Given the projection of 5 million for the year, 1.3 is pretty conservative for the little bot.

Mizz_mai2989d ago

Honestly omega i hope your right because $500 million in advertising and to only get that much sold in that time frame (granted it's not is a sign of thing's to come.

If "innovations" like this dont catch on straight away sales begin to dwindle,and because of this the devs and company put less money into the product and the product becomes naff...

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etownone2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

This past Sat I went to best buy, tried it out and thought it was fun. It was sold out at best buy that day, they assured me they would get another shipment Sunday. I went to like 6 other stores; target, best buy, Gamestop(s),, walmart, PC Richard ..... all sold out. Can't find anywhere online that is selling it at it's $150 price. And EBay and Craigslist is already selling them at a profit.

I'm sure I'll find it soon enough... I mean, it's not like another new console, so MS just needs to ramp up production .... but my point is that it's definitely selling good and I also heard it's supposed to be the 2nd most wanted holiday gift (#1 iPad)

Im sure that MS marketing is paying off .... but you have to factor that it is a pretty cool accessory to have already won one award for best gadget of the year by Stuff (no clue who they are) and from what I tried out .... it's a lot of fun to play. I waited in line for like 20 minutes to try it.

Dark_king2990d ago

I can find plenty of stand alone and bundled kinects here just cant find a second Move.

etownone2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Try finding the stand alone Kinect online. You can find MOVE but not Kinect.

Oh, and it's funny how nobody was even interested in trying MOVE at the local Best Buy, and when I showed my girl the MOVE controller she lol ... and I think you already know why.

Anyways... kids like you are gonna be butthurt by years end when you see how Kinect sold compared to MOVE.

YourCall2990d ago

Where are all these Kinects you have seen, use your cell phone and post a pic.

btw, move controllers can be found at sams.

Sez 2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Here in NY there's plenty if move controllers at gamestop,target,walmart,best buy, Costco, BJ's. Trust Move is not out if stock at no store.

John Kratos2990d ago

There were Moves at my Gamestop when I went and got my second this past Saturday. Don't know if they're still there.

nnotdead2990d ago

i was just at a Walmart by my house, and they had 5 Kinects on a display. the display lookes pretty large so it still could of sold a lot there. they also has an ass load of the 360 bundles.

they also had 6 Move bundles which filled its space. last time i was there they only had 2. still didn't see a stand alone Move controller.

maybe this particular Walmart doesn't sell well in the electronic department, but i could easily find Kinect without looking.

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Death24942990d ago

but hardcore 360 fans didn't go out and buy this peripheral. I don't know what Microsoft was thinking of relaunching 360 with just a peripheral. For everyone thinking this was a game changer, sorry but nope.

YOUR-MUM2990d ago

Was in my local tescos at the weekend and saw at least 10 people pick up the console bundle. They had no kinect units on there own , just a pre-order form that was 50+ strong. And this is a supermarket for god sake. I'm buying another one for my pc now.

ryuzu2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Hey a similar thing happened to me too. I went to this garage sale and they had totally sold out of all the Kincets they had and their was a list of like 50 people all coming over to sell there Kintecs too!

Wow man this thing has legs.


Paradise Lost2990d ago

All my local retailers haven't sold out.

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