Why Halo: Reach's Multiplayer System is Better Than Black Ops'

GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes: "This past week saw the latest addition to the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops, arrive in retail stores. With the game being developed by Treyarch and not Infinity Ward, I was a tad worried about what the game would be like. Specifically my concerns lied with its multiplayer system regarding ranks, customization, leveling, and more. After a few mere hours of play with the game's new system, I found myself extremely disappointed..."

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The_Darkest_Red2986d ago

Thank you for the well thought out, well constructed, and thoroughly detailed argument.

On topic, I think both Halo: Reach and Black Ops are great games. Halo: Reach is the culmination of everything Bungie has learned with Halo and Black Ops is Call of Duty without all of the terrible annoyances present in Modern Warfare 2. While neither game is perfect, I am enjoying them both.

Just to keep things in perspective, I enjoy Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Killzone 2 more than either of these games, I just enjoy good online shooters.

People love to hate on popular games but I got over that awhile ago. The simple fact is, there is a reason why these games sell so much, and it's not just that "sheep will buy anything," despite what the majority of N4G might say.

-Alpha2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Reach is great, but I find that it didn't take some steps forwards that it should have that BO actually took. Custom emblems (over the recycled static ones in Reach), an in-game, in-depth combat tracker (unlike in Reach where its on, Theater mode can be edited (I don't think you can do that in Reach), etc. Though, you can save more things in Halo. I fear Activision is setting up a paid service to save more clips and stuff.

Of course, when it comes to sheet MP modes, Bungie is King. There is just so much variety in Halo games and the physics in the game is insane. There is such a variety of customization and the Halo community is incredibly strong for custom maps, modes, etc.

I enjoy COD more though, I prefer the pacing. But back in the day I was addicted to Halo (for PC, Combat Evolved).

I think both games are great, but BO's currency system rocks. Too bad there is no map editor.

Bungie did a better job delivering a more smoother launch experience too, but TA released their game on 4 systems, so I'm content being patient with them ironing out the technical issues. Both games at their core offer some of the best competitive MP experiences I've ever enjoyed in a series.

dead_eye2986d ago

@Alpha-Male22 I'll be patient with them once they've sorted the spawn system out. That one is doing my head in.

thief2986d ago

Is Halo better than CoD?
Is cholera better than Syphillis?
Difficult questions.

Cenobia2986d ago

I'm not really sure why a lot of people are hating on Black Ops. I think it is a really great improvement over MW2. They removed a lot of the BS from the last installment and improved quite a bit.

Really I'd just like to see them nerf the RC car a bit, add the 2 best MW1 maps for free (I have been getting the urge to play Crossfire and Crash recently) and add a couple of zombie maps. Otherwise I was having a lot of fun with the MP.

dead_eye2986d ago

@Cenobia No noob-tubes. I don't know how they did it but they did.

TekoIie2986d ago

yeh it makes no sense Bad spawning was in MW2 but people will always look for something to rant about...

dead_eye2986d ago

@pekolie the spawning is way worse in BO. I spawned took 2 steps forward and an someone spawned behind me and killed me. thats how bad it is in BO at the moment

creatchee2986d ago

People hate on Black Ops (and COD in general) because it's a multiplatform game AKA not an exclusive. The fact that it has insane sales, great reviews, and millions of people who play the hell out of it make it fodder for those who want to claim superiority for their system of choice.

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italianbreadman2986d ago

I feel like both are weak. Give me meaningful things to do in multiplayer and you've already beaten these and other shooters. I like the dynamics of Battlefield games' multiplayer. And of course anything by Valve, but that's just because they make better games in the first place.

kaveti66162986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

There's a lot of stuff to do in Reach multiplayer. It changes every day with the Daily Challenges.

I know this site is mostly anti-Halo because it's mostly anti-360, but you guys are getting ridiculous.

Halo Reach's multiplayer is a functional experience, unlike Black Ops. It's got a host of variety in terms of weaponry, armor customization, armor abilities, etc.

People rag on Halo but how many of you guys actually play it?

Edit: Actally, Black Ops's multiplayer is also a good experience. It's just rough around the edges. It's got just as much depth and customization options as Halo Reach does, so I'm not downplaying Black Ops for that. The only problem is the MP is broken on PC, I've heard. And there are a lot of glitches. But in theory, Black Ops is probably as good a game as Reach is.

italianbreadman2986d ago

I think I need to clarify. I don't find the customization options of an arena shooter compelling anymore. No matter how many weapons, armor types, abilities, etc., it still boils down to a deathmatch experience.

Xbox 360 is my preferred platform and I don't know much about the preferences of the N4G readership, but I think that's a lame excuse to support or criticize a game.

I think the greater goals and pacing in BF appeals to me; I'm honestly more of a single-player, narrative-motivated gamer to begin with. I also love the more cooperative aspects of a multiplayer game.

kaveti66162986d ago

Bad Company 2 suffers from the same problems you mention about Halo and Black Ops. Just because it has larger maps doesn't mean the gameplay is fundamentally different. It's just a larger arena. Plus, Reach has big team battle maps as well, which are pretty huge. I can't say they are as large as BC2 maps but they're plenty large.

I don't imagine that there is any other type of shooter out there than arena shooters. Objective-based games still boil down to deathmatch type games because there's always 3 or 4 guys in the objective match doing nothing for the team in terms of accomplishing the objective. They're just there to get kills.

There are plenty of the objective-based games in Reach but I agree they all boil down to deathmatch. But since I like Deathmatch I've never really had a problem with it. The only way to advance the experience is to create new ways to kill each other. More creative weapons, more scalable maps with different places to hide and climb. Reach has done that with maps like the Spire or Boneyard.

It's really not Halo's fault that you got tired of playing Deathmatch type games. Bungie caters to that audience. Just because you got tired of playing those kinds of games doesn't mean that Reach is not a good game or that it deserves any form of penalty. It's a fantastically designed experience that appeals to its community.

You've just found a different kind of game to like, but I'd argue that it's just a slightly different permutation of the Deathmatch experience.

Objective-based games are always held back because the majority of the shooter fans still have the impulse to run into battle and kill a guy rather than defending a base or capturing a flag or detonating a bomb or stealing a treasure or whatever. Killing is still an essential part of the experience, and if only 2 or 3 players at a time can actually be part of the plan to protect an objective or steal something, then the other players will drift off to kill opponents because they have nothing better to do.

-Alpha2986d ago

Battlefield is a more team-oriented, bigger-scale game. Games like Halo and COD are Arena shooters, they offer more smaller and personal games. I enjoy both styles personally

PR_FROM_OHIO2986d ago

Halo Reach is a much better game in every way! I dont own a 360 but i have played both Black Ops is a mess!!!

farhad2k82986d ago

So how can you make a judgement if you have not even touched Halo Reach? For all you know, halo reach could be a bunch of stick men shooting at each other with commando pro on!

gillri2986d ago

about the same for me,

StitchJones2986d ago

They are two different games. Play the game you like and stop complaining about the other.

TekoIie2986d ago

congratulations on posting the most Pointless and ignorant comment on this article. No matter what people will have these Console/game war and tbh its fun. I join in now and then but to an extent that i dont look like a fanboy...

Jack-Pyro2986d ago

I'm getting word's official, Pekolie has just stolen the title of most pointless ignorant comment on this article, what an upset, the crowd goes wild!!!

*crown bursts into an uproar*

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