Kinect Vs Move Vs Wii - A Comparison

NowGamer: "Kinect is out this week! The last contender in the great motion control arms race has left the traps, completing the motion triumvirate and kicking off what will be a very interesting few years ahead. Kinect, Wii and Move aren't just new ways to control games, they are now changing the gaming demographic, altering the way studios perceive development and perhaps most important of all, enhancing our immersion."

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mushroomwig2985d ago

Is anyone else sick of these comparisons?

Anon19742984d ago

I kinda agree. How many times to we have to hear that Move comes out on top? We get it, but consumers aren't historically the most savvy shoppers. I mean, look at the Wii. Considering you can get a Wii for roughly the same price as a 360 arcade, the 360 is 10 times the games system the Wii is but can't touch the numbers the Wii does. Sales don't equal quality.

The-Tentacle2984d ago

Move certainly has a great track record with actual game and tech sites.

As a gamer Move is the only motion platform that offers HD gaming for the 'core'.

Socom, RE5, Heavy Rain, Killzone 3, LBP... etc.

Before any moron perpetuates the ridiculous mantra that those games have Move controls 'tacked-on', making them somehow irrelevant, just stay in your cave.

Can't wait until we see the potential of all the devices fully realized.

Moonboots2984d ago

Are you saying that if a consumer buys something other than Move they are not savvy shoppers?

I just want to make sure that you are in fact insulting me. I understand you work Sony marketing but I'd really like to know how choosing a fun device like Kinect makes me unsavvy?

In my home, Move isn't being used much any more since we've gotten Kinect. The thing can be the most accurate thing in the world and still be boring. There is just more connection going on with my kids and family with Kinect than Move. To think if I would of listen to some PR hack I would of not had the fun we've had.

You seem to be one of those people who think their tastes and what they think is "quality" applies to everyone.. Silly kid.

Time_Is_On_My_Side2984d ago

I think the comment steams from last generation, because Sony did exactly what Microsoft is doing with the Eye Toy and wasn't as popular. Now with Microsoft they are coming out with very similar games if not the same and is getting praised. There was even a kinect game for the PlayStation 3 doing the exact same things, lol.

This is all due to Nintendo Wii bringing attention to the cusual audience that Sony couldn't get last generation.

Masterchef20072984d ago

yeah they are starting to get annoying wait till Microsoft releases official numbers then the real idiotic stuff will start. It will either be 360 people going berserk over the sales of Kinect or Move boys going berserk cause Microsoft sold less than they said they would

jjmustoe2984d ago

it says
Move is clearly the front-runner here, but hey, Kinect has only just come out so we’re in no way writing it off at such an early stage. Move simply has the most precise control method around and the stongest game roster for both the casual and core crowds. This will pan out for Kinect in time however, and Nintendo is doing fine other than it just needs a new console. Let’s just say the next year or two will be very interesting indeed.

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PhatsoJuggalo8062984d ago

I havent tried any of the three and i really dont want to spend my hard earned cash on them im sticking to the old dual shock and xbox remotes!

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