IGN: Microsoft Kinect Review

What it all boils down to is value to the consumer, and that is where we think Kinect's biggest challenge lies. At $149.99, a motion-tracking camera add-on for the Xbox 360 is a tough sell, especially considering that the entry level variation of the Xbox 360 itself is only $199.99. It may sell very well to families and casual players, but for more traditional players, the cost of admission may be too steep.

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silkrevolver4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

So price and calibrations are the biggest issues overall? I suppose I’d agree on the price, just from a consumer standpoint... but the mediocre launch line-up isn’t very appealing either... comparable to the Move’s, just more of it. But if it were cheaper, I’d like to get Kinect, just as a cool hands free remote.

LordMarius4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

I thought it would have scored higher coming from IGN

Detects motions with precision, but there can be noticeable delay between the player and the screen."
At $149.99, the Kinect is definitely a tough sell."

BAM! There it is

-Alpha4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

I assume the lag isn't too terrible since it seems to function properly overall, but I definitely doubt 1:1

You have to remember that with body motion the camera first has to register your movement then input it as opposed to having a preset object like Move where tracking is made easier.

It depends ultimately on the games like IGN says.

I wonder if 1:1 was possible, but the thing is already pretty expensive to justify a purchase for a lot of ordinary gamers.

Edit: Dance Central is getting great reviews and it seems that Kinect just got its first great game. I'm more than confident that this is going to be a big seller at this point.

T9X694706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

"but there can be noticeable delay between the player and the screen"

Key word there is CAN. In the video review they said it depends on the game you're playing. Same thing can be said with Move, some games there's nothing noticeable and some games it is noticeable.

Either way, it looked like Kinect turned out pretty well on a technical front, but when it comes down to price with the current game line up, its a tough buy for core gamers.

EDIT: Looking at the pending articles, am I the only one finding it funny that Kinectimals is one of the highest scoring Kinect games? lol

Masamori Sumimura4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

I just find it funny that some are already trolling this article because Ign gave it a 7.5 but you dont see them in the Article Right under this one that gave it a 9/10.

Redrum0594706d ago

"but does kinect actualy work?... meh"

that is all.

MURKERR4706d ago

Voice recognition to use media playback seems kool need to try that out.

Well done ms

jony_dols4706d ago

I don't care for either Kinect or Move.

But I hope for the sake of the gaming industry,
that MS's half a billion worth of advertising doesn't pay itself off.

Imagine the games that MS could have made with $500 million dollars.....they could have made GT5 8x's over,
and still had money to spare or they could have made 25x Uncharted 2's.

GamingGamer4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

because of lag inaccuray and glitch issues

but they said "but you have to look at it differently for its innovation."

and they even said "it actually doesn't sorta"

Gamefan124705d ago

Sony already did that for Sing star .. that is software not hardware

AAACE54705d ago

The amount of money you spend making a game doesn't make it a good one!

You guys still look at that 500 million as a problem, but keep in mind that MS stated that they were treating Kinect as a console launch! We will continue to get hardcore games, but they had to take away resources to make the launch!

Don't think Kinect is the end of the line. We will still get core games. And now that Kinect is out, they can go back to making normal games as well as Kinect games.

But I feel the doubters still won't believe and will claim 360 is doomed!

GamingGamer4705d ago Show
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-Alpha4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

Calibration seems like a pain, but the biggest issue seems like price vs. performance.

They seem to have reviewed it in the point of view of the target consumers: the family

Philaroni4706d ago

That seems to be the case, I have been looking at a lot of reviews for this as they come up and it looks like they are rating it from a casual perspective. Move is also more targeted at that audience but did not get the same treatment which is kind of funny. I should have it in about 30 mins when my room mate picks it up after work. So I'll be able to see for myself.

Bigpappy4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

I thing their covered all grounds and the score reflects that. The main reason I it got a 7.5 is because if is great for the casuals and offer little to core gamers at this point. Had they scored it only based on casuals and families, we would have seen much higher scores.

I see this as a fair review with a balanced score. Some hard core sites will be tougher on the casual focus and others will welcome it. This will result in some very low and high scores.

"Kinect on the other hand is full casual" I agree with that. But Kinect is on the 360 which to this point was 99% "hardcore". They have to note the 360 base when reviewing games. Wii has always been casual.

The Move got very good reviews because it kept the controller aspect (buttons) in the design which made it easily compatible with existing game formats, and can still do the Wii type games along with game just for PSeye. The questions with the Move though is though are: can it appeal to casuals and can it continue to garner support from the core if the games can be played with the DS3?

-Alpha4706d ago

Move games were treated fine depending on the game. I don't recall any casual games getting the "hardcore" expectations. Besides, Move targeted a really "middle" audience. Kinect on the other hand is full casual

Philaroni4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

@ Alpha

Not sure about that the #1 thing that came up in Move Reviews was the lack of a solid launch line up, and that hurt the score of the hardware review, Cnet did this for example and gave it a much lower score due to it. All that bothers me is most of these sites don't keep a divide between the hardware and software.

And yes Move oddly is going to have more hardcore games working for it, hell it does now then casual. I think MS has the right idea by only focusing on one audience with it. That way you don't lose perspective.

GamingGamer4706d ago

did you read the review??

if you dont have time just look at the video review..

Kinect is full of glitches lag and inaccurate issues according to IGN.

so it is price vs performance issue. not to mention the lack of hardcore titles..

btw, it wouldve gotten lower score, but got higher score due to its innovation and casualness. just watch the video, you will see.

insomnium4706d ago

He won't watch it. He pre-ordered 2 of these things so be nice and DON'T burst his bubble.

Lightsaber4705d ago

Alpha male I agree that calibration seems to be a pain from what I've heard. However I disagree they the are reviewing it for families. He points out that its aimed at causals player and families players. Also say that it got good games for them. Then he goes on to say the games are not very good cause they are causal

Scary694705d ago (Edited 4705d ago )

@ Alpha-Male22

Price over performance? WTF dude are you watching the same video this thing lags the guy is kicking and the guy in the game takes a bit to react. On the game he is standing straight he moved left the dude still took a while too move. Stop being so delusional and admit it MS F'ed up and this thing is not worth buying plain and simple.

Ninferno4705d ago

yeah... definitely not from the point of view of the hardcore.

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tinybigman4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

oh this will not go over well with the kinect lovers.

why disagree i'm just stating the obvious, its the same thing i said when for Move lovers when someone dropped a low score on it.

wow i must have hurt someone feelings with my comment. man people are so sensitive.

EVILDEAD3604706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

LOL @ people pretending that ANY of them are cheap..

I bought Move and an extra controller and I was already at the price of Kinect..not to mention the 3 games I bought the first day..

The Kinect launch hit every motion control success from Wii this gen

Wii Sports..mainly bowling..Kinect Sports and Motion Sports

The Wii Just Dance craze..Dance Central and others

Wii Fit..The Ubisoft Fitness game and others

Games for young kids (which is huge for families)..Kinectimals and Kinect adventures)

But can't beat a 7.5 from IGN..

Could have been wayyy worse..

Can't wait to play later today


vhero4705d ago

Say what?? 2 move controllers is the same price as Kinect?? In what world?? I bought 2 Move controllers at £70 even if you included the camera which is £30 it's still lower than Kinect.. The thing is you don't have to buy 2 controllers at least not at once if you decide to. Stop using that as an excuse for the price its a lame one and nobody is buying it.

EVILDEAD3604705d ago

@ Vhero

Obviously you don't know the price of the US Sports champion bundle..

Which is $99 and the extra controller cost $49 dollars

Add em' up yourself..

The games were $49 a piece with the exception of Racquet sports which was actually cheaper..

So who is making 'excuses' it's the truth whether you want to believe it or not..

Nobody is forcing people to buy the extra controller..but IMO they'd be missing out if the don't

Jamegohanssj54706d ago

Wow can't I at least have fun for once lol. Oh by the way Skittles got an 8.5 from GT ; v ). I knew it would be the hit from Kinect. No I am not joking.


cmrbe4706d ago

Its just a freaking score. No need to get your knickers in a bunch.

BeOneWithTheGun4706d ago

I want to keep my arms and hands IN MY LAP when I game. If you enjoy jumping around and whatnot, buy it! I'm old. I like reclining in the chair and relying on my fingers to play the game...whilst grasping a controller.

jneul4706d ago

move got 8.5/10 from ign