Kratos vs A Sandwich

Kotaku: Don't judge this clip on its awkward, shirtless intro. Judge it on the pitch-perfect camera angles (GRAB THAT PEANUT BUTTER!!!) and choreography as God of War's Kratos engages in his deadliest QTE battle yet.

dc14869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

This is Epic GOW. I laughed my tail off when I saw this. Very funny/good stuff!

Quagmire4868d ago

Please...I live my day GOW style!

ZombieAssassin4869d ago

LOL nice, now if only all lifes challenges were this interesting.

dc14869d ago

True. In hindsight ... most are.

Focker4204869d ago

This is months old...

Still funny though

NateNater4868d ago

Now every single time I make a PBJ sandwich I'll be doing exactly what went on in this video lol


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Nacho_Z58d ago

Might be in a minority here but I didn't enjoy any of the sections playing as Atreus or having companions at all. If I had my way it'd be Kratos on his lonesome from start to finish. Straightforward action gameplay without the endless boring chatter.