‘Kinect Lag Can be Killed’ - NaturalMotion

NaturalMotion believes it can make Kinect game development as simple and straightforward as playing games on the upcoming device.

The company has revealed to Develop a new Kinect module for its popular animation middleware, Morpheme; one which it says can bring an end to any in-game lag issues.

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8-bit3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Can they add additional input and feedback too? Then Kinect might stand a chance.

@VINNIEPAZ I just can't stand the entire idea of Kinect. I can't help it. Doesn't appeal to me in the slightest and I don't think it will work out in MS favor to market to casuals or do business the way they do in general. Price hike on Live and blame exclusive titles? Then spend 500 mil on kinect marketing?

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Omega43649d ago

Stand a chance against what? Its the only thing of its kind its not competing with anything. Its not like Move which is the same as the Wii.

mrv3213649d ago

The Wii which has sold 60 million, a figure Kinect will probably never EVER achieve...

tatotiburon3649d ago

like Move would never be a succes??

A-stil_Tv3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

its the only thing of its kind... ehum shall we say playstation eye toy which also came out a long time ago way b4 wii and xbox 360... learn ya facts. observe b4 u speak so next time u wont look so foolish

Christopher3649d ago

*hands everyone horse blinders*

Yes, it's nothing like anything we've ever seen on another console. Absolutely nothing at all like anything we've ever seen before. Just keep looking straight ahead, do not turn your head, and this will remain as such.

Look, Omega4, saying the Move is just like the Wii is just like saying Kinect is just like the PS3Eye. Why are we having this debate about something that was settled more than a year ago?

darthv723649d ago (Edited 3649d ago ) is the only thing of its kind available to the general public at that price. The comparison to eyetoy would be better suited to the original live vision camera.

Sales wise, it doesnt need to match or beat the wii. I am sure MS would love it if it would match 360 sales but I am sure at the business meetings they have a certain number that would need to be met in order to break even.

Anything that can at least do that is considered a success. The cost of development and R&D are all factors in seeing where that break even line is. Sometimes companies dont and just walk away (eyetoy) only to come back with a newer version (PS EYE) intent on recouping the losses prior.

It happens all the time. That is simple business logic.

edit: cgoodno, move and wiimote are more alike than they are different. Both use a camera and sensor for tracking. The difference is, the Wii you hold the camera and the sensor is the bar that remains fixed. Move is the sensor and the PS eye is fixed.

The software behind move is being told to focus on the sphere instead of the person holding it. That is how it can maintain such precision. It doesnt have to see you, it just has to see the sphere.

Now, with kinect it is a bit different. There is no sphere or sensor bar. I would assume in order for it to work properly there would be a calibration mode like there is on move games. The camera has to get a generalized fixation on your position. It then maps key points to the wireframe design it retains in its programming. You move, it sees the position of that point as having been moved and reflects the change on screen accordingly.

Unlike the eye, kinect IS seeing you.

Christopher3649d ago

***Unlike the eye, kinect IS seeing you.***

So, tell me, what is the PS3Eye doing in this video?

How a camera sees/detects you is 99% about software, not hardware.

darthv723649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

The only thing you get out of my comment was the last line. Funny.

Of course a camera sees you but my point was about gaming. Playing a move game, the camera is programmed to see the move. Not the person holding it. If it did then you would never be able to hand it off to another person in the middle of a game.

Kinect wont let you do that because it sees YOU. THAT is what it is being told to focus on.

Changing players in a move, take this. I got to take a leak.

Changing players in kinect player jumps in and the game adjusts to the physical changes.

That video is neat the first time but it only demonstrates what any regular web cam will be doing with the same software. Kinect isnt just about the software. It IS about the hardware as well.

Christopher3649d ago

Sorry, but you're ignorant. It's a lower res and fps rgb camera with an infrared camera. This is all the hardware does. As I said, 99% is software. The _only_ advantage Kinect has over the Ps3Eye is the ability to detect depth due to a second camera.

gamingdroid3649d ago

Sure Kinect is 99% software, but without the 1% that makes up the depth sensor in hardware there is no depth sensing of a person period!

Sure you can emulate depth sensing, by adjusting for 2D image, but there are things it can't do plain and simple.

No matter how much you want it, PS Eye is no different than the Live Vision Camera or any other webcam on the market except for the resolution or frame rate.

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MNicholas3649d ago

that they can remove much of the lag by replacing 1:1 motion capture with predefined animations specific to the needs of each game that are simply triggered by certain poses.

There's nothing they can do about the extremely low capture resolution of 320x240x30hz.

That's exactly half the capture resolution of the PS2 Eyetoy.

Mike134nl3649d ago

It will work out for Microsoft they are selling kinect with a profit + they increased the price of xbox live.
It has yet too be seen if it will work out for the gamers, my guess is it will maybe not for the hardcore. But it is still a welcome piece of technology too interact with the xbox 360 which will expand the xbox 360 brand too more gamers. The casual market has a lot of money in it which the game industry needs to create (new) hardcore AAA games.

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VINNIEPAZ3649d ago

1st comment a troll, what a surprise

Mr2Good33649d ago

Just because sumthing sells alot of copies does not mean it is fun to will be collecting dust just like every Wii is across the planet

Boody-Bandit3649d ago

Well I'm not going to speak for every Wii owner but mine has been collecting dust since December 09. My kids don't touch it and I am not the least bit interested in it. It isn't even hooked up to a display any more. I was considering trading it in or ebaying it.

It will be interesting to see how Kinect plays out but I don't think many Wii owners will flock to it. It's more expensive than the Wii and it will take a couple years to build up a decent library, if it takes off.

rekof3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

yes there is not that good library on Wii ,.. but there are a few games that are gold,.. I haven't played with mine in few months,..
but kinect cannot do anything wii does at all,.. I mean wii does real games,..

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