Bloody Disgusting Exclusive Silent Hill 8 Trailer

Bloody Disgusting's video games section the Dead Pixels hosts an exclusive trailer for Silent Hill 8.

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Batzi4957d ago

that trailer was shown at E3!

Red_Orange_Juice4957d ago (Edited 4957d ago )

who approved this? i'm calling you a MORON (i can live with 2 bubbles)

Coffin874957d ago

doesn't do this game. =(
I am crying sad, sad tears.

Blacktric4957d ago

Old and still looks bad. Not bad maybe but its definitely not a Silent Hill game. I mean look at how the world changes in this one. Everything seems like burning lightly and "other world" appears. This isn't Silent Hill's way to scare the players. Remember Silent Hill 3, where Heather kept passing out and waking up only to see how world changed into the "other world"? That, trying to understand what happened feel, was creepy. This is NOT.

Organization XII4957d ago

I still remember how awesome and creepy SH3 was, I was hooked on the game for days beaten it and kept thinking in the story for months how great it was and the feeling it gives to the player..now this looks nothing like a Silent Hill game, the graphics are shit, even SH3 had better graphics than that crap, I hope they cancel it and the original SH team make the new game..

King-Leonidas4957d ago

love how it´s tagged ´´360´´ but not ps3...

Crackadopolis4958d ago

This is old about 5-6 months old most likely

The_Zeitgeist4957d ago

A lot of the footage is older but there is a ton of new stuff in there. It's basically an extended edition of the E3 trailer.

jc485734957d ago

it feels different w/o Akira. do you guys remember Heather's hair? I don't think any developer will ever be able to replicate that.

CernaML4957d ago

No one can replace Akira Yamaoka.

DannyDammit4957d ago

Akira designed Heather's hair?

Organization XII4957d ago

Actually I did...
Akira is the Sound Track guy..

Simco8764957d ago

Game looks FANtastic. Hopefully this will kick start the series back up. Loved the previous ones.

Can't wait to get those alien endings!!! lol

jc485734957d ago

it's only one trailer and you are already hyped?