Dance Central not possible on Move/Wii

With its ability to track the movement of 20 limbs, Kinect is well-suited to Dance Central and its hundreds of dance moves.

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ConanOBrien3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Problem is, kinect doesn't need buttons

Kinect = button-less motion controller

Wiimote & Move = button-based motion controller

Wiimote/Move/PSEye doesn't have 3 sensor cams like Kinect

tinybigman3650d ago

I wouldn't want it on my wii/ps3. I don't even plan on buying this piece of crap for my 360.

Shovelware=not touching or entering any of my systems.

darthv723650d ago

how does that "just dance" game work? I see the commercials all the time. I know there is no cam for the wii (yet) so it has to be all controller detecting something.

To do it on the pseye would be a mocap suit maybe?

tinybigman3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

go ahead i don't mind, but i've never bought shovelware for any systems before i'm sure as hell i'm not going to start now.

plus why the hell would i spend $210 just to learn how to dance when i can do that for free. sh*t my cousin learned Beyonce Single Ladies dance just by watching the video, and she can do the dance without even looking at it.

i just have to laugh at the worshipers because you people seem to think i have to support this shovelware crap.

Parapraxis3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I really don't buy this for a second.

This is the same line publishers have used when talking about "exclusives" that later went multiplat.

I think the "not possible" bit should really be "not possible..right now because we have a deal with MS for timed exclusivity"

"It needs to track your entire body...are you telling me your sony move remotes or wii remotes can do the same???"
Not the Wii, but since the PS2 Sony's Eye Toy could track feet/arms. is there something else being tracked in Dance Central I don't know about?

Dance Central could easily be made for PS Move.

ajlopo3650d ago

how do you not buy it? It needs to track your entire body...are you telling me your sony move remotes or wii remotes can do the same??? The game looks fantastic and has been getting a great response. Harmonix makes great games.

ARBitrator3650d ago

Parapraxis has spoken! To hell with what the devs have said. If Parapraxis says it can be done then that are lying as simple as that. Because Parapraxis is clearly the most intelligent individual on the planet and what he says is always right.

Christopher3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Wait... so Kung Fu Live can track body parts... but Dance Central can't on the PS3Eye? I guess this means the PS3Eye can only track combat moves, not dance moves. Damn.

@gamingdroid: Dance Central doesn't need to track in 3d either... It just tracks arm, leg, and head placement on the x and y plane, not the depth of their placement. Now, if they made a dance game that relied on depth tracking, then we can talk about the differences between PS3Eye and Kinect for dance games.

gamingdroid3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

It tracks in 2D, there is no depth sensing!

Unless you think a square is a cube, then it might be the same for you.

Bigpappy3650d ago

It shows a webcam video off you about 4 points in 2d. You will never see Dancentral for the Move and definately not for the Wii. If you look at all the Dance and fitness games. Kinect version is always different. Hamonics worked on the Eyetoy before and made its best game to date. They could have said that the will only be a Kinect version at this time. They said if there was no Kinect, they could not make the game.

You for some reason think the PSeye and Kinect are the same. There are not.

TheBlackSmoke3650d ago

lol, you guys are arguing over which motion control does casual crap the best lmfao.

Christopher3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

1. No one said Kinect = PS3Eye. We all know Kinect is a lower res, lower fps RGB camera with an infrared camera that enables the capturing of depth as well as bodies by temperature due to the second camera. We also know that it utilizes one on-hardware chip that contains code for detecting and transmitting skeletal data to the 360 for use by licensed software.

2. Both are capable of tracking body part locations in a 2D world. It just requires software to do as such. This is of course what the developers of Kung Fu Live did, they created the software for tracking one's body with the camera so it will recognize when you perform certain actions to punch, call lightning, kick, jump, and whatever other moves it's programmed to capture. It's the exact same thing Dance Central does, track the movements of your body and respond to said movements.

3. The complexity of tracking being done specifically with Dance Central is not utilizing the full tracking capabilities of Kinect (meaning, true 3d tracking). It's only utilizing the standard skeletal tracking algorithms, which can be made and used with the PS3Eye as well (and there have been demos of the skeleton being tracked with the PS3Eye, check YouTube).

For all intents and purposes, the _ONLY_ reason Dance Central isn't possible with the PS3Eye is because the skeletal tracking software is provided out of the box with Kinect whereas you would have to develop your own with the PS3Eye.

This is kind of like the idiotic comments that we hear out of Sony PR people saying X game is only possible due to Blu-ray. It's just not true, you downgrade the sound quality to 5.1 DD and you can fit the game in its entirety on a DVD, making it possible on more than just the PS3.

Bigpappy3650d ago

Sent your note over to Harmonics. Apparently you have it all worked out and those Dumb SOB's can't. You show them Bigboy!

Christopher3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Deride me all you want BigPappy, but the fact is that there's a developer out there who's taken the time to create the software that does the same thing for the PS3Eye. But, that's not what this is about. It's about a platform with Microsoft marketing backing and where the hardest task is already done for them, which is calculating and tracking skeletal points through the camera. And for Ubisoft, it's about trying to be #2 on yet another casual platform with the same type of games they've already made for the Wii. Ubisoft is the second biggest money maker on the Wii, they want the same thing on Kinect considering the target market - pure casual gamers - are their cornerstone this generation.

But, if you want some reality on top of your derision, how about this: Can you also send the code that ND, Sucker Punch, and Guerilla uses for their games to 3rd-party developers so they can learn to code for the PS3 as well?

Here's the funny thing, nothing I posted above is incorrect. Absolutely nothing. It's just the facts. But, hey, it must be true when Microsoft says it and not true when Sony says it? It's BS and it's meant to sell the new technology, that's it. It's like idiots who think games really are only possible because of Blu-ray or the Cell.

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Neko_Mega3650d ago

Need to do better at trolling.

Look it up.

It only does everything.

Neko_Mega3650d ago

Someone disagree, guess they don't know their games.

Just Dance seems the same thing as this game, so I don't know how people come up with this trash that it wouldn't work on Move or Wii.

Plus they fail, mostly because the PS Eye does track the body, as for it being the fully body.

Who knows, but I know after seeing how SingStar+Dance work, it can be done on Move.

Thatguy-3103650d ago

didnt harmonix said that dance central was possible on the ps3 a while back ??


This game was made for kinect... BUT ITS ALSO COMING OUT FOR MOVE AND WII.... but MAG CANT BE PLAYED WITH KINECT!!! and id rather play mag or Kung fu live... thats just reality and most gamers would agree with these facts!

jneul3649d ago

no the real problem is because kinect has no buttons it will be limited to sports, dancing, fitness and on rails games, just like eyetoy was

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Omega43650d ago

This is good news for MS cause now they won't need to pay for exclusives since every game built from the ground up for Kinect can't be done on any other console.

SuperStrokey11233650d ago

Yeah, its not like they had to buy the company that made the technology or to continue to develop and market kinect at all. This expense to get exclusives obviously doesnt exist...

siyrobbo3650d ago

just a shame most will probably not be worth playing

CimmerianDrake3650d ago

I expect to see a lot of you who are praising Kinect to upload videos of you playing it, since it's the second coming to you and everything.

cliffbo3650d ago

you know i just came in here to agree with the headline and then read your post Omega4. i wouldn't be so happy about this. should we compile a list of games the the Wii and the MOVE can do that Kinect can't?

dance games are great but they'll get boring when Kinect hits its 25th

user83971443650d ago

Well it is probably possible on the PS2 since kinect is like the eyetoy.

Pedobear Rocks3650d ago

to do is package in some velcro 'dots' to put at your waist and knees...1$ extra and you've got body tracking.

TheBlackSmoke3650d ago

woooooooooo! EXCLUSIVE shovelware!!

MsmackyM3650d ago

Ubisoft just announced Mime Central exclusive for the Kinect, why travel to France when you can be trapped in an imaginary box in the comfort of your own home. Pre-order today and receive the limited edition face paint and stripped shirt:s

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Stryfeno23650d ago

I will get this for me and my family.

SWORDF1SH3650d ago Show
goosepoose3649d ago

my family and i. i wish you all the luck. dont give up on dancing :)

Simco8763650d ago

Good, if I wanted to Dance I would go to the club.

alb18993650d ago

then i guess if you want to play baseball y go to the field and if you want so shot some heads you go to war....really?

kasasensei3650d ago

"Dance Central not possible on Move/Wii"

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