Coming up for PlayStation Plus in November 2010

November's treats for PlayStation Plus subscribers in North America and Europe.

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gaffyh3646d ago

Gotta say, the US update does definitely look really weak.

LordMarius3646d ago

i know, i thought they said they had something cool for November

SuperStrokey11233646d ago

Dude its the first... they have a few more days to get stuff to you.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3646d ago

The skins/themes stuff is cool. I just bought GOW collection though. :(

despair3646d ago

maybe its a great free game or something next 2 week, november is still young.

GamingGamer3646d ago

but they did same for other months...

they dont release all games at first week...

usually 2nd or third they release more

despair3645d ago


they release content every 2 weeks and a PSN games every month, so this update is for the two weeks with the new game coming the following two weeks.

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branchedout3646d ago


Though I have such a backlog of games from PS+ as it is. I just counted all my games a few days ago and it was around 67. I want to say at least half of that is from PS+!

I've most definitely gotten my value out of it, and we're only 3 or 4 months in? Maybe a quarter of a regular session, but I got the 15 month schmeal.

Now if I can only get my interment working.
Then I can actually enjoy some of this stuff.

dangert123646d ago

seems there trying to save cause of what the threw at ya'll at the start lol i mean us was miles ahead but now eu is. not that were getting more content were getting better content but still i would be happy with either save loads on ethier

outwar60103646d ago

alot better than the eu update(no GOW related content at all WTF!!!!!!!!)

TheBalloMan3646d ago

yeah - once again, the EU PSN Store is gettin screwed over :(

Hellsvacancy3646d ago

Sony, add the KillZone beta for all PS+ members!!!

AKA3645d ago

I don't think they will

Christopher3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

The US update looks week because it doesn't include the free PSN or PSOne game and is missing a free mini game.

People, each month both NA and EU will get exactly:
- 1 free PSOne game
- 1 free PSN game
- 2 free minis games.
- 1 free dynamic theme
- 1 or 2 free premium avatars

NA will also get that month's episode of Qore as well.

outwar60103646d ago

im eu and i dont recall any dynamic themes

somerandomdude3645d ago

-1 randomly pre-selected free PSOne game
-1 randomly pre-selected free PSN game
-2 randomly pre-selected free minis games

you will have good months and months with weak line-ups, personally I haven't seen enough good line-ups to get me off the fence with purchasing ps+ yet. 50 bucks could also go to a full retail game of my choice.

PostApocalyptic3646d ago

I'm only waiting for Dead Nation.

And The Tester 2 on Tuesday.

justlu3645d ago

compared to previous months but what do people expect for $4 a month ? Free full retail releases ? Cmon be realistic even if you just take advantage of one offering a month or a couple of discounts the service probably pays for itself. But everyone wants more more more for a mere 4 bucks a month. Unrealistic expectations for a mere pittance ps+ bashers are nothing but fools.

madpuppy3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I'm dieing here, Sony!

enough with the minis, give us some better discounts.

how about throwing us one or two free movie rentals a month or something.

The PSN+ pot is still quite bitter! Sony has got to start adding some more sugar!!

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SuperStrokey11233646d ago

While the US version looked pretty bad i too one thing from this. Critter Crunch was on teh NA PS+ a while ago for free, well now its on the EU one. We can hope that the NA version of PS+ will be getting the same cross over of the EU's PS+ which so far has proven to be far superior...

aquamala3646d ago

Gets weaker every month, lame

ScarT3646d ago

Those games are definately not weak! A shame they are 1hour trials.

I hope they get to the EU store.

yewles13646d ago

The 1 hour trials give you the option to buy the game right there if you're satisfied enough. Look at InFamous for example.

jwk943646d ago

Yeah, that did a better job than the demo, the trial actually made me buy the game, and i never looked back, now i just need to find the extra cash to renew my PS+ membership ><

Trroy3646d ago

Landit Bandit discount!

Sweet, I hear that game is awesome.

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