UK Medal of Honor sales top 350,000 units

It's usually not possible to reveal life-to-date sales data for UK video game releases, but a slip up by UKIE, the trade body for the UK's wider interactive entertainment industry, and percentage sales changes of games published by GfK Chart Track has allowed to extrapolate weekly and life-to-date figures for Medal of Honor, FIFA 11 and Just Dance 2.

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dosgrtr3651d ago

i have this game and i think it's good

Close_Second3651d ago

...but for a new release game there are too few people playing it on-line. My prediction is that DLC won't save this game from going into multiplayer obscurity when Black Ops is released.

BubbleSystemSuck3651d ago

is a pretty decent game.
Got my platinum yesterday... SP is great, and the MP is a lot of fun

Super-Brad3651d ago

Agreed, but I wish the developers talked about the multiplayer and single-player as there are a few mechanics in the single player that I would of like to of seen in the online, such as sprint and then skid; this was very useful in quick dives to cover.

But all in all, a fairly decent game which has brought alot of fun to me.

Kaneda3651d ago

But I have to admit.. they need new maps....

chriski3333651d ago

Don't worry little buddy new maps will be here 2morrow;)

Titanz3651d ago

Call of Duty:Blk ops is releasing for retail soon!

EA disrespected Wii fans way-to-often(NBA JAM:No online,No MOH version for the Wii), while they have developed decent titles for the system, the negative outweighs their positive.

bumnut3651d ago

Not everyone likes COD

Raoh3651d ago

I love MoH..

Rank 10: Tear 1 Sniper Expert

xxchicago33xx3651d ago

You would...given your class choice

Super-Brad3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )


Not to be rude, but it's Tier. :)