Kinect Will Make Xbox 360 the Most Innovative Console Ever

"Is it too soon to say Kinect will change everything about gaming? Of course it is. Is it too soon to call the add-on the most innovative piece of gaming hardware this generation? We don’t think so. The vocal recognition software gives us the interactive experience we’ve wanted since we saw old Marty McFly command his TV in Back to the Future 2. Now if the Xbox 360 gets a hoverboard, we will officially call it the greatest console ever. Until then, we’ll just say it’s innovative and impressive."

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Milky3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Is this site serious or did they just forget to add '/s' for sarcasm at the end?

Nathaniel_Drake3651d ago

I think gofanboy always forgets to add the /s to its website

Aceluffy3650d ago

Is this opinion piece categorized as news ?
Oh my bad....anything good about Kinect is news, but anything bad.......... you know where I'm heading

vgchica3651d ago

I think it will outsell mive to casuals, but innovative?

SMW3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Hmm... They just had a news report on Kinect. How innovative it is, how accurate it is.

I dislike when the news becomes an advertising tool.

NEWS would also question whether it works....

Capitalism has faults.

Huge gaping faults.

WildArmed3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

But kind sir, you confuse News with a fanboy rant.
N4G is has more fanboy rants than News.
Once in awhile you see news, and it makes visiting N4G worth it all over again :)

Though I don't see why this isn't label an Opinion piece.

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The story is too old to be commented.