Kudo Tsunoda Takes G4 Into The Secrets of Microsoft's Kinect

Kudo Tsunoda, Mircosoft's resident glasses-wearing, motion-controlling developer took us inside the secrets of Kinect earlier this week so that we would have a bit more insight into the mechanics of it while we flailed, jumped, ducked, kicked and punched the empty air all around us. Oh, and you can talk to it as well, and Kudo tells you how. Watch the video below to get the details as everyone braces for a lot of arm-waving on November 4."

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darthv723125d ago

crazy hair doo's, big sunglasses, big ear rings, members only jackets. Say what you will, fashion trends are always rotating and never really going out of style.

Fishy Fingers3125d ago

Hopefully gaming follow suit and we'll eventually go back to the god damn pad.

Masamori Sumimura3125d ago

Dude is clearly a hipster type of guy that doesnt care much about fashion. I dont mind the way he dresses I dont think thats the point here.

rroded3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

in shame or jus ta cover up them buggy drug eyes?

No remote needed just talk to your xbox trust us its cool nvm the lack of games or that its a overpriced eye toy light ;)

edit lol @ the disagrees so he's not saying the kinects coolest feature is that its a 150 dollar remote replacement with bonus fail built in?

Lastcall3124d ago

Guy looks like a bum off the streets, and he likes Kinectimals the best..Homo..Thank God the Kinect is launching soon so this guy can buy some new glasses and get some decent clothes and a shave...ROTFLMAO

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Blacktric3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I wonder if he ever takes them off when he's taking a sh*t or when he's in the shower or even when he's sleeping?

DoomeDx3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

"Ever wondered what the bottom of an avatar shoe looks like? Well BAM! Here it is!"

*Shows a spastic Kinect-Xbox Avatar*

awesome dude.

darthv723125d ago

why is that such a meaningful moment for some people?

I wish I could see the bottom of my avatars foot in home. I swear someone spit gum out and I stepped on it.

Karum3124d ago

Because as they demo what it looks like the Avatars leg twists in ways the human body would not be able to without remove the bones from your legs and thus being completely unrealistic by virtue of it doing anything but following how you moved your body. And it kind of spazzes out as he did the movement.

DoomeDx3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Unbelivible! Even his avatar looks like a douche..

D4RkNIKON3124d ago

lol I hate this Kudo Tsunoda, he is a douche

Lastcall3124d ago

He needs to take a bath really bad..guy reeks of bullshit.

JokesOnYou3124d ago

yeah of course he's a douche because he works for micro and not sony, makes sense only on n4g

hazelamy3124d ago

no, because comes across as a total douche, seriously, the whole never takes off his sunglasses even indoors in the dark thing is a major indicator of douche status, look at tomonobu itagaki for further proof of that.

seriously, whenever i see and hear this guy, i'm wondering what he's on.

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MajestieBeast3125d ago

I know a secret psst it does not work (shocked face)

Killed4Less3125d ago

I've spent about 30 minutes with it and it seem to work just fine.

What game were you playing?

number473124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

it was laggy and didn't work 1:1. Plus, it doesn't work with any game that appealed to my xbox purchase for the past 5 years.

ElementX3124d ago

Riiiight, I believe you. Why'd you spend 2 hours with it if it didn't work? Because you were having fun! If sometohing isn't fun, you sure as heck don't do it for 2 hours.

R2D23124d ago

Good one element - cant wait for his response : )]
I only played it for 2 Hrs because some one was holding a gun to m my head.

Dbone3124d ago

What secrets? All this video is, is this crazy homeless looking dude regurgitate the same things that have been said about Kinect already. Nothing new here.

If it's really so awesome Kooter, lets see you demo some stuff so we can judge for ourselves how amazing this device is before people go and blow $150 on it


k-Lan3124d ago

I can't wait for his response also.

number473124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

Fun isn't what the problem with kinect is, as its the same fun you have with those Projection screen kiosks at movie theaters or ces expos. The same fun you can have with any device. Its the same exact fun you have with any webcam that does the same exact thing. Fun isn't Microsofts advertising slogan or theme. Its Revolutionizing gaming as we know it, where you are the controller. This has all been hidden by previews/paid testimonies/actors/pre-rendere d game footage with actors catching up to the kinect 'gameplay.' You can't ignore every single lie of Natal, which has been any time the product was shown -- and cover it up with the question of fun. I'm not stupid, and many people aren't either. Fun wasn't what Milo was about, remember? Revolutionary A.I which spawned articles about such a revolution. None of this is true. Not one bit of it. Which why for gaming, Nintendo & Sony passed up on this device to play games due to its limited scope. Again, Fun is just saying that you have no argument to defend the fact that Microsoft is miss-directing people with its advertising this device. Especially its 1 to 1 interaction that leads you-as a consumer- to believe that the thing is a virtual you inside of a gaming world. Its not. Its hitting target areas of a screen. This is a ball coming in your direction, or moving your arm left to keep balance of a base of cubes and shapes. This technology isn't new, has been done, and is free for all to see & use at home on their PC's.

2. The technology behind kinect isn't utilized in any of its games.The best utilization of Kinect is for the WiiFit type titles, but even then you're doing what you would do simply by watching a fitness video. You have to slow down your natural speed to compensate for kinects speed -- as hinted to by any representative thats explaining to you HOW to play it. Its not just jump in and play -- as advertised. Its "do it how we are doing it, and alter your natural reactions." Even for the dance game. Its pre-canned animations that hit/miss if you make a pose. It doesn't copy your body movements 1:1. If you just stand still, it will keep moving until you crap out. Its all an illusion...

If Kinect was advertised as "Well, it may be buggy, Milo was a lie, its nothing like minority report.. but look, you'll have fun with it.." Then I'd have to say that yep, that would be dead on. But the Wii & Move also provide that same basic fun, and more so with their more complex titles that appeal to anyone that bought a 360 at launch.
But its just as fun as playing Ball in Cup, or scategories with a group of people. Fun was never an issue. But people like all of you, seem to take comments on its latency/bugs/laughable game lineup to mean it can't provide a basic level of entertainment. Kickball can produce a basic level of entertainment as well, but its surely not a revolutionary or unique product.

I'd never play a wii game for 2 hours, or move, or kinect unless I was paid to give an honest opinion about it. As a gamer, looking at this mystery device of the future, its not. As a gamer, looking at its game lineup, its not appealing.. The ideas of the games are, dance central would be amazing if you were put into a virtual avatar and danced around -- which people think it is, but thats not how it works. All of Kinects hype would be an amazing addition to gaming, if it worked as hyped/advertised. Anyone would be a fool to say otherwise. Buying a car of the future, which promises all of these new things, only to find out it just barely drives doesn't make up for the fact that you bought a car of the future. Right now, you guys are saying "so what if the sign said car of the future, can you still drive it to work?" Well yes, but I can also drive anything else, and even better intuitive controls.

yippiechicken3124d ago

Did it feel good to get that off your chest? :)

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Joostin3125d ago

Sounds like he is trying to sell himself on if you are saying "Xbox sucks, play PS3 or Watch a movie...would it play the movie? Voice recognition is shit and will always be shit unless you can train the system to understand the way you speak. What if you speak Engrish.

Just stupid features instead of making games that aren't shit.

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