Kinect review - world's first is in

The world's first Kinect review has appeared in today's London Evening Standard newspaper - giving the accessory a full five stars and a glowing recommendation.

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Karooo4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

I wont believe any reviews, until i check it out. no reviews before launch by prominent sites is shady.

Edit: review embargo is after it launches. So dont trust this.

rroded4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

sounds like pure pr...
"It's the stuff of science fiction, letting you play games and navigate through menus with a swipe of your hand. It is the film Minority Report come to life"

ya so where they been hiding all the cool eh?

AntoineDodson4722d ago

"It's the stuff of science fiction, letting you play games and navigate through menus with a swipe of your hand. It is the film Minority Report come to life"


zootang4722d ago

"It's the stuff of science fiction, letting you play games and navigate through menus with a swipe of your hand. It is the film Minority Report come to life"

500m marketing coming into effect?

Army_of_Darkness4722d ago

" the initial launch line-up is branded "incredibly good fun".

LMAO!!! This guy is full of sh1t!

Biggest4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

It's funny that anyone would question his experience with Kinect though. We have visual proof of how awesome it is NOT. I would take his word that it was lame over 5 stars and "Minority Report come to life" in a heartbeat. That one statement is LOLworthy on every level.

Edit: How many games/controllers have been reviewed by the gaming people at the "London Evening Standard"? Someone about them screams "NOT A SOURCE FOR GAMING NEWS" and I don't know what it is.

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nveenio4722d ago

What's sad is that MS won't force a retraction of this. If it was 1*, they'd be like, "YOU CAN'T SAY ANYTHING YET!!!"

Serjikal_Strike4722d ago

was given by the guy watching...not the one actually playing/using kinect...

that should tell you something:/

darthv724722d ago

a controlled hands on review is just simply an opinion (wait...arent all reviews opinions???)

Anyway, @sneaky...it isnt CVG review. Its some london newspaper. I am sure they will have theirs soon enough.

commodore644722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

N4g is going to explode with rage and....

Never mind.

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anh_duong4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

" But for now, this is an essential purchase for any Xbox owner, and if the games are good enough, could help Microsoft steal the lucrative family games market from Nintendo."

shouldn't it be an essential purchase only if the games are good enough??

but kinect will sell in bucketloads.. it really does appeal to mums, non-gamers and casuals.. i have tried it and it is actually quite a good party gaming device

RankFTW4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

If the London Evening Standard says it's good then it must be!

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bviperz4722d ago

Whether we like it or not, Kinect will get rave reviews from even the biggest sites. Where the Wii or Move will get negatives, Kinect will get passes, especially in the games department. Why? Because that's the way it is. Journalists will never admit foreign superiority over American hardware. There will always be an excuse. Here's a taste of what we've seen and will see.

Move is great at motion control, unfortunately the launch lineup is lacking. 8/10

If Kinect is the future of Microsoft, then the future looks promising. Although the launch lineup is missing some core elements, even the most hardcore will find it hard to deny the 'fun' factor Kinect brings to the table. Kinect is solid, not only for it does now, but also at what the future holds for gamers. 9/10

May not be word for word, but it'll be pretty damn close.

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HolyOrangeCows4722d ago

Newspaper reviewers have always been easy to please when it comes to video games.

"He concludes: "In a few years, even our desktop PCs may be using a new version of Windows with Kinect built in. But for now, this is an essential purchase for any Xbox owner""

I can't take this idiot seriously.

air14722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

i know what you mean. this place is anti micro....

i got baned for 3 days for saying move is the bomb! in an article on n4g saying that sony lied on numbers. really n4g? thats nothing compared to all the personal attack you get in here..

so i was like ok n4g! you dont respond to to the contact link.. so i made another account str8 bashing the 360 calling ppl idiots etc that backed kinect and 360 for 3 days! not 1 warning, no ban..

ride that sony d!ck harder n4g!

this place is a joke and will always be a joke. when they took out the open zone i thought this place would be better. now i see the only reason they took it out was so the we are forced to read all the sony butt hurt fud..

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westy5524722d ago

I read the review and lol'd my whole way through it.

NickIni4722d ago

Really. It's the Evening Standard. A free London Newspaper, which has about half a page a week of ~5 sentence 'reviews', plus a rating, which 5/5 scores are given out left, right and centre.

If this wasn't on such a controversial subject no one would have taken any notice to this review.

Dee_914722d ago

*now wheres my piece of that 500mil *:)

I find it quite odd how when the move got reviewed and previewed you would always see the word Wii in the article
But for some reason when people mention Kinect they dont mention PSEYE ... its also a controlless gaming device
might not be as hi tech but it does let you play games without a controller
well it may be too soon to speak
just be on the look out to see if future reviews mention that
if not then we know where that 500mil went to lol

Hideo_Kojima4722d ago

I think they just watched some Youtube videos and read some things about Kinect and than went out and reviewed it to get some hits.

DORMIN4722d ago

"In a few years, even our desktop PCs may be using a new version of Windows with Kinect built in. But for now, this is an essential purchase for any Xbox owner""

hahhahah. I wonder how much of the $500 million reviewers will be getting?

PostApocalyptic4721d ago

Preview demo given by Microsoft rep...says so in the article UPDATE.

"However, CVG understands that the review was based on a hands-on with the kit orchestrated by Microsoft, rather than an exhaustive product test. "

No Way4721d ago

Just wondering.. what 'something' should that tell us?
It seems like, to me, it'd be a worse review if you were watching.

Just curious as yo what your take is..

sikbeta4721d ago

Review embargo is after launch??? no way...that's fishy...

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Christopher4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

I'm still confused, to this day, why people think a camera that forces you to hold your arms/hands up in the air to perform navigation will replace a keyboard and mouse, which doesn't require any such movement. IMHO, a glass screen surface will likely be what replaces these two items, using touch sensitive controls without the need to hold your arms up for an hour or longer to play a game.

@DatNJDom81: Read the article, CVG isn't reviewing it, they're talking about the first people to do so.

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NoBUDI4722d ago

If a bunch of faceless internet strangers disagreeing with you makes you upset

SmokexFFx4722d ago

Agree/Disagree's meen nothing, it's the reply's that count, at least the senseable ones.

DatNJDom814722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

I read the article and I know its not a review. I gave my opinion using the 5 stars as a reference. My lil cuzzo reaction was golden though. She made her opinion well known. LOL.

edhe4722d ago

"will replace a keyboard and mouse"

Why on earth would it be for replacing that? It's not for replacing anything unless you think about the tv remote. It's for *enabling* full-body gaming, and for partnering control pad gaming.

If that's what you think then you've failed on keeping up with gaming.

Christopher4722d ago

@edhe: What? The article is what said it would replace the keyboard/mouse, not me. I'm saying it's idiotic to think such a thing.

ARBitrator4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

This is hilarious,

Look at all of these crybaby PS3 fanboys spreading their hate. This takes BITCHASSNESS to a new high.

Jealousy if a special emotion isn't it. It's amazing how powerful it is. It can take an otherwise nice guy and have him hating like a 14 year old school girl.

(If the shoe fits then wear it.)