StartGame: 5 Minutes With... Racket Sports (Move)

StartGame writes: Racket Sports is a collection of 5 different sports controlled by the PlayStation Move motion controller. Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash and Beach Tennis are the sports-that-use-a-racket (oh so that’s where they got the name from) on offer. I can’t give an opinion on how all of the sports play having only played Tennis and Badminton, but they were both very similar, very wagglicious.

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Wh15ky2939d ago

Played the demo of this and didn't like it, it's no better than Wii Tennis.

jneul2939d ago

i advise you to go play sports champions raquet sports is a waste of time

Wh15ky2939d ago

Sports champions is excellent, especially Table Tennis - it shows Moves real racket sport potential.

jack_burt0n2939d ago

its a perfect replacement for wii tennis whats the problem? and its £15 @ zavvi.

TroyAndAbed2939d ago

Uh...because we don't want to play Wii Tennis. We want tennis with Move precision!

Table Tennis on Sports Champions plays like a dream!