Kinect limiting pre orders to one per customer Amazon

Due to high demand, Amazon is now limiting Kinect pre-orders!

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deadreckoning6664790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

This happened when the PS3 and Wii launched on Amazon as well. I like how everyone forgets about the day PS3 launched. There wasn't NEARLY enough PS3s to meet demand...to the point that people got robbed and one person got killed.



This isn't anything new..yet when it happens with Kinect, N4G goes apeshit and bashes M$ for limiting pre-orders. LOL, gotta love the hypocrisy here.

Mystogan4790d ago

Its impressive becuz its an ADD-ON.. not a whole new console.

ClownBelt4790d ago

What comes around, goes around...that's how it works here, so quit doing selective reading...hypocrite.

ThatCanadianGuy4790d ago

You're actually comparing the launch of some gimmicky webcam to the launch of the third tried & true, well known, playstation console?

I seriously hope you're joking deadreck..

Red_Orange_Juice4790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

like someone woudl actually buy two

thrust4790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

@dead well i never pre ordered a ps3 and went downtown on the day and got one i did wait in a qur but by no means was there a shortage in the uk not if you tried to get one.

even my mate went out and 3 days after release and got one he have to go to a number of shops but he still got one.

are you stealth trolling or making yourself fell better in some way?

maybe (which i think MS is doing) they are limiting the amount to make more of a buzz but at the end of the day it going to be a huge hit.

can i ask what i got disagree at?

anyone with a brain will see that MS are going to MAKE this sell it is a fact, 500m ad campaign :/ says it all.

Highlife4790d ago

A ms fanboy would. I bet a hell of alot of them well buy it and do just about nothing with it. They buy it just to get the SALES they so like to shout out.

Blacktric4790d ago


You do realize that you are equating those 360 trolls back in the day with all of the remaining 360 users right? What you and your kind is doing is nothing more than disgusting. You are a gamer not the owner of Sony and same goes for other consoles' and PC fanboys too. You might not like Kinect as a hardcore gamer because of its software library but there are people out there that can't wait for it to come out. Not everybody have to think like you do. Grow up and stop blaming everyone for what a couple of idiots did back in the day.

BulletProofVess4790d ago

why would you need two in the first place?

i though it supported 2 people on its own without needing to add any other things

Matthew944790d ago

DONT DARE SAY (sry caps was on) that ps3 fanboys dont use sales, i mean ever since it started to sell more that the 360 per month sales have been the no 1 tactic of the ps3 fanboy

morganfell4790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

You can like the PS3 or hate it but the fact is the PS3 had shortages at MOST places like no other console.





The PS3 outsold the 360's launch for the same period. Despite the fact that it had a delayed launch for most of the world.

Highlife4790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

@matthew both sides do. This is a kinect article so that is why I said ms fanboys. I know there are crazy fanboys I both sides.

Edit: I never said that ps3 fanboys don't just said that ms ones do.

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user8586214790d ago

yes yes just like when the xbox 360 was launched there were low units right? ;)

phatak4790d ago

ive said it b4 and ill say it again. kinect will sell like crazy whether u like it or not

Chris3994790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

I hope that these same people realize that if/ when Kinect is a commercial success (probably "when" as Her Holiness Oprah has now endorsed it), expect even LESS support than what Nintendo gave the hardcore for the first 2 years of Wii-existence, as MS will drop the core like an ugly girlfriend to milk the casuals' wallets. MS is a business, a very competitive one interested in monopolization and the bottom line at any cost - their history attests to this. So if the casuals really take to Kinect, expect a Halo, COD, or Gears bone thrown to your starving jaws every year or so, to be washed down with a tsunami of shove-ware and dancing/ pets/ flailing party games.

Keep that in mind.

And before anyone labels me a "Sony loyalist", I've been on my PC more than anything lately. I go where the games are. Right now, with MMORPG fevah on me again, the PC is where it's at. Not XIV, as that game is universally a piece of $hit.

N4Great4790d ago

It's incredible to see them happy with "non existent" kinect sales, when all the trusted reviews are bad, and the opposite for move, despite all the great reviews : sheeps, not gamers, it's probably the reason why.

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Mystogan4790d ago

very impressive if it continues like this it should be able to pass that 5 million mark by christmas

Zir04790d ago

Its been like that since it was put up on Amazon.

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gamingdroid4790d ago

Kinect is doing fantastic and I look forward to what developers will do with it in the future. In the meanwhile, I'm looking forward to the games created by those Japanese developers.

Oh... and navigating my dash controller free!

units4790d ago

wii was also gimmick and look how successful that turned

abi9804790d ago

Pre ordered mine, can't wait!