Incredible Heavenly Sword Video: 1000 Enemies On Screen

A new gameplay video of Heavenly Sword from GameSpot.

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MK_Red4126d ago

To hell with those stupid 6/10 reviews of Edge and PSM or EGM's 8/10. This video alone warrants 1000/10 IMO. God, I love this game.

djtek1844126d ago

hell with the reviews. i want this game now.

masterg4126d ago

From now on where people ask me what "Next gen" is, I will show this and say "This is Next Gen".

cloud3604126d ago

I luv hack and slash games. especially rpgs.

Only hack and slahs i hate even if it got 10/10 is devil may cry. It statred the video game war.

sloth4urluv4126d ago

If you remember the review it didnt get a low score because of graphics.

Farfromreality4134126d ago

The problem with N3 is that all of the characters are reserved to one type of movement and they are carbon copies of each other. N3 is a good game but the difference here is the level of detail on each enemy.

I'm not saying that they are all unique but there are way more versions of enemies in Heavenly Sword than in that fight sequence that you posted.

Not a fanboy, but just want to get it right.

gunnar29064125d ago

The prob that there are no 1000 in N3 in sight. As far as everyone noticed the distance of view in this game is very short - 10 meters (relatively to the game scale) not more - everything else is 'fogged'

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THC CELL4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

wow this makes dead rising look like kaka

Ohh man i will never trust a single review that gives under 9.0.

This game looks breath taking and i thought dead rising had a lot of zombies in that car park with that dumb ai they had

Dr Pepper4126d ago

"that dumb ai they had"

Well, they were zombies...

MK_Red4126d ago

Agreed with Dr Pepper. They were zombies and they had to be dumb. Still, they would eat Frank alive in crowds.
I love Heavenly Sword but before that, I'm a Dead Rising die hard fan. Now if only Frank and Nariko could meet somewhere...

InMyOpinion4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

The difference is that the zombies in Dead Rising are'nt all generic as the enemies in the Heavenly Sword clip. They all look the same.

*@ moron below - Exactly what I meant...I did'nt expect more from you really.

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jay34126d ago


That would be cool...

[Thought bubble]

Heavenly Dead?

Dead Sword?

Rising Heaven?

Rising Sword? [/Thought bubble]

My sword rises when i watch this!<--- That was too easy...

MK_Red4125d ago

Good one!
If Nariko is a secret costume or character...

Nice ideas and good line :)
Deadly Sword or Heaven Rising.

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Fighter4126d ago

I doubted this game a bit after hearing a couple of negative things but after seeing this video I must say that this is a first day buy for me.

I can't wait to beat up an entire army all by myself.

WilliamRLBaker4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

Its still a lil too...dynastary warriors/goddess of war for me.
P.S: mind you its a good looking game, I'm not saying it isn't.
But I've never liked on mass fighting games, and i loathed the easy button mashing of god of war1, and 2.

tmax4126d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

" i loathed the easy button mashing of god of war1, and 2"

Has combo moves, you have to use strategy, hack and slashing won't get you far.

This is definitely a first day purchase for me.

pacman6154126d ago

all the enemies in heavenly sword are all on screen and actually trying to fight you, dynasty warriors just spawn from nowhere and have same lame ai , this is gonna be better than god of war, and i f'n love that game

snittolo4126d ago

That was crazy! Can't wait for this game, first day buy for sure.