GamerHelp: 24 Virtual Chicks We Want to Bone (Part 1 of 2)

To Hell with features that use good taste! Open wide as GamerHelp spoon feeds you our delicious roundup of the sexiest virtual girls of all time.

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MK_Red6139d ago

Well, it's an article in bad taste but it has Mortal Kombat so I won't complain. BTW, they should have used Mileena, check this pic:

sticky doja6138d ago

Killer body, but if she ever went down on you you wouldn't have any man parts left.

ShiftyLookingCow6138d ago (Edited 6138d ago )

and you wouldnt have part of your head left after a kiss

InMyOpinion6139d ago

I bet they would bone anything they could get their hands on...

MK_Red6139d ago

The odd thing is that this article is NOT from GamesRadar! Its from GamerHelp and GamePro...

InMyOpinion6138d ago

The odd thing is how you all of a sudden got 9 bubbles. I'm pretty sure you had 6 yesterday.

MK_Red6138d ago

Not really. I had them for a week not and before that I had 8 for a month or so. Why do you say that?

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