Torpex Games talks about developing using XNA Game Studio

At GameFest 2007, Torpex Games president Bill Dugan and technical director Jamie Fristrom gave a pre-mortem of their forthcoming deubt title Schizoid, developed on the XNA Game Studio Express platform for Xbox Live Arcade.

So why did Torpex go with XNA? Likening it to the shift from assembly to C and C++, for Torpex, a quick switch to XNA meant getting in early and gaining a competitive advantage. Torpex believes that at some point, high-level languages like C# will be to C++ what C was to assembly. "We'll do the bulk of our coding in C# and drop back to C/C++ for tight loops," Dugan said. "And one day, we'll pretty much abandon C/C++ altogether."

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beans4072d ago

Well I can't wait to see just how far this game has come since it's last appearance 3 months ago! Soon other developers will be using XNA and when this happens I can't imagine how much art will be thrown into games and how muck quicker we will start to see these games appear on consoles and PC!