Buyers Guide: Xbox Live's (Steam-y) Inventory Blowout Sale


"Microsoft has taken a leaf out of Valve's Steam with Major Nelson announcing Xbox Live's first ever "Inventory Blowout Sale". Ten Xbox Live Arcade titles at 50% off (give or take) for a week!

But beware: As any hardened Steamer will tell you, you're likely to buy a lot more than you'll ever play. So for the more economically sensitive gamers amongst us, OXCGN has bought them all so you don't have to! From 10/10 to 1/10, here is our rundown of what we hope is the first of many Inventory Blowout Sales to come."

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BadCircuit4623d ago

I hope that more of these sales will happen in the near future.

evrfighter4623d ago

pc gaming...

It REALLY does do everything :)

you're welcome.

gaminoz4623d ago

Well the Sony has specials of the week for PSP GO here in Oz, and Steam always it makes a lot of sense to discount XBLA titles (especially old ones) regularly, often, and in great numbers to promote sales.

Superfragilistic4623d ago


The only downside is I spent 2240 Microsoft Points in one sitting (yes I grabbed Track & Field! lol).

I have a feeling that if people buy like I did, this thing will gain traction and MS will have me poor in no time... just like Steam. sigh :P

XboxOZ3604623d ago

I can see where this is heading for XboxLive.

Being privy to lots of press releases, there's a huge wave of taitles heading for the Arcade side of things on both XboxLive and PSN.

There's now more news coming from titles aimed at those two mediums than normal disc-based games.

This is showing the results of Microsoft's push for casual gamers and the family-gaming and social networking side of things.

they have pulled back heavily on advertizing for major disc-based games, allowing the 3rd party companies to do that, while MS focus almost solely on the Social-media medium.

I suspect by years end, the ratio will be 2/3rd arcade and 1/3rd disc-based titles being released across the board, or via digital distribution.

A worrying trend for retailers unless they change tactics, and also for those developers that rely on large data files that can only be stored on disc, irrespective of the type of disc.

We may well see smaller initial disc-based games appearing by years end, with several updates and expansions via digital download, which can only be used via an official game disc-based game in the machines.

Which sort of goes along with what EA CEO was hinting at earlier in March.

gaminoz4623d ago

To be honest I've become more of a mini game type gamer these days.

Belgavion4623d ago

If this means more people play Rocket Riot then I'm all for it

PotNoodle4623d ago

Eh, i was a bit disappointed with these, nothing really on sale i'd like. I have around 2000 spare points on my account that have been unused for quite a while now, Sony's PSP sale has been great though, bought a few games in that including Tekken 6 and a digital copy of God of war chains of olympus, on topic though.. i wouldn't even put the PSN or XBLA sales in the same league to call them 'steam-y' sales..
THESE are steamy sales: - and there were hundreds of other games on sale too.. these were just the specials for the day. Fantastic, and the do this sort of stuff on a title by title basis pretty much weekly, got Borderlands for £15 last weekend.

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