Microsoft Reveal 'April Inventory Blow-out' Promotion

Following Sony's announcements of the April Foolishness Sale and PSP Favourites promotion earlier this week, Microsoft has today revealed a cost-cutting activity of their own. From today, eight top titles held on the Xbox 360's Xbox LIVE Arcade are available for half-price, and two further titles are set to be greatly reduced. These sale prices are limited however, available for only seven days.

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Yi-Long4696d ago

... and nothing on that list really interests me. Bit of a disappointment.

When the hell are they finally gonna discount TrialsHD!?

darthv724696d ago

Splosion man would be a good for me when it gets a price drop.

SSF2HD is not bad. Schizoid was pretty fun so maybe.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

I love sales like these.

I will buy pretty much anything when it's around 4 or 5 dollars.

siyrobbo4696d ago

Trials HD is continually one of the best selling arcade titles week after week, i wouldn't imagine they would offer it on sale if they didnt need to

Elven64696d ago

They had a sale on Trials HD a few weeks ago, it was 800 MP for Gold subscribers.

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kevco334696d ago

I dunno... I'm tempted to pick up South Park finally...

-MD-4696d ago

I grabbed South Park.

Cajun Chicken4696d ago

Well, I'm partly glad they actually didn't lessen the prices of XBLA games I've been wanting for a while because I didn't take my 360 away with me over this week.

Gamer7l4696d ago's not "inventory", if it's only available as a digital download. Just sayin'....

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