IGN: So Where Does Metroid Go from Here?

Everyone's got their opinion now. It's been about a month and a half since Metroid: Other M came to store shelves in the States, and within that span of weeks most of the long-running franchise's fans have picked up the game, played it to completion and formed an opinion. Some have been good. Some have been bad. And some have even claimed that the Samus they once loved is dead.

In the wake of mixed reactions to Other M, IGN explores possible directions for the series' next sequel.

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jidery3137d ago

It doesn't, kill it already

Shoko3137d ago

Why kill such an awesome franchise? Metroid games have always been AAA and a few AA. The only reason why this game got so much hate was because of the characterization of Samus. That's it.

EvilTwin3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

It's kinda funny how they segmented the games; Fusion and Zero Mission were more linear than Super, but Echoes and Corruption were nowhere near as "open" (or gave the illusion of being "open ended") as Super or the original Prime.

But big ups to IGN for noting the natural progression of the series. People acted like Other M was completely foreign. It wasn't. It was the direction the series had been moving. It's not 1994 anymore.

Anywho...where does Metroid go next? Dread makes sense; it's been rumored to have existed for years, and it's too good a name to waste. And I don't think Sakamoto will want to waste the shifting perspectives style; he'll want to perfect it, just like he did with the evolution between the original Metroid and Super. But will he be allowed to do so in another home console title? Not yet, I'd wager. Other M probably cost a LOT to make. A 3DS game is a safe bet. And then another "Other M" ('Nother M?) on the Wii's successor, with its style of gameplay. It's too promising a template to abandon.

[Mistake at the end of this op/ed, though. "Take away her voice"? The best game in the series doesn't have her talking? Umm...Super. She talks in Super. It's the best in the series, apart from the original Prime. Samus doesn't need to be silent. She just doesn't need any more flashbacks to her as a whiney teenager...the George Lucas-syndrome thing. We've seen that now, and the past is pretty well buried after Other M's events.]

tunaks13131d ago

"She just doesn't need any more flashbacks to her as a whiney teenager"
teenagers are just inherently whiny :D

Mahr3137d ago

"Other M, additionally, paid no attention whatsoever to the events of or characters introduced in the Prime games."

That might be true, but we should remember that the thought process that went into formulating Other M's plot was largely indefensible.

"So safe to say that whole side-series is going to be left in the past and not referenced any more."