A Gamer's Hands On Review Of Lair - "Best Review Yet?"

A gamer has been lucky enough to receive the final retail version of Lair and he shares his hands on impressions with new screens and much more. You can ask him questions right now as he is willing to kindly answer any questions people anticipating Lair have.


"All Questions I have answered put together, Including the ones from the GameFaq topic I made for this:
1: What dragons have you unlocked?
Well, for every mission you earn medals. Since I am just trying to beat the game, I am not getting the best medals yet. I think Gold Medals are required to unlock other dragons.

2: Is the game really only 6-8 Hours?
I bet if you were an uber pro and you could beat each mission on your first try, and get a gold medal on each one on the first try, it would be possible to beat in 6-8 hours.
But, for normal people like you and me, It would probably take 12-16 hours just to finish the storyline, and then you have to get all the gold medals, which may take a long time.

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ChibiSelz4073d ago

why are people reporting this as fake the person has proof,cover shots manual shots back cover shots disk shots ? yea its a forum post but thats not the point of the post

great for him/her lucky got it befor all of us who are waiting for this game

ktchong4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Honestly, because he is anonymous and did not give us a real name, I suspect he's actually a shill for Sony. Sony does have a history of GETTING CAUGHT and GOT SUED for doing that. He's an anonymous newbie in a forum - take his words with a grain of salt.

i.e., he got a copy because he's a shill for Sony.

jay34073d ago

this shouldn't be a news story at all considering it's as newsworthy as two kids talking about games on the street. If this is news, everyone should quickly head to youtube to find a guy with 5 channel views that reviews Bioshock.

I don't mean to be an ass, but this isn't "News" in the slightest.

crck4073d ago

Because it shows that Lair is complete, packaged and ready to ship. No more delays and the such.

ALI-G4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

this guy not only sony fanboy who spent 600$ in console without games and now he is desperate to play games , but also sony fanboism run in his blood=his mum work for sony

also click in his profile:he only registerd in the site yasterday to post this thing=no history,so we do not know how credabile he is

SDTV=cannot tell anything about HDTV
no sound sytem= he said sound is great

what he knows better the IGN/EDGE..... / or what he knows more about video games than us that make his opnion more valid than anyone else in this form

N4G hit new low level.we saw alot of ANTI-PS3/360 article .fourm crap been posted as news.people digging news/woorthless article from GOD only knows where.

jay34073d ago

Then this should have been like with all those Bioshock early release stories, and not someones review.

I feel like such a tight ass now! /Cry

ISay4073d ago

i think his parents work for sony but i dont think that makes his opinion not valid, in regaurds to his account i bet his parents told him not to put his real name

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ktchong4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

a reviewer's or magazine's reputation is slowly built up over time. Reputation is earned through time or from credentials, not given to someone automatically. He has no reputation; we don't really know who he is. He's a mystery He could be a shill working for Sony marketing. Not everyone is qualified or credible to be a reviewer or give professional reviews. Change the title to something else, like "A Gamer's Hand-On Review of Lair" or something.

ChibiSelz4073d ago

i dont get your logic yea his anonymous what wrong with that just because person didnt give his real name makes it automatically fake,
why do people have to give there real names when on a forum i guess your name real name is the round peg?

as for him not being qualified on the review is plain stupid eveyone has the right to say how they feel about the game if u read the fourum someone asked him what would you rate it as. stop being so negative

TheExecutive4073d ago

lol the last few months give no proof of what a professional review is... I havent read an objective review in a long time. This guy seems honest and to the point. I do agree that credentials are missing.

Panthers4073d ago

Magazines lately have lost all credentials, at least with me. I will trust individual players reviews. If someone says they dont like it, and why, then I will listen. The reason is that I myself am a player and I dont critique every little detail.

secret4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

I don't think his mom was allowed to give her son a copy. Revealing his name might jeopardize her employment with Sony.

Recently, I've been suspicious of professional reviewers. Although their job requires them to be unbiased and objective, I'm sure they've compromised themselves on the job and outside the job every now and then when they see fit. Isn't it a sales clerk's job to not be rude to the customers or make arithmetic errors? But I'm sure we've met rude clerks before. Arn't accountants and lawyers and medical doctors supposed to have certain professionalism and ethics, "until they get caught" like Enron and recently Dell computers. Remember that journalist reporter covering the Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa this past few months? Well, she was the other woman having an affair with him during her reports. That's a conflict of interest because no one can trust her reports to be unbiased and so on. She wasn't supposed to do it, but she did it. Don't hold professional journalists to such high moral standards until they've earned it.

Until we have robots for journalists and no more secret handshakes at midnight, PS3 owners will have to wonder what's going on in the press -- Wii has the best game selection in town while the PS3 has a lack of games, according to several professiona magazines?? What??? (GRAW2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Motorstorm, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Virtua Fighter 5, Resistance Fall of Man, COD4, NBA street Homecourt, Fight Night 3, and soon Ratchet and Clank, MGS4, COD4, KILLZONE 2, Grand Turismo 5??????) How many games do you want, have, and like on the Wii????????? 360's malfuntioning console and huge cow lick are nothing but everyone starts to cry wolf for one strand of hair out of place on the PS3? These are professional reviewers or people abusing their power like giving your little brother who once had no power absolute authority for one night.

If MS offers a journalist who makes about $34,000 to $50,000 a year to pamper 360's problems and nitpick anything they see about the PS3 in an unobvious and subtle way for $500,000 to $800,000, EVEN if the the journalists gets caught and banned from writing ever again, don't you think the journalist could care less because with that money, he can retire and never have to work again.

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Zhuk4073d ago

my beef with the article simply put its a forum post by a normal forum user, therefore it is not newsworthy

EZCheez4073d ago

But it is a forum post. I can't imagine that he would lie about liking the game but his opinion isn't any more valid than everyone else who has reviewed this game. He even gives some negative points about the game that I don't even think were mentioned in other reviews.

It is really cool though that he has the game and is showing it off. It's the excitement of him knowing he has it before anyone else that makes it cool. I know i'm jealous.

I saw this last night and I didn't even believe it until I saw the pictures.

Violater4073d ago

Is that an SD Tv