Out of Eight: Front Mission Evolved Review

Out of Eight writes: "Giant fighting robots. That got your attention, didn't it? Yes, tanks are simply not good enough for some, as we require something more imposing and upright. The mechanized robot has been glorified in such games as MechWhatever and War World (talk about digging up an old review). Basically, you just want to feel like an unstoppable badass. Front Mission Evolved is the latest entry in a series I never heard of, released mainly in Japan on the PlayStation 2 (no wonder I never heard of it). This version goes for a more action-oriented approach, eschewing the tactical role-playing gameplay of the original series for third-person mayhem. Plus, this game lets me use the word “wanzer” (a “walking panzer,” obviously), which sounds like it might be sexual in nature. Bonus!"

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