R.I.P. Front Mission

Front mission has gone to a better place...we hope.

"It might be a massive generalisation, but it's safe to say that while the Front Mission franchise is one that most gamers know of, it's also one that most have never touched. It's not surprising either, since, if we're excluding the most recent entry, Front Mission: Evolved, only three games from the franchise ever saw the light of day in North America and Europe only received one. Now, that might not seem too bad until you realise that Japan has had ten."

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ShawnCollier3916d ago

It's sad how far this series has fallen since it's beginnings due to how SE has handled it.

fozzness3916d ago

Such a shame.. another SE series killed by westernization.

mephman3916d ago

Us Europeans only ever got one game, but it was a great game. I still don't understand how Square Enix thought Front Mission: Evolved would be a success.

tweex3916d ago

I tend to agree. A great game that everyone has heard of, but few have played :(.

jc485733916d ago

front mission evolved is pretty cheesy to me. Wouldn't really hurt to port Front Mission 2 to the psp. I have FM5, but sometimes my ps2 is having trouble reading the disc due to the weak laser.

mephman3916d ago

Ahh, the dreaded DRE error. :(

I think Front Mission: Evolved is more than pretty cheesy, it's embarrassing.

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The story is too old to be commented.