FTG Trashes: Front Mission Evolved (360)

"Having been a huge fan of the original turn-based isometric mech series Front Mission, my heart was absolutely crushed to hear Square Enix and Double Helix decided to smash the game into an awkwardly shaped Armored Core third-person shooter. Going with the disturbing trend of dumbing games down for the general population and stapling on a multiplayer portion to try to make some of the Call of Duty cash, this game feels like it was attempting to appeal to a larger audience by turning it into a run and gun shooter as opposed to a thinking man’s chess game."

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TheStonedSheep3845d ago

Wow, you must have been really bored to review this game S6.

maxcavsm3845d ago

I LOVED Front Mission, but what a shame.

TheStonedSheep3845d ago

That's the way things go nowadays, shame really.

AmigoSniped3845d ago

Maybe nexttime the game had potentials.