How Bad Are PS3 Move Sales?

ConceivablyTech: We could not verify this information and, needless to say, Sony declined to comment. But we do wonder how bad Move sales really were. Had they been as successful as anticipated, there would have a great opportunity to drum up the excitement for the technology. It seems that Move could be a flop.

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seann3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

change the headline pls:

how good do we think the the move sales are ? (who are we....we the best, thats who)
how nice are the ps3 sales?
what are the moves sales numbers? (i must know, because porn no longer makes me hard, ps3 success numbers and when they win graphical comparisons is my new wanking material)
let take a look at the sales figures (cant have that one, it would be a duplicated article then)

why use the word bad?

Genesis53288d ago

You know it's doing better than the competition hoped it would when the smear campaigns start.

ImpartialMan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

the author is retarded.

Patcher is a great analysts but doesnt mean he is right always...

His goal is to get QUOTED as much as possible whether he is right or wrong. that means making bold statements and sometimes it does not even involve analyzing..

He even said his goal was "get quoted as much as possible" on his patch attack show
cause it helps his CAREER for any publicity. and by the time he is found wrong, who cares?? he got the publicity he wanted already.

on the side note, i still cant find a nav controller. so sony def sold more than they anticipated.

rroded3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

n got the nav n res evil gold a few days after

great toy no doubt its selling well all over imo

This whole sony cares about ndp numbers seems pretty stupid n totally unfounded. Same with all these omg the moves not selling. Feels more like a ms orchestrated smear campaign than anything real...

Fact is we know it sold 1.1 mil in Europe alone already. I'd be surprised if it was less than 3 mil worldwide. The white elephant here is can kinect hope to do as well?

morganfell3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

A source? Please. Anyone can say, "A source who asked not to be revealed..." Sure.

Was this source named Clarence Beeks?

fishd3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

lol,MS expect to sell 3 million Kinect in 2010

Sony already sold almost 2 million move controller,before the christmas and without Japan

Yeah it is that bad :D

Edit :


Edit 2 :


And I love it :D

DirtyLary3287d ago

N4G lets another turd in the doors.

JoeReno3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )


Nice trading spaces reference.

Feelin good billy-ray

Edit named the wrong damn movie

TheBlackSmoke3287d ago

Its funny how when M$ proclaimed 3 million will be sold this year the M$ employees were jumping up and down about how much of an unfathomable dominance that would mean for 360.

Fast forward to move with 2 million sold before the holidays and not even out in Japan, and hey you guessed it "MOVE HAZ BOMBED LOLZ". Silly fanboys, at least stay consistent when you are making shit up.

HolyOrangeCows3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

"Only" about 2 million!? How horrible!!

1.8+ million in a month isn't a "flop" or "bad" no matter how much you try to twist it.

ExplosionSauce3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

The way you word it may change one's perspective over the subject.

I agree. And sales are decent for what it is. It's really not bad.
About 2 mil in one month? That's pretty good.

prunchess3287d ago

My kids are going mad for me to get them for xmas. I'd say the Move sales are pretty good this close to xmas.

As for this article - well, we've all been seeing this kind of coverage coming out from the US since 2006 about anything Sony related. Now in 2010 we can all see that these articles and predictions are just worthless fanboy bait.

ImpartialMan3287d ago

and poeple keep whining this is PS3 fanboy ran site.

it seems opposite to me

maxcer3287d ago


are you serious? the top 4 stories on this site are always ps3 themed. you should see it from this side of the fence

ShinMaster3287d ago

Maybe it's because 360 doesn't have that many interesting articles?
No one is purposely keeping 360 articles from being on the headlines.

Boody-Bandit3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )


On topic:
2 million sold in one month is fantastic no matter how it's spun!
When Move launches in Japan expect the numbers to increase exponentially. That is the one thing "some" people fail to realize. Sony does well in all regions.

jony_dols3287d ago


Holy Sh1t, i didn't realize how bad Kinect was until i watched that video.
Compare that tech video, to umm lets say the Killzone 3 Move demo.......

Comparisons shouldn't even be made, because it's an insult to Move.

Zeevious3287d ago

I have tried Move because I own it.
True 1 to 1 tracking and most of the games I played put it to good use.

I've only tried Kinect in pre-release form, and experienced the components by both Primesense, and 3DV hardware years earlier (great match!) so I can't speak to the release model, but how is exactly 4 weeks 2 days and 2 million in Move sales bad?

I'll wait till I have the release hardware and software for Kinect to compare, but even the industry & press doesn't seem to have that yet!

ExplosionSauce - As far as the glass being half-empty or half-full...

I always think the glass is half full -- just half-full of Poison.

pixelsword3287d ago


I made the most flame-baitest title I could think of to get fanboys with low self-esteem to click on it.



Whatever this site is named.

Man In Black3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

"Hold on."
"Fuck Off".


edgeofblade3287d ago

There is no "smear campaign". Once again, another delusion in the mind of desperate fanboys.

The bare bones truth of the situation is this: Move is a great technology. But it has it's significant flaws that make it not quite ready for primetime... or even, too late on the scene.

1. Nintendo did this all before, poorly I'll admit, but it's no longer "new". Had Sony beat them to the punch with Move, Sony would have clobbered Nintendo and gone on to even better success than Nintendo enjoyed. But that didn't happen and isn't happening.

2. Move doesn't demo well without a booth attendant. You can put a circle mat on the ground and a camera on the TV, but most people I've seen try to demo the Move don't understand that they have to be in the field of view of the camera and... perhaps more damning... no one realizes you have to recalibrate to the user when you hand the control to someone else in the middle of the game.

No one, least of all the N4G fanboy corps, wants to understand why their darling Move is tanking. It's tanking because, as Nintendo figured out, you need to "keep it simple stupid".

Walk up and watch someone try to demo Move. Tell me the problem isn't right there.

Zeevious3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

It's a classic marketing strategy. Send 100 of a product out of the 1000 you actually have to manufacture a headline "Selling out fast" so people will buy it. Is the Kinect or the Move sellout manufactured or real? Probably a bit of what. That's pretty standard 'hype' marketing for a new product.

Your second point makes no sense at all for one simple reason. BOTH USE CAMERA'S - Your complaint that without a booth attendant people don't use Move well is just not thought through. That's what a booth is an attendant, or demo will show you how to use the NEW TECHNOLOGY you never used before seeing it at the booth. In both cases the software will instruct you how to use the equipment if no one is there.

The more important point you claim about people being out of the field of vision...Excuse me...did you notice the handy IR camera on Kinect? -- And don't they BOTH need calibration to the user - Setup for both calibrates to the space, background and user. That's not an exclusive issue for Move as you seem to state it.

Why are you criticizing Move for "it's significant flaws that make it not quite ready for primetime" referring to the camera field of play...but all Kinect has is that camera view.

How exactly does Move's camera turn into a significant flaw...but Kinect's camera's which would, by your own statement have those same flaws..not have them?

Statement 2 applies to both...or none at all. To be a valid argument -- Claiming this makes the product not ready for primetime and a significant fault is FOR BOTH devices...

Suggesting people don't understand something as simple as a camera's field of vision is laughable. Ever heard of a digital camera before? EVERYONE knowns to stand in the frame. and it's shown RIGHT ON THE SCREEN to assist you.

For all your talking about fanbrats here, you really should try being a little less biased and attacking Move with the same arguments that apply to both motion systems. Using an argument that's also it's own counter argument is simply, completely stupid.

I for one will wait to compare them side by side like everyone else -- in the field of vision of their camera's and just enjoy the games.

BWS19823286d ago

I recall you as a bit biased, so I'll take your perspective with a handful of grains of salt, but when the hell did your post include a backing of "tanking" when the thing sold nearly 2 million globally in a month? Numerically, you can't back "tanked" up, although you can put forth a meager attempt to subjectively stretch the definition to "2 mil in a month? Pfftt. fail"...

You're just a little too comfortable with your predestined "fail label" on Sony's machine. Keep printing them off though.

To you, it seems, hot cakes tanked too.

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erathaol3287d ago

Are we going to get PS Move is Doomed articles rolling in now?

RedDragan3287d ago

Probably, yes.


Because PS3 Move STILL has 3 entries in the Play.Com Top 10 sellers for Playstation 3 section. Haters be hating like gayboys be bumming.

jerethdagryphon3286d ago

@edge of blade

evey game wstore i see demoing move simply has the guys say follow the on scren cues to set it up andc steps back... everyone i showed it to privatly has commented on how intuitive the control system is

everyone i introduced it to has either said ok i want to get a ps3 for xmas or if they already had one gone out and bought move... i didnt think it would be that good 10 minites at a demo in the trafford center made me pony up

3 events down in gold cup im a very happy cutomer (sore but happy)

is having a camera a flaw not really the wii requires you to be in the 40degree sensor field
is that a flaw.

Zeevious3286d ago

for Move only!

The same people saying that forget Kinect is ALL camera!

Why would one motion system with a camera, just because it uses a camera with a wide-angle field of vision have "significant flaws" while another motion system with a camera doesn't get a mention?

Those same 'flaws' are present in both, or nonexistant.

I'd say people knowing they have to actually be SEEN by the camera...any camera is pretty basic knowledge...making the 'flaws' of no significance whatsoever.

Why don't people just wait a couple weeks and try it for themselves.
I've played the demo's of both, and the release version of Move is impressive. I'm hoping so is Kinect, and we can all know for ourselves -- Just remember for those not smart enough to know, any camera has to actually see you to actually work...Right Edgeofblade?

3287d ago Replies(7)
iPad3287d ago

today's generation of gaming is so sad.

people act and think that they are a stockholder.

Jesus Christ

air13287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

here we go! we can only talk abut numbers if you own stock..

what the hell am i thinking on wanting to know how something is doing..

anyway, move is selling well.. the headline is fikin terrible!

just like that "are sony prepping a star wars surprise" lmfao really? "are" sony.. i can always count on n4g for a laugh.

air13287d ago

Oh ok.... I guess we can only talk about numbers if you own stock. Again, what the he'll was I thinking.

edgeofblade3287d ago

You do own "stock". It's called a platform mediated market. You buy the console and accessories, like the Move and Kinect, and hope that the market supports the platform with more software.

It's not that hard to understand.

kwicksandz3287d ago

ppl treat it like religion on n4g. and the cult of sony is the only god your allowed to worship

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3287d ago
morkendo233287d ago

if this lame article saying move sales are bad then what the HELL kinect sales going to be like??? much worstser?? will MS be jumping up and down on this??

Lord_Doggington3287d ago

in an unrelated topic, kinect is no.9 on the bestsellers list on amazon

move is no.15


nskrishna23287d ago

haha "much worstser"

Dude have a bub for making me laugh..:)

nickjkl3287d ago

you know ive been thinking why do people say sony microsoft and nintendo and not representative of this sector in the company

because different people knows different information

greenisgood3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

kinect will sell more trust me

maverick403287d ago

and when the kinect sales come out i will troll you to the high heavens.

Lord_Doggington3287d ago




amiga-man3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Trust you, your one bubble, says different.

edgeofblade3287d ago

@amiga-man: Now that's funny. Now you want to use public opinion from a heavily lopsided community as a barometer for truth.

If anything, bubbles on N4G are a measurement of a commentor's bias. Anything over 3 is reasonably balanced and anything under 3 is pro-Xbox. Anything five and above is a probably a PS fanboy.

I love the internet. It's like a centrifuge for all the world's stupidity and ignorance.

jerethdagryphon3286d ago

if kinect sells it will be because of sheep who are convinced beyond reason that whatever microsoft says is right it will sell then be traded in quickly as people realise theres not much meat on them bones for that price

RememberThe3573286d ago

That's a generalization that went to the way side once the new bubble system was put in place. Most of the people with more then 5 bubbles are "moderates". I have 3 bubbles and I'm generally on the PS side of arguments.

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acedoh3287d ago

comments with the PS3 a few months after launch. Even well know industry people anticipating a quick demise to the PS3... We all know some in the media want SONY to fail and Microsoft to win. It's not going to happen and the Move is catching momentum and will continue to do so and more buy it and see how accurate it is.

edgeofblade3287d ago

Go to Best Buy and watch someone demo it. They ALL treat it like a Wii. They don't know they have to stand where the camera can see them. They don't understand that calibration is VERY important to this tech.

Granted, when it works, it works great. But when it's not being demoed by a booth attendant at a trade show with tech savvy people who have the slightest clue how shit works... and instead being demoed by the average dingbat without any assistance... you have a recipe for failure after failure.

I'll stand by my original prediction that Move is the better accessory for hardcore gamers like us due to that accuracy, but with what I've seen, Move will NEVER gain the mainstream acceptance that will ultimately make Move a true success.

vhero3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

1.5+ millions worldwide (nobody knows real numbers) in less than a month for a completely new experience isn't bad. Compare that to how many wiis were sold as the move basically makes your PS3 the wii HD. I think we have a winner. It sold more than any console and that's good. If it continues to sell 350k a week it will be a success.

tinybigman3287d ago

i love how almost 2 million sold is a bad thing. if we won the lotto for 2 million i guess that would be a bad thing too huh?

tacosRcool3287d ago

smear campaign began before the Move came out

+ Show (8) more repliesLast reply 3286d ago
ArcFatalix3288d ago


1.9 million in 1 month is bad? without japan?

TOO PAWNED3288d ago

guy is talking about usa, learn to read

El_Colombiano3287d ago

Because the USA is the world....

Theoneneo813287d ago

flame bait article whats said is this had 6 warnings before the article was aproved guess the bots are out in force this week

Bathyj3287d ago

You know what they need. I know you do.

MRMagoo1233287d ago

he didnt so i will "oooo you better believe thats a paddlin"

Ninjews3287d ago

bubbles for you mr magoo.

AceofStaves3288d ago

It's bad for the 360 zealots who wanted Move to be a failure, yes. For the rest of us, 1.9 million in a month without Japan is quite a decent number.

hoops3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

It's the same thing for all the SOny fanboys wanting Kinect to fail.
In otherwords, none of them are gamers. They are haters.
The only people who should care if MOVE fails is Nintendo and MS.
The only people who should care if Kinect fails is Nintendo and SOny.
In reality only The competition should care. None of us here are paid by Sony or MS or Nintendo to care about sales.
Personally I want all of them to do well. Competition drives the marletplace. Fanboys do not get this. Then again most of the fanboys on this site are 12 years old still in grade school and have zero business concept

AceofStaves3288d ago

Competition is excellent for the marketplace, yes. Having 3 strong entries into the console market, each offering different experiences, is a great thing for consumers.

I, for one, don't understand the 'console warrior' mentality. Regardless of what the manufacturer's sell in a given month, I enjoy my games.

niceguywii603288d ago

What are you talking about? Less than 2 million in almost a month for new hardware with a lineup of games supposedly competing against the Wii and Kinect in the popular motion market is a disaster. Kinect will sell well over that worldwide the first day.

AceofStaves3288d ago

And you know this how, exactly? With nothing factual to back it up, you're just expressing what you wish would happen. Wishes aren't facts, by the way.

Wait and see what Kinect actually sells before spouting off and pulling figures out of your backside. If you can.

Boody-Bandit3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Now selling 2 million in a month of an add on device, one that has yet to be released in Japan, is a "disaster". That has got to be a new low for grasping at straws.

I can't help but just roll my eyes at the things people write on this site. "We" are the reason the industry, especially the media side of it, has turned to shit.

TheBlackSmoke3287d ago

How about you go and buy Alan Wake.

N4Great3287d ago

nicetrollliar failed again, when it was "100 000" it was a failure, when it was 300 000, again, and now 2000000 without japan, a disaster, poor downplay donkeys.

RememberThe3573286d ago

Man... I wish there was a report for "Moron."

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 3286d ago
Lightsaber3287d ago

Where you getting this 1.9 crap from the PS move only sold 90,000. For something that requires 7 peices for 2 players thats what is pathetic. If it really was selling like the fangirls say Sony would be bragging about it. Not paying off NDA to hide the numbers

fishd3287d ago

The following link may ...ahhhh scratch that, WILL hurt your feelings :D

jukins3287d ago

lol guess we know what kind of fanboy you are.