PS3 sold 312k units in September confirmed by Wedbush Morgan.

gamersmint writes : PS3 sold more than the Nintendo WII in september according to figures revealed by Wedbush Morgan.

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Keith Olbermann3289d ago

I like supporting a machine that throws in all the bells and whistles. That said, I think all systems will have a pretty good 2011.

ImpartialMan3289d ago

i wonder what would happen when GT5 comes out

raztad3289d ago

Probably MOVE was a system seller after all.

blumatt3289d ago

When GT5 comes out, I'm certain the PS3 will get a solid 500,000 unit bump in sales or more. I think the PS3 will sell over 2 million between December and the end of January.

Simco8763289d ago

Hopefully they Bundle the PS3 with GT5... then it would be a true system seller

Applegate3289d ago Show
360RRODFIX3289d ago

People forget that 360 numbers are mostly same people replacing their old box or rebuying 360 cuz old one might die any second + you want to replace it and remove that ugly old version that can wake up whole house because of how loud it is.
PS3 number on other hand are 95% new customers, this is why we see sofware sales being very close on MP games, when it should be different since if you go by data, there are 8 million more 360 in usa. Not that hard to figure, just saying snark.

siyrobbo3289d ago

its also down 37% year on year

still not a terrible performance and still outsold the wii by a good margin as well

Redrum0593289d ago

september had Halo-reach for the 360.
what did ps3 have for september?

zimain3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Sony had move

ETA - why disagree with the fact that Move was released in Sept and the title reads - "PS3 sold 312k units in September confirmed by Wedbush Morgan"


Silly gameAr3289d ago

Yeah Applegate. I guess a little over 100,000 in sales means doom. Guess it's time for Sony to release a $199 console version of the PS3 too.

Damn man, It's the same on almost every gaming site. All I hear from people like you are sales and nothing about games. Oh and being bullied by the big bad PS3 fanboys. That's my favorite one.

S*** is old news.

State of Matter3289d ago

I dont know if PS3 is any different, Im on my 3rd PS3, first one had a bad bluray drive, replaced under warranty, and just recently I got YLOD, so PS3 has shaky hardware as well, plus you pay to get it fixed. I think a lot of folks got the PS3 slim to get rid of the old crappy hardware.

Why does everyone around here hate 360 so much, I prefer PS3 too but I dont hate my 360.

QSPR3289d ago

don't forget that gap get close with japana and europe sales!!

raztad3289d ago

Xbox numbers are great but expected. The biggest Xbox game among them all was released. MOVE probably moved some units in NA.

Those 180K cancels out with Japan, and likely with PS3 sales in EU. Please dont throw VGCHARTZ guesstimates. Sony quarterly reports are not that far off, for you people that concerned about PS3 sales.

badz1493289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

"its also down 37% year on year" - that is because last year PS3 got the sale boost from price cut old models and PS3 slim in September.

Redrum0593289d ago

yes they had move, but move wasnt heavily hyped,advertised with milliondollar liveaction scenes.
oh and move isnt a 60dollar game, its a periferal or alternative controller.

so what was your point?

ImpartialMan3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

it is very possible according to the law of probability that you are on your 3rd PS3.

but comparing that to others replacing xbox isnt the same....

Xbox had high as 54 percent failure rate for about 2 years. and PS3 had 3.5-4 percent since launch (probably lower)

SO there are tons more people getting 3rd xbox than people getting 3rd ps3.

and you do not know what you are saying about ps3 replacing and such.... Ps3 did not have noise issue as old xbox did. it did not have failure rate as the old xbox. there isnt really any incentive for people to go from old to slim PS3.

replacement is probably reflected on software sales...

and EA found that they make more on PS3 despite smaller market.
Activision not so much because Japan doesnt buy FPS.

zimain3289d ago


Move has been very heavily publicised as its aimed at the casual market so this market, who are already bewitched by the wii (word of mouth etc) that they have had to advertise to this new market (as MS with Kinect has) otherwise that's xyz $$ down the drain

my point being sony sold xyz in sept with Move being released

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blumatt3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Yeah, I knew it had to have done pretty good. It's been pretty high on Amazon videogame bestsellers list for awhile. People are starting to realize that having a superior online does not trump having more quality exclusives. (The Last Guardian, InFamous 2, Agent, Twisted Metal, DC Universe Online, FF Versus 13, FF 14, GT5, etc.) People cannot ignore great games. And, PSN is catching up to Live pretty quickly. I'd be willing to bet the PS4 will have a party system and cross game chat as a standard like the 360 does. I also hope the PS4 will have ingame recording and uploading to youtube as a standard.
EDIT: lol @ disagrees. Are those not great games? Is PSN not improving over time? You can't disagree with those statements. Also, I have a 360 slim, so don't think I'm a fanboy.

units3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

lol at the trolls trying to put a on spin on numbers

visualb3289d ago

the Wii is falling behind the HD consoles!

finally! not that I have anything against the Wii but I was sick of seeing it 1st -_-

good news all around =)

poopface13289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I like them both and am HAPPY TO SEE THEM CRUSHING THE WII, even thought they will never catch up.

I think Nintendo needs a pricecut.


NMC20073289d ago

Guitar Hero came out on the 28th of September, of course it won't chart in two damn days.

harrysmith3289d ago

SONY do a $199 PS3 and then you WILL be number 1 in the US, easy really.

douchedebater3289d ago

They would also have One Dollar and 99 cent stock prices.

Motorola3289d ago

A $199 20GB slim would help them greatly. but they cant

likedamaster3289d ago

Move hasn't caught on here in the States. Europe is a different story though, sold over 1.5 million.

Now where did I put that link...

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The Meerkat3289d ago

and only 171,989 less than the 360.

PS3 is going to pass the 360 any day now.

Armyntt3289d ago

If someone sells more and has a lead, how is one "going to pass any day now"? BTW im not being argumentative i hate salez fights.

visualb3289d ago

171,989 less with the 360 having Reach and supposedly being a bigger COD platform, it isn't that great =/

tbh i don't care which sells more than the other, so as long as both outsell the Wii =D weren't being sarcastic were you? in that sense I'll ignore you I hate stupid fanboys with bitterly pointless sales jokes.

kingboy3289d ago

yea with the 360 being the cheapest console on the market too,heck even a psp go is more expensive.saw what i did there?

zimain3289d ago

COD isn't out for another month!?

And if you mean the current MW2 cycle then how can you justify saying as it has a bigger following currently it will merit continuous sales for the future

makes no sense!?

visualb3289d ago

I was just assuming/ considering people that know COD:BO is coming out and thus get 360 for that, but you are right, it doesn't make sense

doesn't matter, Reach alone is big enough =)

stuna13289d ago

Every console deserves props. Boy I'll tell you if there wasn't a such thing as sales figures, and consoles were just given away, the fanboiz would probably melt away like the wicked witch in the wizard of oz.

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NecrumSlavery3289d ago

All the fanboyism aside, thank God that PS3/360 are crushing the Wii. Though they probably won't catch up, hopefully this is a good wake up to nintendo that the people want HD, longer games, online play, social features, and all the stuff 360 and PS3 offer. I kind of seeing Nintendo going handheld only though. Or maybe merging software with another company. Not like Nintty games on PS3 but maybe getting with Toshiba or Sega or even Activision Blizzard to create a new console.

Seferoth753289d ago

I am sure it will wake Nintendo up what with NSMBWii at almost 16 million and what do thePS3 360 games that offer all those features you speak of have for sales?

You'd almost have a valid point if it wasnt for most Nintendo games outselling everything offered on the HD consoles.

darkcharizard3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

1. People want HD? You're kidding me right? I see most people buying Wii this generation which is outputs SD graphics.

2. Longer games.... *cough* really? How much time does it take to finish Uncharted 2? Well it takes much more to finish Monster Hunter Tri, Zelda: Twilight Princess or even Super Mario Galaxy 2

3. Monster Hunter Tri's online play is at par with the best online PSN has to offer. But yes, that is an exception, so I agree with you there.

4. Do you REALLY see Nintendo going handheld only??? "REALLY"??? After profiting from the fastest selling home console ever and winning the home console war this generation, I'm not so sure that leaving this business is such a smart decision for Nintendo, who has been part of it since the first generation (Color TV and Game).

5. Merging? Nintendo is the maker of the best selling games, there's no reason for it to "merge" with the companies you mentioned, leaving its name and legacy behind just for a small amount of profit. Why doesn't Microsoft just BUY OUT Sony/Sega/Capcom?? It has the money to, but it won't be a good business decision. You should understand at least the basics of business before making such stupid assumptions.

............................. .......................

I quote - "PS3/360 are crushing the Wii". Just one month of more sales -- and there you go! The fanboy of the least successful console rejoices. Wii sales are not abysmal and PS3 hasn't outsold it by such a huge margin that you can call it crushing. Ohh wait, "YOU" can! you don't own a Wii! (I've seen your comments history) You just come out here making some stupid comment from Wii being crushed and Nintendo leaving the home console business.... LOL! noob.

Cratos87803289d ago

Wii is on life support.

COD:Black Ops Wii will only sell 1 million. PS3 and 360 will both sell more than 10 million each.

Wii fails.

darkcharizard3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I don't click 'show' to comments made by ignored users. Feel free to waste your time. Jerk.

bananlol3289d ago

Well at least uncharted 2 offered a difficulty option, something twilight princess and the galaxy game would have greatly benefited from.

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perfectCarbonara3289d ago

Wii is definitely on the decline.

gamer81793289d ago

No really sure why everyone wants the wii to die. Ninetendo games offer a different experience than that of the other 2 consoles. Why would you want 3 consoles that play the exact same game? Who cares if the ps3 or 360 catches up to the wii in sales. They all are good consoles with their own benefits

alb18993289d ago

sales, sales, sales!

wii down 45% compare last year
ps3 down 35% compare last year
360 up 37% compare last year

Will SONY catch MICROSOFT in this battle?.............we'll see it in our next episode of the war of sales!

Blaster_Master3289d ago

Im sure the release of Halo and RROD is the result of all the new 360 hardware sales in Sept. BTW, the ps3 slim sold over one million in the first month it was released. Nice try there troll.

alb18993289d ago

first the 360 has 4 months over the competition not just one.
second 360 has 4 months over the competition not jus one.
third the 360 has 4 months over the competition not just one.

read it 3 times so you understand is not just about halo, witch you said before was not a console seller.

darx3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

What's your point?

LoydX-mas3289d ago

PS3 slim and fat: -$100 across the board price cut
-PS3 slim released 3 months closer to holiday season
(which is largest sales quarter of the year)
-PS3 slim was released world wide within a week

360 slim and fat: -NO price cut for new model
-360 slim released in June (usually slow
sales month)
-360 slim had one month delayed world wide release

siyrobbo3289d ago

people still going on about rrod?

i get that people assume people only buy 360's as replacements, but the software attach ratio says different

unless everyone who rebuys their 360 also rebuys all their games

Narutone663289d ago

that the new slim 360 also scratches the DVD disc.

jneul3289d ago

no x360 owners do rebuy games as x360 scratches disks as well, not to mention they love their shooters, so every time one comes out expect it to sell 2million, ps owners like variety which is why games like heavy rain and gow ii have good sales

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walker013289d ago

I read,
"Will SONY catch MICROSOFT in this battle?.............we'll see it in our next episode of the war of sales!"
In the voice of captain quark from Ratchet and Clank, anybody else?
ive not even played the game for at least a year

PirateThom3289d ago

I heard it was Sony who didn't want NPD numbers to be released any more... :-/

OneShotThrill3289d ago

I wouldnt be suprised. Idk wats the obsession with sales data anyway

PirateThom3289d ago

It's not, when people first heard NPD weren't revealing numbers any more, people instantly jumped on the "Sony have poor sales" bandwagon.

RetroReborn3289d ago

how could sony or any other company stop another company from releasing figures?, how does that make sence to you?