10 Medal of Honor Multiplayer tips for noobs.

Sarcastic Gamer dishes out more free gaming guides on their site than anyone... Their latest is Medal of Honor's Multiplayer.

"Medal of Honor is out. You’ve read SG’s review. You’re playing the multiplayer, but you’re a bit frustrated… Right? Well, fear not noob, I’m here to give you ten solid tips that may keep you alive long enough to get a kill, raise your rank and kick some OPFOR butt!"

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MGRogue20173294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

1. Stay behind cover at all times.

bviperz3293d ago

1a. And if you see me on the other team (on the PC anyway), STAY HIDDEN!

DoctorXpro3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

2. dont waste or money wait till black ops

user8586213293d ago

LOL black ops haha gud 1

murcielago43293d ago


yeah your right, noobs should wait for BO cause thats the only game where pussy ass noobs can actually feel like they are playing like a pro.

Dnied3293d ago

3. Accept the fact that you may actually have to aim your weapon in this game.


that should not be too hard, especially with such little recoil.

Dnied3293d ago

It will be difficult for anybody who STARTED with mw2. How can you deny that? recoil or no recoil, cod had its issues because of the amount of ways they made it for casuals to take on pros using killstreak rewards and explosive weapons.

It also works the other way around.. I'm willing to bet if you were extremely good at mw1 or any old cod game for that matter, and you came to mw2 and struggled, MoH will feel pretty rewarding as it brings back a bit of that feeling of a legit, competative shooter.

btw, I'm not taking a stab at black ops, from what I've read from Treyarch they seem to have recognized the same thing most of us gamers have, and toned down the killstreaks etc. The only reason I won't buy that game is because of activision/kotick


I don't really understand that...

How can a casual take on a Pro with kill streaks and explosive weapons.

if Cod is easy for noobs, it should be even easier for pros, if noobs can rack up 5 kills easy to get a kill steak then a pro should be able to rack 5 kills twice as fast if not faster. The "pro" has access to all the same killstreaks and weapons that the noob can use. what real advantage does the noob have - none.

the only advantage is a self placed one because the so called "pros" are too high and mighty to want to use the kill streaks or explosive weapons.

for example, I hate, and i mean HATE, noob tubing.... I can take the odd noob throwing one at me sure. Once in a while though you come across a whole team of noobs and they all run around packing noobtubes. When that happens I tell you i have no shame, I will pull out my own noob tube and so will the rest of my team. A team of pros with noob tubes against a team of noobs with noob tubes, who do you think gets the AC130 in the air first ? who do you think ends up crying about all the noob tubing ? give you a hint, it's not us.

I agree MW2 is very, Very, VERY noob friendly, yes... which is why I enjoy it the more. 99% I don't need no noob tactics to own them but it sure is fun making them cry.

bviperz3293d ago

I think CoD perks just lessens the gap between pro and newb. Both can now pwn at any given time on any given map. 2 or more newbs with perks can beat a pro with perks. Take the perks away and it's a different story. See BFBC2 or MoH.

Dnied3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Its a bit like poker.

Pros can lose some hands by complete noobs because somebody just starting out really has no experience and dont have all the same "habits" that a pro poker play would have.

They become very unpredictable often in their favor. That's not to say mw2 IS predictable, but shooters in general sort of have these core "habits" that make any pro good like checking corners for example. Oh and by the way, I never had a problem with campers, it was just the new ways to kill people that bothers me.

When I played counterstrike it was a similar game, but completely opposite to mw2. I studied replays by top teams because of their talent and "smarts" and learned from them. In mw2 if you're watching the killcam there is almost no skill involved with explosive weapons because you just have to aim in the general direction of the enemy and the splash damage is more than enough to take him out in 1 shot. Even when players do "shoot" to get kills, more often than not the crosshair is all OVER the place. Basically a "spray n pray" type thing. I'm talking 1.6 CS btw, not source.

Yes, pros can do the same things as well, but they don't. Not because they cant, but because they don't want to, it just doesnt feel rewarding to them... its tough to explain really unless you've played some hardcore team-oriented shooters.

I defend this because mw2 was a serious letdown. in Mw1 you had a very small amount of this.. I held a top 200 world ranking until I stopped playing about 1 year in. I played mw2 and I did absolutely terrible to my standards but there was nothing I could do to prevent it unless I wanted to be "one of them" and start abusing the stacked killstreaks and noob tube spamming. Ultimately, my point is, is that MoH brings some of that back when I'm playing. I'm back to "pwning noobs" status when for a long time I had convinced myself I just wasn't good at shooters anymore.. MoH isn't exactly a perfect game, but its new and challenging and will keep me busy until something else comes along that is nothing like mw2.

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fossilfern3293d ago

i got MOH today played about an hour online, loving it :D sick of hearing all the hate

lefty burns3293d ago

couldn't agree more I'm having a lot of fun with this game for now!

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