Major Medal of Honor glitch in first level

Not exactly a game-breaker, but it's surprising to find such a major bug in the first 20 minutes or so of gameplay. Tried resetting the console, but the glitch was still present. Video is of low quality, but the bug is still clearly visible.

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Colossal_Red3287d ago

Having the same problems, though not in this part of the game. Going to hit up the online for a while instead...

gamekudos3287d ago

Hopefully it'll be patched out soon enough. There was already a 60MB or so update which came with the game.

Colossal_Red3287d ago

If they ARE going to do it, it better be soon with the game having already launched in the States. If it's a PAL-region glitch, then they have until 2moz to patch it out.

3287d ago
raztad3287d ago

STFU buying1999.

You behave EXACTLY like bungie used to. Arent you bungie by any chance?

Bungie used to spam every forum/site with his/her fanboyist BS, until everybody was hating on him/her. I have seen people calling you out on LoT site. Just stop and dont pretend you have to be a PS3 fanboy in order to have an opinion. You are a fvkin troll.

mjolliffe3287d ago

I didn't experience this problem - in fact, I haven't encountered any problems so far, and I'm a pretty decent part through the game.

Colossal_Red3287d ago

which version of the game do you own: ps3 or 360?

mjolliffe3287d ago

PlayStation 3 Limited Edition :)

Elvfam5113287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Im glad that didn't happen to me woo ps3 verison here

fungmi3287d ago

Smells of game thats been rushed out, not sure I'll purchase it if this continues. Call of Duty all the way.

Colossal_Red3287d ago

I would have disagreed a few weeks ago, but I think Black Ops will def have the upper hand from what I've seen.

8-bit3287d ago

Yeah I thought the same thing, I will get Black OPS instead.

raztad3287d ago

I'm totally not getting any Activsion game including CoD 4.2. I might get MoH if a proper patch is issued, some maps are added and provided it survives the incoming CoD onslaught.

By the looks of it MoH was totally rushed to market but still is a game I want to play, I can wait a little.

Neurotoxin3287d ago

For the last time its called a BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;0)

acere3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

lol at buying1999 poor baby go to 1800 cry moarr

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The story is too old to be commented.