Kinect: the facts on connecting it to your older model Xbox 360, and is it really worth $150?

Kinect will not need a $50 adaptor as previously rumored to connect to older model Xbox 360s, and will come "ready to play" out of the box. With that being said, is it still worth your hard earned money at it's suggested retail price?

What does Kinect really do that sets it apart from motion-sensing camera peripherals from the past?

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rroded3292d ago

charging em an extra 50 was a slap in the face imo

now if they get some hardcore apps...

toaster3292d ago

lol Was it ever worth any amount of money?

KratosGirI3291d ago

People actually believed that extension was some sort of adapter for old 360 owners?!


Where the hell does it go in the old 360?!!?

FragMnTagM3291d ago

I said that shit over and over again in those retarded articles, but everyone is so busy hating that they don't realize how retarded they looked.

ProjectVulcan3291d ago

I learnt a while ago it has its own power supply, and that USB cant provide enough power for it. How much can it possibly use? If you have an old 360 then they already chew near 200 watts, adding a bunch of peripherals will make the setup eat up even more power.

MNicholas3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Basically one cheap webcam, another even cheaper webcam, and a little LED stuck together in a shiny black case.

The webcam listed below is $4 (including shipping) and has a much more powerful CMOS sensor as well as more sophisticated in-built processing than what's in Kinect/Natal as well as more LEDs.

I'm sure the usual fanboys will froth at the mouth and disagree but all rational people should check out the specifications as described by Digital Foundry on Eurogamer.

bill021383291d ago

@Loyd, don't be fooled.

Any 640x480 resolution CMOS sensor in any webcams is an "IR VGA camera." The reason the typical webcam doesn't capture IR is because there's an ADDED filter in EVERY webcam that blocks IR.

What the article calls "projector" is just an IR LED or IR Laser. Those are dirt cheap and used in everything from your TV remote to optical mouses (or mice).

As for the processing that turns the video into control inputs, thats all done on the Xbox360s CPU.


Are you sure theres two CMOS sensors? I thought there was only one.

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ghostgaming3291d ago

Not worth the price with the library of games at launch. IMO, this was rushed which is why many of the games at launch are wii clones with lag - tech needs to improve and games need to improve before I consider this to purchase.

The Meerkat3291d ago


I feel like i've been hearing about Natal/Kinect for almost as long as GT5.

radphil3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

The Tech maybe, not the main library. Sure they say devs are working on the stuff, but at this day and age, it kinda doesn't mean much now a days.

It would be like the equivalence of the 3DS, but only 1/2 of it's library of games in terms of situations.

I also do agree that Kinect is rushed given with the issues that people have stated about it.

Dunno why people have the mindset of needing to buy things Day 1. It's still going to be around. It's much better to wait to get all the bugs and issues out instead of being the early-adopter guinea pig.

gamingdroid3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Kinect went from concept, research to design and release within 3-years. That is a feat!

Heck, some of the technology used in Kinect wasn't discovered until very recently (in the last 4-years) and the cost vs. performane requirement to do it wasn't practical until now.

This article from Wired details the story behind Kinect:

With all that said, even great games starting from scratch to finish takes about 3-years. Kinect has been in developers hand fora bout 15 months so far so I don't expect much. It might take another 2-3 years for them to get to grips.

Keep in mind that the controllers as we know it today evolved for many decades!!!

radphil3291d ago

"Kinect has been in developers hand fora bout 15 months so far so I don't expect much. It might take another 2-3 years for them to get to grips."

Exactly. Hence why in this situation it's best to sit back and wait to see what happens. It allows them to actually start using some potential of the technology. To be honest, I didn't plan on buying Kinect NOR Move, cause of this whole thing behind "motion control being the 'new' thing", but when stuff like the new Steel Battalion and Panzer Dragoon on Kinect and Time Crisis on Move, I may re-think the notion of getting them.

derseb3291d ago

of course it's rushed!

remember: they say it compares to the release of a new console and we all know who put out rushed hardware this generation already.

badkolo3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

i almost flipped.

limewax3291d ago

If I buy Kinect it will be dirt cheap when I do, because it seems were a long way from seeing any games that are truly interesting. I have a wii already, dont need more wii games on my 360, If it goes core then yeah deal, but how is it going to work without buttons, its never going to feel core if I am acting as if I am playing a wii

Acquiescence3291d ago

you have permission to put me in a straight jacket and ship me off to the funny farm.

artsaber3291d ago

Somebody is pre-ordering this thing up. I guess folks will always do that, I mean the iPad sells, so will Kinect. They just won't be recording a sell from me... not unless something very different shakes out in Kinect's future.

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