PS3's Tales of Graces will cost almost $100, unlikely to come stateside (for now)

RPG Land discusses news on Tales of Graces F and says, "It was recently reconfirmed that neither the PS3′s version of Tales of Graces (formerly on Wii) nor its enhanced port of Tales of Vesperia (formerly on 360) are under any serious consideration for heading to the West."

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imoutofthecontest3290d ago

How about I pay $50 to play through as much as I can in 2 days? Jeeeeez :/
Hoping for an actual English release.

Red_Orange_Juice3289d ago

I effin hate it this gen, why is it such a strugle to get every game outside Japan, it was so much better on PS2.

dangert123289d ago

its true even nintendo have a load of good games only in japan i mean there clearly not thinking profits

SaiyanFury3289d ago

I agree with you. As a gamer who has been infatuated with Japanese games since the 80s, I've actually stopped playing my PS3 because of the lack of Japanese properties (read: RPGs) coming over here. I've gone back to playing my older systems to get my fill and it's been great. I've noticed a number of companies have taken the non-committal approach to their games this gen. They say there's "no US version *planned*" and then release a US version of a game from Japan the following year. SEGA's done it with Yakuza 3, Namdai's done it with Eternal Sonata, Square-Enix has done it with Star Ocean 4 International, and now Namdai's doing it with both Tales of Vesperia on PS3 and Tales of Graces F. Fortunately those aforementioned games did eventually make it over, but it's frustrating when games like those used to be mentioned at least a year in advance. Now companies are more prone to give word about their more hyped games than the less "attractive" ones. Just a personal take on things there.

princejb1343289d ago

Fuk u namco bandai
first you fuck me over with tales of vesperia for ps3
now you wanna fuck me over in a game which i was hoping i would play in the states
at least if ya cant fully translate it to english at least make subtitles and the menus in english and ill import it
i been a tales fan since the snes days geesh

Vegeta90003290d ago

I've already started boycotting every game that Namco Bandai published and/or developed in the West that doesn't have "Tales of" on it.

Nitrowolf23289d ago

we need a new tales game for States on PS3

btw isn't this kind of normal?
i mean havn't other games in Japan been price way higher then every where else?

versusALL3290d ago

FUCK THAT!, I wouldn't pay 100 dollars for almost any game(except for Uncharted 2, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII)

despair3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

wouldn't pay it for those either, setting that precedent will just encourage more of it, remember when games were $50.00 last gen. $100 is too much even for an import.


just checked and its actually reasonable considering what the exchange rate is, maybe it should be 80-90 but still. Won't ever pay that myself but who knows about people really wanting the game.

Red_Orange_Juice3289d ago

you would import Uncharted 2 from Japan, did you read the article, 100$ is a total import cost, not the game itself

Mahr3289d ago

That reminds me, I should probably pick up the Wii version while it's still only a little more than half of that. At least then I can play it once the fan translation comes out.

ThanatosDMC3289d ago

$100?! That's an effing ripoff!

Godmars2903289d ago

You know most games in Japan are $80-$90 on average right? That they've got SHUMP fans paying $120 for something not worth $10.

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The story is too old to be commented.