Nathan Fillion Wants To Be Nathan Drake

PTB: "While I'm sure there are plenty of actors who would want to step into Drake's action-packed shoes and snarky personality, one familiar face is openly campaigning for the role by entreating his fans to raise the flag and spread the word. Nathan Fillion of Firefly and Castle fame has his eye on Drake according to his Twitter account."

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Megulito3298d ago

is david boreanaz or however u spell it the dude from bones and buffy think about it perfect rougeish type but a black nathan drake blew my mind maybe the next uncharted or when the series needs a reboot as long as it downt go dmc reboot

deadpoole3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Hellsvacancy ... I saw this first thing today morning and literally made me laugh with pic.

For all those who aint gettin the reference what Hellsvacancy referred to ... its about this Kane and Lynch, they are makin up movie as well so whats happenin is they are casting Jamie Foxx as Lynch.

inveni03297d ago

As far as personality goes, I think that Ryan Reynolds would be the best choice. He also looks the part. There are some movies he's great in, but some movies he's not...but I tend to think that's the movie itself (X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

RBdrift3298d ago

lmao!That made my day.

Relientk773298d ago

Hmm and I thought the PS3's graphics were good?

Idk when I was playing Uncharted and Uncharted 2 I thought Nathan Drake was white, but I am obviously wrong

cayal3298d ago

It only turns white guys, black.

Snoogins3298d ago

Either you don't get the reference of the joke (well played, Hellsvacancy), or you're furthering the point.

SynGamer3298d ago

I still think James Roday could do well with this character;

ShAkKa3298d ago

I think he would do a nice Drake too.

Deacon3298d ago

I've been saying this since the first Uncharted. It's like they based Drake off of Roday. Hell, even his voice sounds incredibly similar. All he would have to do is buff up just a tad bit and he would be in the money.

moparful993298d ago

I actually like nathan fillion better for this role.. He has a certain charisma that fits the archetype of nathan drake... Firefly is to this day in the top 3 of my all time favorite shows and the movie serenity based on the show was epic as well.....

CobraKai3298d ago

I dunno, I still have a feeling it's gonna be the talentless Ryan Reynolds

inveni03297d ago

I think he's the perfect choice.

DigitalAnalog3298d ago

I really REALLY hope this movie is the first of the "video game-to-movie" success.

-End statement

Sarcasm3298d ago

LOL Hellsvacancy hit the nail on the head

The Wood3298d ago

i didnt know what to expect when i clicked...i couldnt stop laughing for a minute

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earbus3298d ago

Dont know about that guy but james franco should play jeff buckley spitting image .

SeraphimBlade3298d ago

Why are we making a movie based on a game that is supposed to be like a movie? Don't get me wrong I like Uncharted, but this seems redundant.

cayal3298d ago

I don't expect much to be honest. Loved the game and I will see the movie, but games-to-movies don't work. I don't see how they will make this work using a different storyline.

ExplosionSauce3298d ago

Uncharted is supposed to resemble a movie-like experience. But it's still all game.

inveni03297d ago

Uncharted will probably be the first game-to-movie success because it's so close to a movie already.

moparful993298d ago

game to movie translations suck because screen writers for movies suck at capturing the essence of the characters.. I think the game writers should collaborate with the movie writes to make a script worthy of nathan drake.. I could see this working but only if they take care to protect nathans wit and sense of humor....

Snoogins3298d ago

All based on an interview by the PlayStation Blog with Amy Hennig back in 2007 around the release of Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. She said action movies shaped Uncharted, and that she wants Joss Whedon (Firefly) to write and direct it while having Nathan Fillion (Firefly) star in it. Greg Edmonson (Firefly) composed the soundtrack for the series for crying out loud!

Hollywood is full of hacks who care less about appropriateness and art and more for who's popular at the time and money, so this will never happen.

QuantumWake3298d ago

While Nathan Fillion might be a good actor for Nathan Drake. I think Matthew Davis is a good Nathan Drake.

He looks and sounds almost exactly like Drake.


Though, If Nolan North wants to be Nathan Drake, then so be it. lol

ExplosionSauce3298d ago

I agree with your choice. Matthew Davis has a good look and sounds similar to Nathan Drake.
Fillion is a little too old in my opinion. He's almost 40.

nnotdead3298d ago

i agree with age being a proble, with Fillion. he doesn't seem have the body type to play Drake anymore. Fillion is perfect in all other aspects though.

moparful993298d ago

Imagine if nolan north whent through physical traingin and underwhent a transformation.. He would totally own the role. Remember its the spectacular voice over work done by nolan that makes drake so charming....

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