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In any other genre, a stellar single player experience would be enough to garner a whole-hearted recommendation. But it's impossible to ignore the importance of multiplayer, especially when Medal of Honor's primary competitor tends to excel at both. Medal of Honor's campaign is an exceptional experience, but the total package simply doesn't beat Call of Duty.

But at least EA's getting closer.

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HeroXIV3295d ago

I wish they kept it in WW2. Not many WW2 games out there for consoles anymore. :(

Also the MP in original MoH was kinda like Goldeneye, where you pick your character and pick weapons up and fun modes and stuff. They've copied and pasted BFBC2, reskinned it, and added a touch extra.

mcstorm3295d ago

I'm really not sure if I want this game or not I loved bad company 2 and hated both mw games and I thought this was going to be a more bc2 type of game but reading the reviews it sounds like a mw want to be so I think I may wait a not before I get this game.