IGN: Medal of Honor Review

With stability issues, levels that are more shooting gallery than firefight, and a story that stumbles, Medal of Honor walks into a quagmire it never escapes from.

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Hellsvacancy3294d ago

What i expected, its a rental (like it always has been)

EVILDEAD3603294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Never in a million years would I have predicted an IGN '6' for hurt..

Next up Game Trailers and Game Informer and it's a wrap..

Maybe the game needed the controversy after all..because all the game needed was 8.5s and a few 9s from the big players for it to pry people away from Reach and all those Black Ops preorders..

But who knows it still may see some's hard to believe that the the muli-player from DICE didn't raise this game a couple of notches..

But 6? IGN..


grailly3294d ago

you made the same comment on another page, and it was slammed by disagrees, but here, it's fine lol

I'm happy to see boring and non-innovative first person shooter getting bad scores, at last! might I add. I hope this is just the beginning of it.

I have the impression that since IGN changed their scoring system, they also became harsher, which is really a good thing imo, I know have more faith in their reviews.

darkcharizard3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

^ That's going to be my comment when Black Ops gets a bad review :P Lets see how many disagrees i'll get...

Winter47th3294d ago

A poor man's Call of Duty.

Shackdaddy8363294d ago

To be fair, this guy is REALLY biased towards CoD. If you ever heard his BFBC2 review and his MoH preview then you would know. Hes probably the worse review I have seen when it comes to FPS games which challenge CoD...

Sheikah3294d ago

Everyone else are dead set on an aproximate meta of 8.0 -- I'd say this review reeks of biased journalism. IGN is losing serious integrity IMO - just look at their Tumble review (3.5) -_-

Gametrailers bashed it but gave it an 8.1, which is decent - that score was dished out whilst dissing the re-implementation of a sniper/bomber sequence. The same type of sequence which was revered as "a welcomed return" in both BC2 and MW2.

SeanScythe3294d ago

OMG it's because they are reviewing the 360 version which has tons of pop-ins screen tearing, and other issues. Looks at all the PS3 reviews 8.0 and higher.

This game was built on PS3 and these review site are playing on 360. Same are Bad Company 2 it played and looked better on PS3.

nycredude3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

How is this game bashed for Story when COD MW2 doesn't even have one. IGN are COD fanboys. There is no way COd should get more than a 90.

Edit: This game should get at least a 90 just for that epic beard!

Dacapn3294d ago

I understand that every game takes draws from others, but this is what happens when you directly model your game after another. This, I would say, is the first true COD clone we've seen, and clones are never as good as the original: GOW3 > Dante's Inferno, Gears > Quantum Theory, Halo > Section 8. I think you get the picture.

killcycle3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

They rated Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 7/10


finbars753294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Actually i disagree 100%.Play the game and be the judge of it.The game didnt need any controversy at all.The game is just staight out wicked.The SP is so authentic and I feel likie I know what these guys are going through over there.The Mp is sick as f$%k and it has such a great feel about it especially the teamplay.It works really well compared to previous games.Anyone who sits in this room and knocks on this game without playing it are just straight up hyprocrytes.This review is by far the most bogus crap I have ever read.Play the game before you judge it.You can tell there was alot of pride and hard work put into this game. The game is a easy 8.5/10 for sure and nothing less.If you want to play some horseshit over the top hollywood arcade game where you cant even remeber the story line the play Black ops you will appreciate what milked games are all about.

Sarcasm3294d ago

I've been playing the SP for a little while and it's pretty good. The problem is the Unreal Engine 3 looks terrible. UGHHHH I'm sick of developers using that crappy engine.

ShinMaster3294d ago

I know there are differences, but come on. This guy is totally biased toward COD. You can tell by his other previous Battlefield and MOH previews.

Maybe if he opened his fanboy eyes, he'd see that COD deserves a very similar score and criticism.

BattleAxe3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

@ Shingino

Lack of content is the main reason.

Heres a quick breakdown (Day one out of the box comparison):


MW2 - 16
MoH - 8


MW2 - 13
MoH - 4


MW2 - 23 co-op missions
MoH - no co-op

PRICE(In Canada)

MW2 - $69.99
MoH - $69.99

These are the main reasons why I'm not buying it. I was pissed off that DICE did the same thing with BF:BC2 as far as game modes and number of maps goes, but at least it was only $59.99 and of course I loved the characters from the first Bad Company's single player campaign, so I couldn't not buy it lol. MoH also doesn't have the large maps and fully destructable environments that BF:BC2 has.

I'll think about getting MoH when they come out with the "Ultimate Edition" like they did with BC2, and hopefully they'll drop the price by $10.00.

BeOneWithTheGun3294d ago

I am so pissed. Monday was a holiday so GameFly doesn't ship until today. I was so excited for some new Ghost Recon meets Rainbow 6 that I went and spent 10 bucks and rented it at my local store. Its CRAP! Same graphics as battlefield 1943, ridiculously stupid AI (On hard mode, level 3 and have not died yet)

I am so pissed. I am taking it back tomorrow and when the GameFly copy gets here it is going right back. Thank GOD Fallout comes out next week. This game really is a turd.

gamer20103294d ago

IGN reviews are crap. It seems like so many of their reviewers are just fanboys of established franchises and they automatically hate on any challengers.

This review and the Castlevania review are two recent examples. Neither game got a fair shake. They were not judged on their own merits, but criticized harshly for not being some other game. MOH isn't Modern Warfare and Castlevania isn't another 2D metroidvania game. Boo hoo.

Just watch, they'll act like Black Ops is the second coming and slap it with a 9+.

ShinMaster3294d ago

Modern Warfare 2 also had like 3 hour long and crappy story/campaign.
Or is multiplayer the only thing people care about?

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deadreckoning6663294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

@EVILDEAD360- Are u really THAT surprised? The beta was pure horseshit. No way DICE could have fixed all those problems in such a short amount of time. Considering how good Bad Company 2 is...I don't understand how people can defend MOH.

morganfell3294d ago

They could not fix all of the beta issues. True. The game actually feels nothing like the beta. After running quite a bit of MP in the beta I almost cancelled my reservation. But I have been on since last night, logging about 8-9 hours total of solid play and the actual game, apart from some minor server issues, is surprising. Teamwork occurs in several game types like you never see in CoD.

Graey3294d ago

You know what man.

I'm not the type to even try this game, but after reading your info on it and a couple others input I'm going to give it a try. I'm curious to see if this is authentic.


Sarcasm3294d ago

The PS3 beta felt really rough and I felt like it couldn't decide which it wanted to be, COD or Battlefield. However, the recent PC beta changed my mind with the different maps, obviously better graphics, less bugs, and it was just pure fun. It's not overly frustrating with the cheapness and silliness like COD.

tigerstyle3294d ago

There are just fanboys over at IGN as well... Cod fanboys... XBOX too -__-

Dave13513294d ago

troll, just leave this post. just leave

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iPad3294d ago

A 6?! Damn. I played the beta and it was pretty amazing. The game is a 9/10 in my eyes.

Don't let robots let you decide what games you should get.

appleseedexm3294d ago

did you play? I think you're the only one on earth who would call the beta amazing. That beta was worse than the alpha version of stalker.

solar3294d ago

you have low standards then if you thought MoH is a 9/10.

ELite_Ghost3294d ago

the beta was good on pc (last week)
And the campaign looks good but short just like mw2.
Multiplayer is good, I guess they're just addicted to halo atm...

solar3294d ago

the PC beta was horrible ELite_Ghost. imo people liked the game because they like to camp. the game play was simple and the guns have no recoil. instant win.

Lord Gunchrote3294d ago

Yeah I agree. Its a solid 8/10 game. 6 is just being a COD dick rider.

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likedamaster3294d ago

Instead of helping this game, Dice actually hurt this title. Single player I hear is awesome, it's just the multiplayer.

Domer253294d ago

Good to hear about the SP, I just hope its not as mangled as IGN claims.

Kaneda3294d ago

Almost as low as Quantum Theory...

Blaze9293294d ago

Dang, I thought EA was on a roll from it's past history. Seems they're going right back to mediocrity.

suckerpunch3293d ago

how would you have to judge someone based on one game ? one game ? no wonder there's so many fanboys.

MOH really sucks horsedick, but look at their upcoming titles, there are plenty of potential high quality titles.....Dead space 2, bulletstorm, crysis 2, and their previous titles in 2010 alone....FIFA, NHL 10, mass effect 2, BFBC 2.......tons of goods games.

alien6263294d ago

didnt know many people listen to reviews...yea they informative but i actually like this game. the single player was awesome havent tried the online. if u like stories in games u will love this keeps u want to play more

gtamike3294d ago

looks like a not buy then but a rent

c0nnnn3294d ago

i think i will wait for Fallout Vegas

ico923294d ago

i think gametrailers review was better this review really didn't convince me that it was a 6/10, guess im gonna have try it out for myself

Gago3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )


Graey3294d ago

I think it was supposed to be something COD should look out for. Let's be honest its more of a stepping stone in the right direction. You know how Goku get's his ass whooped and goes into the hypervolic chamber, works his ass off then comes out on top.

Seriously everyone is waiting for MOH to contend and eventually defeat COD, because the alternative is not good. Think about it for a second.

Stepping stone my friend...stepping stone.

Alvadr3294d ago

Yep, looks like this is a rental for me too

Graey3294d ago can it be a poor man's call of duty when they both cost the same. Seriously think on that for a second.

Sad to see it get a crappy score. But I'm curious if its a bland shooter will COD get the same? An above poster asked this same question, I'm curious to see what happens as well. Not that I'll play either but still I'll keep my eyes open for that review as well.

Oh no disrespect to you Winter, my apologies if it sounds that way.

Scary693294d ago

Medal of honor has a few issues, for instance the party system you cannot hear anyone you invite to your party. On top of that you are only allowed to invite 4 people to your party.I would give the game 8/10 Sniper is overpowered like a M.F. maybe a patch could fix all this.

solar3294d ago

"levels that are more shooting gallery than firefight"

thats what the beta showed me. pass.

frostypants3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Saw this coming from a mile away. It's a half-assed bastard stepchild of CoD and BF.

It's no secret that I have issues with the content of the game (I don't like basing a game on existing real life conflicts), but now I know I won't be missing out.

This is what I feared, and what I knew would happen:
"Medal of Honor...starts to feel like the Theme Park tour of the war in Afghanistan, rather than a respectful trip through a day in the life of a soldier - and yeah, that weirded me out."

...and then...

"The score is also quite good, but once again, Medal of Honor's intended tone is undercut when the game closes out to the tones of... a Linkin Park song."

So as feared, it turns what brave servicemen are going through into a farcical circus. This issue could have been solved simply by changing it to a fictional conflict.

Since the gameplay apparently sucks anyway, I won't miss it.

princejb1343294d ago

well enough about this back to call of duty

Playerz83294d ago

I had hopes for this game...they are tarnished.

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Prcko3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Fails again with their reviews!!!
No more trust to those noobs!
Noone gave moh less than 7,and this extra ign staff is sooo talented to make reviews as always so they put the score 6!

chilled2m3294d ago

IGN fails on what basis? Have you played the game yet or are you simply projecting your disappointment on the review score?

finbars753294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

They failed majorly and yes I have played the game and Its a hell of alot better then a 6.Quailty and authenticity goes a long way then quantity.The game deserves a easy 8.5.The story is maybe 6hours long but its by far the best 6 hours I have played in a long time.At least I will remember the story of this game as to COD run of the mill hollywood crap that you wont remember withing a week but only be remembered for its plagued with online issues.I gurantee that Black ops will be the same old thing.Good luck on that and to all those who go on about it being a clone to cod lol. cod is a clone of MOH just remember where it all began morons.

frostypants3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

"Quailty and authenticity goes a long way then quantity."

Um...they address that, and they dock it because it's clearly NOT great from an authenticity standpoint. What authenticity? Whack-a-mole enemies? Cliche story? Did you read the review? Because he clearly addresses what you perceive as "strengths" of the game.

This game sounds like it's suckering a lot of people with high production values, on top of a crummy game.

Hands Up For Games3294d ago

I said in a MoH article yesterday that, "Meh is meh" and got attacked left right and centre, I still stand by it. Not that the review score is meh, just the game overall is, yesterdays review was an 8.5 and today ive seen quite a few 6's, 7's, 8's and one or two 9's.

To all those who hate COD (im not its biggest fan but I dont hate it) and think that Acti are bribing sites to lower the score of MoH, get a grip people, this isnt N. Korea!

Maybe the game is just a little bit meh.

Kaneda3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Activision.. they have a lot of money.. :)

kerrak3294d ago

Just think for a moment. If EA successfully cloned the COD formula it would get 8s at most, because of "same formula". If Activision pulls the same yearly COD it gets 10s, because of "same formula".

mittwaffen3291d ago

lol, you both must be MOH owners? I've heard the same song one too many times.

People said it about FFXIV too, (Acitivsion/Blizz) payed reviews to make FFXIV down; the reality, it deserved what it got.

So, if you guys think you are right...but this into perspective.

WOW makes Activision most of their money (They own blizzard), thus if they would pay off reviewers over such a small pot of money compaired to their MMO, they must of payed them off for FFXIV too right?

FFXIV was crap, and this MOH never got much higher.

Deal with it, take off your tin foil hats.

BeaArthur3294d ago

I've seen a couple of reviews now that gave it under a 7. The only fail here is your comment. And like chilled2m said, have you played it? The answer is no.

HSx93294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

they do fail, they mentioned lot's of stuff that COD has, like "lots of scripted events", and "MP levels feel like small villages", in COD that's exactly how you feel yet cod gets 9+ lol.

k-Lan3294d ago

Prcko. Good thing it's not exclusive to the PS3 or you would jump out the nearest window. It's too bad really.

STK0263294d ago

Prcko, have you played the multiplayer beta? It basically was CoD:MW2 lite, it didn't look all that good (it probably look significantly better in the final release though), it didn't have the destruction found in Bad Company 2 and din't really have anything to make it stand out from the competition. And let's not forget how the beta started days later while the EA servers were basically ''eating'' the beta codes.

Let's face it, MoH is not what most people hoped it would be when it was announced, it's an okay game, but not the second coming of the Christ.

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DelbertGrady3294d ago

Looks like the cheque from Bobby Kotick cleared just in time.

chilled2m3294d ago

See, this is why you only have one bubble. You say stupid things and people vote you down.. simple as that.

BeaArthur3294d ago

I believe you meant, who SAYS stupid things. Irony.

HSx93294d ago

I believe you don't have a full sentence there, let's all be smartasses and make fun of other people's spelling and grammar since our writing is obviously being monitored by the superior.

BeaArthur3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Then I guess I don't need to point out your punctuation error since you're already on to me.

antz11043294d ago

@ Chilled2m his comment was rated better than yours ratio-wise, lol.

@BeaArthur, ZING, +bubbles :D