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Digital Foundry's Face-Off coverage of the new Medal of Honor should be complete for tomorrow, but in the meantime the chance to check out the HD remastering of the 2002 classic Medal of Honor: Frontline - bundled in free with the PS3 limited edition - proved irresistible.

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DelbertGrady2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

"The graphics and sound appear to be essentially untouched from the original PS2 game."

Sounds like a consolidation price for getting the inferior version of the main game. Remains to be seen which version is the best though. Since the PS3 was lead platform for the game it would be logical for it to get the superior version.

jack_burt0n2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

More total bias bullshot from Digital Frowndry, "fugly" lol amazing that he can hate on free extras.

So funny that he lost his job at the hands of sony and he still hasn't gotten over it all these years later, pathetic.

Silly gameAr2928d ago

After the Bioshock 2 crap they tried to pull, I'm surprised anyone takes their word on anything.

Vip3r2928d ago

What Bioshock 2 crap?

Silly gameAr2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Sorry. I was thinking of Lens of Truth.

See how blurry they make the PS3 pics? Bioshock 2 looks nothing like that on PS3.

I got the 2 sites confused because I guess I figured that one was as pointless as the other.

raztad2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )


Buddy, dont get pissed on DF just for stating some facts.

The game was not remastered but upscaled, and it looks extremely dated. No effort was put in improving its graphical assets, v-sync the image and the framerate itself doesnt reach 60fps.

Frontlines comes for free but this translation is rather cheap itself, so the decision of buying the game comes down to the quality of MoH itself. A cheap Frontlines "port", padding the BD, weights nothing in my purchase decision.

fossilfern2929d ago

seriously ? its free why bitch when its free!

visualb2928d ago

because its on the PS3?

lexington2928d ago

Wow. PS3 can't even render this old game without "massive amounts of screen tear." If I were a pswii fanboy I'd be so mad.

the-show-stopper2929d ago

i dont care im still gonna play it and beat it
when my internet was down and my 80gb still alive i played frontlines alot
its nice to go back a gen or two or four to see how gaming has improved

gamerdude1322928d ago

"they look fugly compared to today's standards". Yeah, because the GoW Collection such a big update to graphics. Pretty much all remasters are like that and the fact that it is included in it at all for FREE shows how cool those guys are and this guy complains? Ugh, douchebag.

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