Kinect: Is it Just a Camera? - PS EYE Seems To Think So

Kinect is definitely a new technology, however, camera games are not. The concept of interacting with digital objects through a camera is actually older than both the XBox and the PlayStation 2. The technology originated on the PC around the time web-cams became popular, and when PC's were the number gaming platform.

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CrazyForGames3297d ago

does anyone else notice THAT i wont point it out but does anyone else notice it?
i mean its very obvious lol

Raikiri3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Whats THAT??

Really idk what your talking about lol

Oh yeah i smell it too

Chubear3297d ago Show
EYEamNUMBER13297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

from what i always see on N4G
kinect is just like an eyetoy so its bad
move is like a wii so its good

i find that silly
i agree with that one guy down there

personally i think they are both meh

rroded3297d ago

seriously gimped at that only 30 fps vs 120 with the ps3 eye lol

n wii lvl on the rail games cause its sucking too much power from the 360 for em to do anything decent.

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panasonic233297d ago

I smell flamebait another ps3fanboy trying to down play kinect this is like artcile 100# about kinect is basicly an eyetoy.

number473297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Well Panasonic23, heres a guide to why this & every kinect vs webcam article isn't flamebait. Ready? Simple process.

1. Which games show kinect doing something impossible on a webcam/eyetoy/pseye.** Which Kinect games show revolutionary new technology(according To Microsoft,Cnet,XboxNation,Time Magazine & Wired) **

Will wait for your answer. Bonus for video. Cant Wait, I know you & no one else in the world can. But I still want to see an effort, not just disagrees with nothing to say.

All Kinect/natal fans seem to be missing the point that Natal/Kinect was hyped as something with a cpu, that can do A.I, Minority Report 1:1 interaction, full body scanning, as well as gold creation. And it does nothing more than a webcam. Yet the hype about its possibilities remain, as if its some mysterious device. Its a webcam with some extra tech limiting it to 30fps when applied to games.Its a gigantic failure as far as technology. It will be a gigantic success proving that advertising can sell anything, as long as the customer doesn't research the product or ask any questions about it, and have no knowledge of webcam/pseye technology.

I bet that didn't go the way you thought it would.

bustamove3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )


Give me a break, really. The thing does look like an eyetoy. What did you expect? It's similar to an eyetoy.

acky1: No. Move is a motion controller. The Wii is a console. You cannot compare the two.

acky13297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Motion Gaming for Dummies:

It is basically an EyeToy tho, slightly better tech but similar games...which is bad.

Just like Move is basically a Wii, slightly better tech with similar games...which is good.

3297d ago
number473297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Whats more advanced in Kinect games, than Eyetoy games that do the same exact thing? Move's games are more interactive & advanced than the Wii.Now. How is kinects games more advanced and interactive than the PSEye/Webcam titles.

Funny, no one can answer this.

Oo look 3d pong w/webcam & Headtracking (something Natal can't do)

acky13297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Read what I fucking said...

Are you saying eyetoy is more advanced than kinect? The games of kinect aren't more advanced but that's not what I said. Get it in your head. What I said was they were 'similar' i.e. the same.

What the fuck is up with people on here...what I said about the tech of kinect and move is true. What I said about eyetoy and kinect games being shit are opinion and what I said about wii and move games being fun was opinion too.

Fuck sake.

lowcarb3297d ago

Kinect isn't out yet unlike Move or Eyetoy. After it releases and MS has shown core games are not only possible but deep and engaging then we can answer that. MS wants to show Sony how it's done and with strong developer support and huge games coming I have no doubt you will have you questions answered soon.

testerg353297d ago

number47, show me an eyetoy or ms cam that can sense that your arms are in front of your body or you kicking forward towards the camera. All those cams are 2D. Everything for those cams you have to move your arms and legs to the side. That's why that new PS3 fighting game just for ps3 cam you have to be sidewards.

RBlaze3297d ago

I would like to see you're eyes picking up movement at 30fps... Oh wait... You're human... So they can't. So your point is pointless...

Anyway... Actually, I have nothing to really say about this lol... Yes Kinect is a camera, and yes it is a highly advertised thing that probably won't improve our gaming atall (atleast, not with it's first batch of games). But the fact that each new gen of the IPhone is basically the same as the last and the IPad is just a giant IPod doesn't stop Apple doing more business than a sweet shop set up outside a Fatcamp! Kinect is a camera, and (despite what critics say) it is capable of more than a webcam... And please be aware that if MS has hit gold with this, Sony (and possibly Nintendo) will be more than happy to adopt similar tech (as much as I hate the idea of us FPS fans not having as many games to play... It is a possibity!).

3297d ago
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Bigpappy3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

PSEye is an infrared camera and Sony were the ones who developer the tech now used in Kinect. Hahahahahaha, this is such a stupid article. Written by someone who has no clue what he is talking about. Oh, and Kunfu Live used IR cameras to do 2D fighting and is very Kinect like. Which Kinect game is it like?

N4G, very funny indeed.

gta_manic3297d ago

No game coming to Kinect is anything like Kung Fu Live at what matters.

bustamove3297d ago

Chubear, people cannot criticize Kinect. It's the best technology Microsoft has ever come up with.


lowcarb3297d ago

I honestly don't believe anybody cares about people criticizing Kinect. We just get a kick out of reading the anti Kinect news you guys get all happy for. it's going to sell and introduce games nobody at SOny had the talent to introduce.

avengers19783297d ago

I haven't seen anything Kinect can do that the Eyetoy couldn't also do.

lowcarb3297d ago

Nobody has which is why we wait and at least see if it can or cannot. Right now it's obvious MS are aiming for the casual crowd and if the core games live up to our expectations the eyetoy talk will be put to rest.

GoldPS33296d ago

You talking about the Asian girl with her legs in the air right. LOL

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Dance3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

flamebait article about kinect

SactoGamer3297d ago

I dunno. I found the arguments made to be, at the very least, entertaining and curious.

Mustang300C20123297d ago

Too bad you couldn't tell that his information in this article was not facts but hey whatever floats your boat Sparky.

Lazy_Gamer3297d ago

And the Eyetoy thinks that Kinect is a ripoff :)

IRetrouk3297d ago

right now the eyetoy is rolling in its grave.

a08andan3297d ago

The spinning eyetoy has just reached a velocity high enough to supply 1500 houses with electricity for a whole year.

PS360fanboy3296d ago

Lol, if you seriously believe that, I sincerely pity you...

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