Kinect, Are You Excited?

Microsoft has a slight advantage in that they can pitch Kinect as a new way to play, gaming without a controller, but their commercials do them no favors. They bring to mind the launch of the Wii and the excitement around experiencing something new with the whole family.

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ape0073762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

kinda excited, just wanna see more implementations\ideas in core games

Dr-ZOOM3762d ago

Should You Be Excited For Kinect?

Kinect, Are You Excited?

What's next?

Is kinect excited about you?

Acquiescence3762d ago




Heartnet3762d ago

Very very few games will implement kinect in any major way lol since its whole marketing ploy is u are the controller and if u got a controller in ur hand it err kinda makes that statement silly :P

tinybigman3762d ago

if i didn't buy shovelware for my wii why would i spend $150 for a camera and more shovelware?

Croash3762d ago

Did you just answer "Nope" to "What's next?" :D

Jaces3762d ago

...Um no. Only when I start seeing actual GAMES will be I be excited for Kinect and eventually get one. But for now, I'll wait.

plenty a tool3762d ago


i will not buy kinetic, just like i havent bought move. i have a wii which now resides in its box. $ony and micro$oft can keep their desperate add ons

yippiechicken3762d ago

That was WAY more than one word!


MrMccormo3762d ago

In what bizarre alternate dimension do gamers get excited about a $150 peripheral that offers less accuracy, slower response time, more casual games, and fewer control inputs? only does nonsense.

Immortal3213762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

then... wait let me rephrase that, if you want to have fun?

kinect is for middle school students. and girls who are too stupid to find the "A" button.

HolyOrangeCows3762d ago

You know you're excited for all of the on-rails adventures (Bu bu but you can defeat the entire purpose of kinect and use a controller, successfully not allowing you to use at least one arm) and Wii Sports: Kinect Edition.

It has so much "potential" lol

HolyOrangeCows3762d ago

I don't think Kinect is excited. It only gets to play on-rail games.
Plus it's inanimate.

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morkendo233762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

@ shadow flare

yea man i was here in 07 under different name. i remember seeing all 360 fanboys barging in on this site whining about ps3 will fail but never once acknowledge RROD OR E74 ISSUES.. back then if you were not a 360 gamer you were bashed by the mart,zuhk,dc rider,power of green etc.. your bubbles was taken. banned you to open zone it was hell believe you me. N4G have eased up a bit.
p.s did not THE MART have a avatar of calvin pissing on a ps3??

visualb3762d ago

I guess 3 people know me better than myself...*goes check rooms in the house for spies or trolls hiding*

@morkendo23 - n4g has eased up? wow...thank god I wasn't here back then,

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creamydingle3762d ago

No way its $194 dollars in Australia with crappy games at launch NO WAY am I excited.

lelo2play3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Not exactly exited... just curious.

My guess is that the casual are going to eat it up.

jerethdagryphon3762d ago

thing is with a middle class mom who has gotten the kids a wii thatg they rarly play on
prefering pc or tv or shock horros real sports outside

i dont tihnk thell drop 400£ on a 360 and kinnect +games

for the 20-30 crowd who work full time come home for a bit of cod or badcompany or halo
the last thing a tired worker is gonna do is jumpo around a house or appartment alone
looking like a numpty
thell flop down in a couch with a beer and play

which leaves 2 groups upper middle class kids who have a wii and a 360
and over 30s
the former has a wii theyve played wii games
they have a 360 for that sort of game halo and the like i dont see much crossover unless kinect puts out proper non on rails shooters.

as for the over 30s when they get home from work they either have kids to take care of or have so little time to them selves gaming is a rare luxery

based off of that the only people who are likly to pick up kinect as a first choice

is upper middle class kids who dont have any console..... they got to be rare

unless kinect releases goodmainstream games the wiicrowd isnt gonna spend mopney on it

morkendo233762d ago

AHHHHH, nooooooo

it has nothing hardcore to offer
kiddie games yes.

Cryptech3762d ago

Ya , I would be excited if I was a 8 year old girl who wanted to play with the pedo-tiger.

midgard2293762d ago

Kinect makes me excited in my pants

Anon19743762d ago

I'm a little interested in Move, but that's only a little - and only because they have games I'd actually play. Kinect - yeah, not interested. All I see are games that have already been released on the Wii, and I didn't play them then. And really it's a moot point anyway. I couldn't play Kinect even if I wanted to without rearranging my living room every time I wanted to play. The space requirements are ridiculous for most.

niceguywii603762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Very excited as well. This thing is going to be huge.

The future starts now. And the end of the world for haters?

EVILDEAD3603762d ago

I laugh when people still keep talking about the price..

I bought Move bundle last week for $99 and the extra contoller for $49..which is the same as buying Kinect

I'm on my second weekend with Move and I already bought 4 more games..which is another $200 dollars

I dig the Move experience but the truth is it's now made me look forward to Kinect even more than I originally did.

The bottomline is motion control games are mainly about the party games and family.

I love that Sony and Microsoft took two different lanes..

Move is really fun and excels when it comes to Sports champion games like Gladiator, Bocce, and I can attest that Frisbee Gold is an f-ing blast.

But, I honestly think Kinect has a good launch line-up and a great future ahead of it

Kinect Adventures is simply family mini-games..but the key (that I feel Sony missed the boat on) is the fact that the bowling game is included.that game BY FAR is the one reason Wii Sports got heavy rotation from families around the world

Kinectimals is priceless for families that have young ones..I bought EyePet on Saturday and my neice loved it..but the interactivity of Kinectimals is definately going to be a cool experience for the kids

I could care less for Joy Ride..but I get it..I look forward to the Forza experience w/ Kinect

The one area where Kinect excels over Move is the Dance and Fitness games..the MTV 'Dance Central' and the Ubisoft Fitness game could both catch fire for kinect similiar to what Just Dance and Wii Fit did for the Wii

For me I think games like the Ubisoft Football mini game, the boxing and the soccer penalty kick will be a blast with friends

The games I'm buying at launch are:

Kinecimals for my neice
Ubisoft's Motion Sports: Play for real
Kinect Sports
Game Party in Motion
Deco Sports Freedom

Most anticipated is Child of Eden

Other than that the Dashboard and Cam funtionality through Windows messenger should be cool


XRider3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Crystal ball says

360 fans: yes with a chance of extreme defense

PS3 fans: no with a chance of trolling

Crystall ball answer: outcome guaranteed

EVILDEAD3603762d ago


+ Bubbles

SoSLy3762d ago

Am I excited about it?.. no
Am I curious about it?.. yes

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shutupandplay3762d ago

I`m mostly excited about the massive sales boost the 360 will get from it, it`s going to dominate.

mopground3762d ago

as a gamer why u excited about sales boosts?

Shadow Flare3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

if this does give 360 a massive sales boost, what do you think Microsoft are going to do? They're going to focus the majority of their resources on this new highly profitable sector. You can already see them doing that with how they've announced next to no games for the core gamer in the future. Seriously, what good exclusives are you looking forward to? You should be hoping kinect is a flop

cereal_killa3762d ago

lmao gamer and shutupandplay don't belong in the same sentence....I think M$ next game for Kinect should be called Videogame Industry Analyst so these Muppet can act like Micheal Patcher in a real environment I bet that game would out sell Halo and Gears combined.

shadyiswin3762d ago

Sales boost is why the xbox 360 multi platform games play better. Who's does boost means we get better games and more likely to get exclusives, sales matter.

SoSLy3762d ago

How does the sales boosts of the 360 give it a btter multiplat games?
please elaborate on ur arguement. The fact that Microsoft is abandoning in "core" audience is good? If Kinect does get sales then Microsoft is likely to put more money on Kinect. and yea sales matter, Sales matter for the Salesman not the person buying the product and for that person, value matters.

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bustamove3762d ago

Yes, because you play sales, right?

Just brag about sales, like you own stock in Microsoft or something. Don't think about the games and how much Microsoft is abandoning the harcore.

visualb3762d ago

glad to know gamers are happy with sales

now if only salesmen were this excited with the quality of games...we'd have a fantastic gaming industry....too bad =(

jay23762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Nope, give me some decent games, or something intreasting like Milo just might have been, then we'll whisper, and might, just might talk M$.

Pedobear Rocks3762d ago

done...stop perpetuating this falsehood for MS..Sega and Sony have both done it