MAG 2.0 PlayStation Move video analysis and gameplay

New video showing how MAG 2.0 controls with the PlayStation Move.
Both controls analysis and actual online gameplay included. Enjoy!

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Nitrowolf24942d ago

wow he plays extremely good with MOVE

dc14942d ago

Even better with the precision shoot gun.

HolyOrangeCows4942d ago

No recoil with the move. Seems a bit unfair, even if it has to be that way when you consider the physics of it.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

I have a orange light with SVER.

I assume the Color turns Green with Valor team.

And the video shows Blue with Raven.

Nitrowolf24942d ago

i have green and i am valor

Rumbanana4942d ago

I have a blue light for Raven...

Max Power4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

At the end of the video he says that the light on the move changes depending on your factions, which is pretty sweet.

garos824942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

im so picking mag up soon

@raz. ive only played the beta of mag so far and was getting owned hard. it took me a while with the ds3 to get better and contribute better to the battle. im expecting to get challenged with the move controls. the reason i will bear through the "hardship" is cause it does seem rewarding,accurate and legitimate enough for me to be satisfied. it will require skill which is what gaming is all about to me!

hence why i think street fighter 4 is my favorite game this gen

raztad4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

But bro dont forget you will sweat blood and tears being owned left and right. Patience. Getting owned in mag is the common rule when yo are new but with move (as the video cleartly shows) things are even worse.

I'm in already climbing the step and getting better.

gamingisnotacrime4942d ago

it takes around 3-5 hours then is good to go. the knifing is what is giving me trouble, but the rest is great. im killing on close encounters and far away as i was with the DS3.

MsmackyM4942d ago

Been playing again since the 2.0 beta with the Move, and without a doubt, the actual 2.0 patch is hands down better. And I feel sorry to announce this, but a good Move player will trump a good DS3 player.
And Move victories aren't cheap, as it requires a lot of practice to get good with it. That being said, the Move has added an whole new dimension of fun to gaming.

Weed4942d ago

Idk I can't imagine move being able to pull stuff like this

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badz1494942d ago

it's a shame that I don't have enough time for gaming especially online thus I didn't buy MAG and I'm still feeling guilty to myself for buying Warhawk and SOCOM:C but didn't spent time enough in each of them due to not having time for it! I love both games and MAG looks better and better by the days and I know I'm missing out. but good to see MAG is getting the supports it needed and MOVE is getting games it needed! who ever still wanna bash MOVE after this especially saying it as on-rail, come here, let me slap you in the FACE!

oh btw, I just beat Table Tennis on champions cup last night and it feels so satisfying! Kenji you bastard :P

ThanatosDMC4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

I'm currently on Raven. I play MAG almost everyday. Currently in AIR clan though ~SK clan wants me on their clan.

Anyway, for those who wanna group up and play. Add me. Dont worry, im nice to my teammates.

PSN: ThanatosDMC

I dont care if you're a noob. I'll teach you how to kill, if you ask.


[AMF]Tweekz129 is my clanmate... HAHAHAH!

FragGen4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

Long time player, I just tried move w/ Mag2 yesterday. I like the move a lot, but, man, for MAG it's absolutely terrible. I really can't imagine this being better than a standard controller for the majority of players. You guys who are claiming this is awesome must have a much different setup or are just wowed by the newness of it all... I can't see EVER being better with the Move than a DS3 for me, personally.

Mouse/KB remains the optimal control for FPS, IMHO.

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Super-Brad4942d ago

He does make it look easy, lol.
And I don't know if this is intentional to give Move users 1+ against DS3 users but their is no recoil when using Move.

Nitrowolf24942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

he gave awesome tips i just went 10-5 after doing some tweaking, it is amazing with this game

sickbird4942d ago

isnt the beta over? how r u using move?

blusoops4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

the beta is over because the actual update they were testing with the beta (MAG 2.0) is out for everyone to download now. You just have to own MAG.

I love MAG w/move btw, and this video is one of the most informative i've ever seen on the subject.

He says in the video: "after playing for a day straight, going back to the dualshock is just wrong"

my sentiments exactly, practice makes perfect

beardpapa4942d ago

the next thing you know, they'll implement "recoil" by adjusting the strength of the vibration feedback.

Nitrowolf24942d ago

Would that even be possible?
i mean all the games i have played the rumble feels the same, it would be sweet if they could

ThanatosDMC4942d ago

I use move. I'm usually the top killer.

hesido4942d ago

Superbly produced video, I commend the author.. He even managed to cover points I'd not be aware of, but still is very good info..

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jmmurillo864942d ago

Looks great! Go buy MAG, please!

Blinding_Solo4942d ago

This video was F****** awesome. I want MAG even more now and the move but I'm broke. I'm also waiting for November 2, 2010

mrmcygan4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

Thumbs up to Zipper, this is 100 times better then the move controls in the MAG Beta.

saint_john_paul_ii4942d ago

yup. this is much better. they took feedback from the beta.

gluv654942d ago

Great Job iWaggle3D, shutting the haters up with evidence.