Modern Warfare Ground War mode has MAG vibes

Erina Rose, Sausage Roll writes, "Call of Duty: Modern War introduced a new, improved, Ground War game mode this weekend that reminds us of the old PlayStation 3 classic, MAG."

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ilikestuff1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I never played mag, I did play this beta however, and if mag was like this beta then (fart noises) for mag.

1230d ago
TheGamez1001230d ago

Man do I miss mag and zipper.

TheSinsibleOne1230d ago

Seriously though. Nowadays this and next gen are practically begging for a new MAG.

zodiac9091230d ago

How did we go from having games like resistance 1, 2, warhawk with 30 vs 30 player battles, and M.A.G. with 128 vs 128 players, ON LAST GEN to now having 20 vs 20...such a step back.

JEECE1230d ago

Because Sony hadn't figured out how to market their exclusives yet. Plus at that time COD craze was at its peak. So "generic high school bro #7," who was the primary purchaser of FPSs at that time (or at least represented a crowd necessary to sustain a playerbase), if he even had a PS3, would have just seen a game like MAG as a "copycat of Black Ops, man."

Not to mention MAG was pretty terribly uninviting for new people after awhile, because it was more skill-based. This was great for veterans, but if you weren't willing to put in the time getting destroyed for awhile, you would never appreciate the game. The Battlefield: Bad Company and BF:3 games out during that gen were far more accessible to lower level players.

Vegamyster1230d ago

Battlefield 4 was at the start of the generation and had 64 players, to me it depends more on how the map/gameplay is utilized, i enjoyed the 20vs20 modes more in the MW Beta than the 64 player ground war mode.

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moomoo3191230d ago

It feels absolutely nothing like MAG lol. Way more battlefield vibes

xX-oldboy-Xx1230d ago

And even those are very small vibes, it still feels like COD at the end of the day.