MAG: The Greatest Game You Never Played

Almost 10 years ago the greatest first person shooter came out and most of you probably never heard of it, never got to play it and never will.

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FiLTHY ESKiMO1352d ago

Who would the next gen version nor that Zippers gone?

_SilverHawk_1352d ago

I remember this game and it was amazing. I would like it if Sony would make another one because this game was ahead of it's time.

RememberThe3571351d ago

It was an amazing concept and it was a cool game, it was just ahead of it's time. I played the sh!t outta MAG, but the game itself played just okay. I'd love to have seen a sequel, even just a spiritual successor, especially with the next gen coming and the way cloud computing has advanced a game like that nowadays would be awesome.

Elwenil1351d ago

It may have been amazing if you played for SVER, but if you played for Raven or Valor, it was an unbalanced mess. I had some fun with it, but the player count was an illusion at best and false advertising at it's worst. The map and faction balance was so ridiculously skewed you knew who was going to win as soon as you saw what team you were against. It definitely had some interesting ideas, but was far from an amazing experience in my opinion. I would have much rather Zipper have made another SOCOM game rather than MAG.

darthv721351d ago

that game would make for a great battle royale release. So many players all at once... it was ahead of its time for a console shooter.

TheGamez1001352d ago

Was such an underrated game. One of my most favorite fps of last gen. So unfortunate zipper was closed down. Imagine if it was a success and thered be a 2nd game by now.....

TekoIie1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

I can think of many better games that I've yet to play...

"Almost 10 years ago the greatest first person shooter came out"

HAH. So is Planetside 2 now the best FPS ever? Because it does everything MAG can and does it far better. I'm afraid that MAG is basically your standard FPS but uses scale as it's selling point. The vast majority of shooters that focus on smaller scale matches have gameplay leaps and bounds better than MAG so it is definitely not the greatest FPS.

I know many people are going to try and refute this by telling me to look at the three factions but MAG has literally no character. The game is call 'Massive. Action. Game' for gods sake which is a contender for 'The Worst Title a Game Could Have' award. I've never been a fan of Zipper but I hear great things about them from their PS2 days. However, with MP gaining popularity in the generation that followed I think it says a lot that they couldn't keep up with the competition.

Knushwood Butt1351d ago

'HAH. So is Planetside 2 now the best FPS ever? Because it does everything MAG can and does it far better.'.

It was released years later.

Was there anything offering what MAG did when MAG was released?

TekoIie1351d ago

"Was there anything offering what MAG did when MAG was released?"

Yes, Planetside 1.

Knushwood Butt1351d ago

Fair enough.

Can't say I've played it, but I enjoyed MAG for a while.

FantasticBoss1350d ago

MAG was one of the very few games trying to do scale like it did, but I think it missed the mark. Wish it could have had a sequel though as they may have been able to iterate on it to create something pretty neat.

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Profchaos1350d ago

Sony had a awesome approach to online in the PS2 days with SOCOM co op that had games working together to achieve a tactical goal they pioneered voice chat on the PS2 for SOCOM but as they steamrolled ahead it was clear team Deathmatch would take over in popularity which shifted zippers approach so all their experience amounted for not much when designing online in the PS3 era.
It still was a decent game but couldn't stand out compared to cod which had millions of players consistently

yellowgerbil1352d ago

Loved mag had over 1700hrs into it across many accounts, remember my first 100 kill sabotage game, was insane

BLow1350d ago

Yes, so do I and not that game they released on PS3. I'm talking the one Zipper did and not Slant Six. At least Slant Six tried to do the series justice once they fixed the issues.

The one Zipper did didn't feel like Socom to me. It felt more like Ghost Recon to be honest. I absolutely loved the voice commands and I figured they would be even better on next gen hardware. They didn't even bother doing anything.

Maybe, I just wanted it more grounded and not so techy if that makes sense. I just wanted to go into jungles or missions just using my wits and patience and not have to use a bunch of gadgets. I wanted to be able to give orders with my voice to squad members. Yeah, they can at least have earpieces lol.

It's hard to explain but I know the old school Socom players know what I'm saying. Socom just had a certain feeling and the new game didn't feel that way. Slant Six yes. Zipper no...

We can only hope but if they bring it back they have to do it right. If not don't bother and just make something new. I rather have the memories I had with Socom be mostly positive than negative. Unless you pull a God of War, don't bother lol.

I've already said too much but that goes to show how much I loved Socom. Especially 1 and 2.....

Deathdeliverer1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Game was simply ahead of its time. If mag came out now with improved graphics people would be blown away. Back then people whined about the graphics even though it had players literally everywhere. It was several great games in one. Battlefield, Ghost Recon, and Call of duty.

Hungryalpaca1350d ago

What exactly was it ahead of its time in? Player count? Planetside released in 2003 and and played count per match was over 300.

xkvcq1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

The BETA for MAG was one of my fondest gaming moments. I was highly anticipating the start of the beta servers but I had school that day. I had started downloading it that morning as soon as it was available and just when it finished downloading I found out school was cancelled, last minute, because of weather. BEST. SNOW DAY. EVER. I played the beta all day, continuing to put off my homework :P

TekoIie1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Well have I got news for you pal! Planetside 2 has been available for nearly 4 years on the PS4 and longer on PC and people still aren't blown away. Maybe the novelty of scale is actually overrated and people don't care as much about it which is why MAG failed when multiplayer shooters were at peak popularity during it's lifetime?

If you were blown away by 256 players in 2010 why would you not have been blown away by 1000 roughly 2-3 years later?